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Antigadin BioVaks shit? No! has a bad smell, but it does not help solve the problem.

When they took the kitten, he was not quite small and are not accustomed to going to the toilet in a certain place. We

Collar Bars for puppies from the manufacturer Iris differs poor quality and odor

Collar Bars firm chose Iris for a puppy. But it did not pay attention, that such a low price may be an indicator of the

Spray repellent for cats

Friends presented a housewarming cat - lovely fluffy ball. Only a miracle was to tear the new wallpaper in the

Наполнитель Ever Clean

On the advice of the seller in the pet store bought stuffing Ever Clean for cat trays and was very disappointed. The

Ultrasonic metal whistle Trixie dog - the dog does not respond.

My sister bought your children a dog. Bought it still does a little puppy, and when the train began to realize that he

From Azinoks plus dog refused

We were not able to "persuade" our German shepherd swallow those pills. Directed on the package, it is

Ugly cat litter Letty Cat (Cat Letty)

At this time there was no filler, which usually take, decided to take Letty Cat. It costs about 600 rubles. First, it

Injections "Roncoleukin" - did not help at all to the cat

We vet recommended this drug to maintain immunity, and the cat forums I read about him only positive feedback. The

Petrified chalk for bird

Mel for the birds "nature" is so solid that the parrot can not Peck. Like a bird can extract vitamins from a fossilized

Aponogeton Madagascar, uvirandra - only experienced aquarists

This is a wonderfully beautiful plant certainly attracts attention, and everyone wants to buy it for their underwater

Means with a daunting smell Gimpet - my cat does not work

Either way is not very, or my cat's nose is not developed. We sprayed them and wallpaper, and the place where the

The filler wood hygienic " Our "

Already a few weeks using the filler tray for feline wood hygienic " Our ". And like all good but

filter is mounted to the aquarium SunSun HBL-701 - noisy, is not suitable for cleaning

filter SunSun HBL-701 has its pluses and minuses, of course, too. At the expense of good: a powerful, full-flow

Filter for aquarium Aquael FAN bad version of water treatment.

Aquarium filter Aquael FAN gave us, along with an aquarium. At the beginning of operation, he coped with the cleaning

Flea shampoo for kittens "Fitoelita" completely useless

My kittens simply tormented by fleas. Bought them flea shampoo for kittens "Fitoelita", in the state that it

Cat litter Cat's Best pricey, but cost-effective.

Cat litter Cat's Best road, packing a big, but it lacks a long time. It retains moisture well, crumpled, not dusty,

Pasta for removing hair from the intestine GIMPET Malt Soft Extra, definitely need to give your pet

Bought my labrodorchiku a paste, as the last few days he complained of abdominal pain: bad eating, more sleeping and

Schrödinger's cat

cat you are interested in the average home fluffy? And its hypoallergenic coat, eat at 5 am, he does not ask for, and a

"Kotyara" cat litter.

Cat's filler "kotyara" I liked all the other fillers, which I bought. He really keeps the smell inside,

Aquarium-channel compressor CR-10 from the Atman - cheap and reliable

For my 80 liter tank is sufficient. Has been working for three years without a glitch. I can not say that he is quietly

Catnip "Wacky Catnip" by Hartz - useful for any cat owner

Experience has shown that catnip "Wacky Catnip" - a useful thing for all those who have homes fluffy tailed

Aponogeton wavy or viviparous - a beautiful, unpretentious plant for the aquarium.

In large aquariums wavy Aponogeton grows to 25 cm, very decorative and harmonious look in the background. I'm

Натуральный наполнитель

Нет отзывов на Catzone , буду первым! У нас в семье неожиданно появился малыш-британец… Породистому коту – хороший напол

Another trip back to the store)

Thought long and still decided to share a positive impression of the online store Zoogalereya) Not all are negative to

Kontrik help my pussy is easy to run through the hunt for Kitten

Tablets kontriki help my pussy is easy to run to survive the hunting cat. Using these pills is 3goda. They are easy to

Want to share the experience of online shopping, the store Zoogalereya.

Hello!Let me first say that I have at home various animals: two cats and a hamster and a lizard ablavar . Ponichala

Cat litter PUSSY-CAT interesting wood working long enough.

Cat litter PUSSY-CAT tree bought for my cat. Granules, of which it consists, in soaking fall into sawdust. The smell is

Aquarium of the Aquatica TM - good quality

Ordered Aquatica Aquarium and the cover from the experts in their field. No claims for the third year. Made on a

The beauty and harmony in your home with an aquarium Jebo

My husband and I have long wanted to have fish, and decided that if we take at once is good. We bought a very beautiful

Roulette-Leash Flexi

An excellent and necessary accessory for a walk with a naughty little dog. The length of the leash up to 3 meters,

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