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Шампунь для частого мытья Ausganica Роза - Review

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Discussion Бальзам Faberlic Kislorod

Balm for normal hair Faberlic Vita Kislorod very bad. Hair after it get confused if you spend on your hair does not

Useless shampoo Gliss Kur

Tried the shampoo Gliss Kur hair Restoration from Schwarzkopf. To put it mildly, not very. Hair from his sticky, greasy

Balm lip hair Schauma

Balm lip hair Schauma no promise shine and easy combing does not. After washing your hair with this balm is a feeling

Бальзам-кондиционер Avon Advance Techniques

Bought the balm for all hair types Avon Advance Techniques " Quick care " together with shampoo from

Shampoo Head and Shoulders thick and strong

Hair after shampooing, combing became heavily split, saw in the store shampoo Head and Shoulders thick and strong,

Gel-hair dye Estelle

Gel-hair dye Estelle bought only because of the beautiful tint, stores can rarely find a beautiful red color, but this

Tint balm Tonic Cinnamon

Tint balm Tonic Cinnamon. The tonic can be described only with a bad hand. It is not stable, after drawing it is

Foam packing Taft Ultra pure superstrong fixation

Rarely use styling products, because I believe that they only damage the hair structure. But recently changed her hair

Shampoo Pure line Strengthening

Bought shampoo Pure line of Strengthening and care, horror. after the first application was thinking of going bald,

Henna Lush, red hair - it's not very nice.

Color changing wants, and the hair is usually worried that-be do not burn completely. Wished to paint Henna Lush, like

Hair Mask amway satiniqe

Hair Mask amway satiniqe very stubborn and greasy hair remains. And also requires repeated washing hair. After her hair

Shampoo Image Laboratory "Pink clay, with heavy loss of hair" - dry hair!

Shampoo Image Laboratory "Pink clay, with heavy hair loss" is designed for people who have problems with hair

Shampoo Syoss recovery and strength

Bought this shampoo in commercials. After having washed them down just once, there was a terrible dandruff and

Shampoo Dessange white clay

Bought a shampoo Dessange white clay for oily hair at the roots and dry at the tips. Shampoo this is not cheap, and the

Indola repair conditioner

On the advice of a hairdresser bought instead of your favorite conditioner for hair Indola repair conditioner. No

Serum for split ends and dry hair Advance Techniques Avon-on really helps.

I use this tool for about six months, and it really helps me and my hair. I bought a lot of different kind of

Shampoo with ginseng root. TianDe

I have Asian hair, and of itself is thick and harsh. I noticed that the ends are not as dry. But what stopped falling

Shampoo in a series of clean lines with hops, and burdock maslomsdelaet your hair silky and shiny.

Bought the shampoo out of line with a series of pure hops, and burdock oil production concern "Kalina".

Shampoo «Garnier» Orchid - the hair is really silky and shiny

To be honest, not really believed in advertising, which promised that this shampoo will make dull hair shiny. In vain.

The mask for damaged hair, "The beauty of Professional» - add luster to your hair.

Strongly ruined hair. Decided to treat them with the hair mask. The smell of it is very nice. The result is noticed

Resistant silicon paint Syoss from Schwarzkopf - very smoothly stains

Crash has 20 years, tried lots of different colors. Stopped until this one. Paint inexpensive, but the colors are very

Shampoo None of Your Frizziness Herbal Essences - Herbal

The most attractive product from Herbal Essences! The smell! I would say that this is probably the best smelling

Timothy "Healthy Balance"

For a long time looking for shampoo, after which would not need to use conditioner - it often forces the use of balsam

Hair color tone Syoss Professional 7.8 "Caramel - Blonde" - a very noble shade

I'm a friend of blonde hair and is usually clarified by the white henna, did not look much, and most recently

Express Mask shine Calendula by Yves Rocher - a great result!

You just can not imagine that this is a miracle product - Quick Mask shine Calendula from Yves Rocher! Apply to the

Rinse Nivea dazzling diamond glitter to make 200ml - works

Use conditioner was relatively recent, but the results are already evident, the hair after it became more alive, look

Spray-on hair mask Oriflame

Good stuff! Apply on hair, as a special rejuvenating spray. Throughout the night your hair will absorb the nutrients,

Hair Dye Loreal Casting - super!

My girlfriend always takes this hair dye, which gives the hair a beautiful color, which is held firmly and very often

Remedy for hair growth Azumi

Hi all. I want to write a review of o a single tool. I really liked and seemed effective, because I write. Bought

Shampoo Natura Siberica "Volume Care" for all types of hair, 400 ml - well washes hair

shampoo is very good, even approached my prone to excessive fat hair, creates a good amount. Very pleased that after

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