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Means with a daunting smell BioVaks "chew? No!" for puppies and dogs

Probably very naive, but I really believe that this tool will help. It really helped ... for one day. Sprinkled all

Filler "Chistі foot"

Filler "Chistі foot" cat litter when used as directed, the animal turns into a solid block of cement, which

Cat litter Benek (Poland) sticks to the paws

cat litter Benek and crumpled as the manufacturer promises, and odor absorbing. But not right away. A cat, you know,

Cat litter Barsik mix-wood sawdust from treated chemistry.

Decided to try a new natural-based filler. We bought a cat litter Barsik mix-wood. Well, he and smell. Filling a

Antigadin BioVaks shit? No! has a bad smell, but it does not help solve the problem.

When they took the kitten, he was not quite small and are not accustomed to going to the toilet in a certain place. We

Cat litter "Murka" (fine) is not going to lumps

I do not see any differences between the cat litter "Murka" (small) and the ordinary sand. Filling absolutely

Acrylic Aquarium SunSun PT-300 with a handle - to carry the water splashing

Buy Aquarium SunSun PT-300 primarily as a container to carry your pack tailed (we moved), as it is lightweight, with a

Filling Toilet Pi-Pi-Bent crumbles

A few days ago for the first time bought a filler wads of cat litter Pi-Pi-Bent and disappointed. Unlike other fillers,

Carrying a plastic "Triol" with a lock - the poor cats

Carrying a plastic "Triol" with a lock on the face of a good thing, how long will be, hard to say. But what

Vitamins for animals Vittri-1

Vitamins have appointed when the cat broke his leg. They allegedly contribute to the rapid healing of bones. And not

Multivitamins delicacy "Dr. Zoo"

In the spring we have bald cat. The doctor said that beriberi and invited him to submit vitamins. The store was given

Antifungal agent "Amitrazon"

My parrot appeared fungal growth on its beak, which took him to the vet, who prescribed a week's beak to smear

Aquarium Aquatech - expensive, not quality

Aquarium of the account that I have a third. First never seen such schlock. Even the more expensive and not well-known

Filling Toilet Brava "Sir Kotofey" - Low absorbency!

We live in an apartment cat, so often have to buy cat litter! At this time, bought a filler for WC Brava "Sir

maintenance and dog walking in Tver

Sam kept dogs for over 15 years, but never was walking in the yard of a lady. Sabokovody already got that lazy stroll

Leash L & W is very sturdy and reliable.

He took the dog leash L & W has been with the coil winder, only he was very retractor for my little dog, and it

Antiparasitic products AVZ shampoo "Meadow" insektetsidny effective.

Antiparasitic products AVZ shampoo "Meadow" insektetsidny very well save my cat from fleas. Have to apply

Будем глистогонить милпразоном

Не было бы счастья, да несчастье помогло. ))) Нашей привычной глистогонки - мильбемакса не оказалось в аптеке, муж решил

Cat litter CATSAN-good filler.

We buy for your beloved cat filler for WC CATSAN. For the price of filling this way, but it justifies the price. At the

Cat litter odors Marquis well, and absorbs moisture.

Cat litter "Marquis" bought for our cat. a napolitel liked him and us. It is celebrated in stopping him his

Absorbent litter "Triol" for the toilet - cat happy

Absorbent litter "Triol" for the toilet - great diaper! For them you can buy a plastic toilet on the size or

Отличный зоомагазин!

Сегодня у меня хороший отзыв. В кои-то веки нашла интернет-магазин, который работает без косяков. Проверку магазин прош

Аминосу от Таурус, очень довольна

Ранее использовала Каниновский био-активатор и очень горевала, когда он пропал из продажи. Решила попробовать Аминосу от

Home dog is small and

Who likes that and we have a little less healthy Doberman!) Mini Pinscher breed is very original and there is already a

Roulette-Leash Flexi

An excellent and necessary accessory for a walk with a naughty little dog. The length of the leash up to 3 meters,

Favorite Keshin house - cell "Kesha"

I do not know whether there are parrots in the world yet, so love their cage. Kesha lyuit and walk, but so that the

Antiparasitic shampoo "FITOELITA insecticide for cats" from the Veda is very effective.

In summer found on your cat fleas. Bought in the veterinary antiparasitic drug store remedy shampoo Veda

Cot for Cats - my cat likes creepy

Buy my pussy bed, very prezhivala that she did not like it. Once brought home obnovochku, the cat sniffed it and

Aquarium water conditioner for Tetra Vital, like fishes.

Good thing, enriches the water in the tank with iodine and B vitamins, good for the state of the fish. They do not get

A sedative from the firm Veda "Cat Bayun" quickly freed from the stress of the cat.

After a consultation with a veterinarian naset restless cat behavior, bought and began to give him a sedative from the

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