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Flea drops Dana

Bought drops given for dogs as a prophylaxis from fleas. The tool has a horrible smell, animals from it started to

Snake - the most disgusting creatures.

I do not know how to describe it, but these things I just can not digest. Most of all I do not like them is that they

Kotervin has the awkward bottle.

The doctor has prescribed my cat, the first manifestations of urolithiasis, herbal medicine Kotèrvin. In appearance it

Oh, those lovers of stray dogs

We have bred in the neighborhood a great many stray dogs that had lived mostly in the abandoned park behind the houses.

Cat litter BRAVA mineral uneconomical.

Cat litter BRAVA mineral for the first time long-haired cats were taken. I did not like it. A stack of large,

Cat litter Catsan

I can not find a suitable cat litter, already tried a bunch, and it's not that. Recently bought cat litter Catsan

Hygienic filler SuperCat

Still can not find ideal hygienic cat litter. The last time bought a tray of our half-year-old cat wood filler for

Cat litter Barsik "Standard" antibacterial our Kitten did not like.

How do you decide poprobovat new mineral filler for the toilet. I found a pet store cat litter Barsik

Zoošampun′ insecticide " Meadow " didn't help.

I do not advise to use zoošampunem insecticidal " Meadow of " LLC " Agrovetzaŝita "

"Tylosin" for cats and dogs - very weak antibiotic

we slashed the cat antibiotics, "Tylosin", but it is a virus (something like a rhinovirus infection) is still

External filter JBL Cristal Profi - very noisy

One of the main criteria on which the filter is picking up a new aquarium it is quiet. Aquarium stands in the bedroom,

Dog breeds Chihuahua difficult students

Friends purchased a dog of this breed for their child. Now regret it, but the child was accustomed to the dog and give

Cat litter "Alice" absorbing production of "cozy home" - inefficient!

Low price prompted me to buy cat litter "Alice" production "cozy home". The filler does not perform

Гигиенический наполнитель " Мурка "

Hygienic filling " Murka " get long enough for almost 3 years. Before it was all me, and the quality

Cat litter "Murka" (fine) is not going to lumps

I do not see any differences between the cat litter "Murka" (small) and the ordinary sand. Filling absolutely

Натуральный наполнитель

Нет отзывов на Catzone , буду первым! У нас в семье неожиданно появился малыш-британец… Породистому коту – хороший напол

Sharing my experience about online store Zoogalereya.

Very much I liked the attitude of this store to the customers. I'll start in order: all products in stock, a large

Toys for animals with feathers rod for cats - our cat Smokey loved it!

Our cat Smokey loves all sorts of toys! We gave him a three-year new toy - a fishing rod with feathers. She is bright,

Scratching post scratching My impregnation

Corner scratching post My Beast is a godsend! Cat have a lover to abrade it angle, as walls are not particularly

Kontrik help my pussy is easy to run through the hunt for Kitten

Tablets kontriki help my pussy is easy to run to survive the hunting cat. Using these pills is 3goda. They are easy to

Кот доволен, качество хорошее

Нравится мне этот наполнитель, другие теперь даже пробовать не желаем, стабильность в этом вопросе для нас с Барсюшей пр

Test Ptero pH 5.0-9.0.dlya determination of acidity of aquarium water - the correct thing if the home aquarium

No tests determine various parameters of water is difficult to do, and often even impossible. I needed a test to

Tape Leash "Flexi Comfort 1" - the best leash.

Before I became pregnant and gave birth, my house was a small dog, dog training, it is difficult to yield to, and on

Roulette-Leash Flexi

An excellent and necessary accessory for a walk with a naughty little dog. The length of the leash up to 3 meters,

Pasta for removing hair from the intestine GIMPET Malt Soft Extra, definitely need to give your pet

Bought my labrodorchiku a paste, as the last few days he complained of abdominal pain: bad eating, more sleeping and

It Tsamaks powder for animals helped to cure my kitty.

In the cat after the fight was draw to a head behind the ear. Inflammation was painful and the cat did not even give

Aquarium of the Aquatica TM - good quality

Ordered Aquatica Aquarium and the cover from the experts in their field. No claims for the third year. Made on a

Sawdust "my Beast"

Recently started to buy for your hamster sawdust "my Beast". At least now the price is much less than other

Cat litter Cat's Best pricey, but cost-effective.

Cat litter Cat's Best road, packing a big, but it lacks a long time. It retains moisture well, crumpled, not dusty,

Walking the ball for rodents Savic-pets happy.

Walked me somehow with his son in the yard and saw an adult neighbor running after a ball-how. All this made me

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