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Garbage - Review

-5 23.05.2011


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ride with her husband on the bike in the Ryabeevo and Pervomayskaya grove pictures are horrific - around the garbage, all scattered, soiled! In Pervomayke general picture of the feast, observed several families right in such landfills, and the kids running around out there, among the same litter, and do not bother anybody anything, sit, eat and drink. Reminiscent of a picnic in the middle of the city dump, I swear! And because so many come in cars - well, do not take it with you and drop off the nearest trash container?? Even get nowhere, enjoy nature, time and again come across a look at the banks, boxes, bags ... People, do not be pigs!! To take away your rubbish with you! Recall that the decay time of the plastic in nature - for 400 years!

Tags: garbage in the May grove, garbage in ryabeevo, trash

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