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Clothing store Sela - Review

4 15.02.2011

Clothing store "Sela"

This shop is always a great selection of men, women and children's clothing. Especially pleased with the quality of children's clothing - a bright, natural materials, with applications and icons, you can not tear my eyes. Dress the whole family, but try to come in the early days of seasonal sales - discounts of 30 to 70%, just fantastic!

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Clothing store "Vanilla", Odessa, service let us down.

Before the New Year came into the store to pick up a dress. Staff walking around the store, not from this world! You

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I went to a clothing store recently, "Spring". Firstly the price expensive, compared to the shops of famous

Stockman (Yekaterinburg) - the price of "height", and the people as the Chinese market

Stockman lures discounts on their merchandise. These discounts are both on the Chinese market. Actually, it turns out

Shop "All the weight" in Dnepropetrovsk - commission goods, junk for low prices

Honestly, I do not understand those people who descend to the order to go to these stores and rummage through Kuchugury

Chip and Dip, electronics, radio parts

Chain stores Chip and Dip in Moscow. The average prices above the market 3-5 times! do not know what to attract the

In the store, "Step" in Maikop too closely.

In the shop, "Step" in Maikop, a good selection of quality footwear. But here we were not like that at the

Летуаль продает подделки и дорого!

Не знаю, сколько некоторым людям надо учиться на своих ошибках. Все дело в том, что Летуаль ближайший магазин к моему до

Services to visitors to the stores, "Magnet" is not up to par.

We often purchased in stores, "Magnet." Along with affordable prices and a large selection of products,

In Store "The world of doors" in Belorechensk poor customer service.

Shop "World Door" in Belorechensk I liked, but that sellers themselves, yet can not approach them with a

Kharkov clothing store "55 75" - ugly!

So, let's start with the name - such prices for a long time in the store no clothes - a terrible, bomzhatskaya

Lapland and Fink (Ekaterinburg) - there is no choice

Shop sells children's clothes Finnish. There are very few shops that sell Finnish clothing, but this store is

Shop "Tsifrovik"

I do not like the staff. A broken webcam, which is out of service during the warranty period, checked on the service

Computer shop "Sirius" in Dnepropetrovsk - the arrogance amazes sellers

I had to somehow need to apply to this computer shop for servicing the computer, and pay, but ran into this attitude to

Shop "Sports goods" (Belorechensk) is too small.

Shop "Sports goods" in Belorechensk recently moved to a small room in proportion to all tightened counters.

Shop "The Emperor" (Nizhny Novgorod, Sormovsky rn) - crowded, jostling and dirt

Mom someone suggested a cheap shop. We went there, and when they came in, saw a tiny pavilions, crowded with a lot of

Clothing store "Gloria Jeans"

Beautiful store with a huge range of very high quality and fashionable clothing for children, adolescents and young

Clothing stores Zara (Ekaterinburg) - European quality brand at a low price

First, I like that the price in Russia is different from rates in Europe - Policy Zara. For this reason, the clothes

Shop "atlantic" in Rostov-on-Don, beautiful lingerie.

Very good shop, a collection of frequently updated, there are always discounts, are often held shares. Pleasant

Grocery stores' Nazila "in Neftekamsk low prices

Nowhere else have not seen this quality of service, product quality, and such low prices as in the stores,"

Sporting goods store (Ekaterinburg) - all for sport

This shop has existed since Soviet times. In it, unlike the new stores can be found not only expensive clothes or

Shop "Ekolas" in Rostov-on-Don-quality shoes.

Summer sandals I bought this at a good discount store and bought them for 600 rubles. I walk in them, do not believe it

Shop "Obuvnichok" (Nizhny Novgorod) - cheap, but a good shoe

In Nizhny have a network of cheap shoe store "Obuvnichok", the range where all the same, simple model, rather

The store of household goods "Cinderella" in Maikop, good prices and helpful salespeople.

Household goods store "Cinderella" in Maikop liked. Especially impressed that there are a variety of goods

Eurostroy - Shop - LLC "Mark-Service" (Maikop), a good shop.

When carrying out repairs in the house (Maikop) went into Eurostroy - Shop - LLC "Mark-Service." There I

The store association "Voltri-Evrodizaynv Vologda many different products made of linen.

In the shop union" Voltri-Eurodesign "always buy a gift to relatives of the natural linen products. Prices

Store in Vladikavkaz "good" justifies the name

As soon as you come into the store, once you feel pleasant smells of fresh produce. A big plus that the store is

In the store, "Plumbing" in Maikop, a great selection of high quality and modern plumbing.

In the shop, "Plumbing" in Maikop, a great selection of everything related to bathroom accessories and

Shop "585", Rostov-on-Don - always discount.

This product is very large selection of gold jewelry is also with precious stones. Very often held shares and all kinds

Autoshop "Modus" in Dnepropetrovsk - lower prices

buy an auto in the "Modus" and cheholchik on the car and the wiper fluid and a lot of stuff and was


Own entertainment complex, which features a steam room and a sauna. As experience shows, visitors steam rooms rarely

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