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Ручной молокоотсос Ardo Amaryll - Review

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Outdoor swing Tako HPU

The christening my baby gave the floor swings Tako HPU with table Polka, which at first sight seemed very useful, but

Urinalysis month-old baby - the abyss of time to catch a material for the tests!

Baby turned a month and they gave us the direction to the analysis, including - a urine test. So, I wonder - how to

Children should be children

I just hate it when kids start to behave like adults (not all of course). Corrected to make the remark, spoken without

Термосумка Dr Brown's

As a child I had on bottlefeeding, there is need for a thermos bottle that you could take with ready mix on the way

Eruption of Pampers New Baby.

Bought diapers Pampers New Baby 2 from 2 to 6 pounds. Did not like, a newborn baby after its use was covered in a rash

Pads Bra Midinette BIO terrible

Pads Bra Midinette BIO I really do not like. Same as the one or the other, taking in a drop of milk stick to the body.

Bedheets hygiene Aura (Sun and Moon) is not recommended.

It has long wanted to buy absorbent diapers, stopped at affordable - bedheets hygiene Aura (Sun and Moon), size 60 *

Conditioner for baby clothes Ladoga.

Wanted to give the children's underwear and tenderness svezhest.Kupili conditioner for baby clothes Ladoga.

Allergy to "nanny-eared"

Claims to "nanny Eared" relatively good wash no, things really clean after washing, bright, whether

Electronic Breast Pump Philips Avent SCF312

Electronic Breast Pump Philips Avent SCF312 bought before pregnancy, a friend said she did not breast pump! Is such

ABC, "Book House"

ABC, "Book House" child-like rhymes and good, and funny, but that's only quality-no! Leaves razlazâtsâ, started to f

Horrific tales

As a child my mother always read fairy tales and I decided to do for their children. The store was on the authors,

Rattle Tolo Toys "Hourglass" - Very heavy and rattles!

Gave us a rattle Tolo Toys "Hourglass." Rattles are for babies under one year, and it weighs so much that its

Игрушки "животные" Toys

Bought toys for the child of " Toys ". The set consists of pets. Came home to print, and the animals

Air conditioning Eared nannies

Bought fabric softener company Eared baby sitters. The tool has a neutral smell and very liquid consistency. Very much

The Montessori Center NaVi

not so long ago, just last year he met with the Montessori method of education. Then learned that Pugacheva Galkin

Lock the fridge Chicco-indispensable thing.

When he grew older and began to reach the refrigerator handle, had to quickly buy a lock for the refrigerator. This is

Everything was 5 stars!

We have a daughter born called Princess) And no wonder — our Princess's favorite color is pink. So when she saw on the w

Bag convertible Hartmann "Orange Bag", a set for women in childbirth, practical and worthy gift.

I bought my sister to be discharged from the hospital, and we are very happy. Beautiful convertible, folding in a

Timer for cleaning the teeth from Oriflame "Little Kroky" - friendly crocodile.

To the eldest son knew how much time he needs to brush your teeth, I bought my girlfriend in the catalog timer for

Купание может стать увлекательной игрой

Для меня детская пенка для ванны от Нашей Мамы, это не только веселые пузырьки. Хотя, действительно, пена - чудесный спо

Touchable Babbles bursting bubbles is not an unusual pastime for children.

Touchable Babbles were not bursting bubbles in the present. I never thought that these are. They are normal size, looks

Washing powder Deni children good-Powder

Detergent Deni detskiy.Otlichno soluble in water, well penitsya.Otstiryvaet not bad, even long-standing spot, things

Наклейка-ростомер " " DesignStickers Лесной

I bought my daughter a sticker-stadiometer " Forest " TM DesignStickers, looks very bright and

Bed in a crib sleepy dwarf couch potatoes - a quality kit.

After my niece was born, we have long thought that she had to give until it became clear that there is no baby in a

Boxes of toys IKEA folding VESSLA-not simply convenient, but very comfortable hotel

Amenities those boxes. First, they are transparent (visible - that is). Second, there are four colors (that is, you can

naucna hill

Pleased installed in Tver inflatable slide on the waterfront in Tver in the beach area. Son very much. I recommend.

Wonderful toy!

This is our second family. The first was a hedgehog, and now bought another and enotiko. They, in my opinion, very

Отличный контроль за сном ребенка

Мамочки, хочу посоветовать монитор дыхания "Monbaby". Это просто волшебная вещь, позволяющая контролировать своего ребен

about friendship and nails 1

There once was a boy with a difficult temperament. His father gave him a bag of nails and told to hammer a nail into a

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