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-3 15.06.2012

People's Network of plastic windows "window", a low level of service.

When choosing new windows was preferred the most expensive option which is only able to offer international network "window." By the quality of the windows have no complaints, but the firm is not invested in the installation-approved time window. In addition the sill has arrived a week later and not one that was ordered. Installers have not said anything to install it and then pretended that the office had to call and warn that the window sill the other firms . Estes idents with the office no one called. In addition to all installers did not want to blow the foam sill invented what is absurd otgovorku.Prishlos have to prove that it is their duty.

Tags: window, network of plastic windows, plastic windows, window

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Когда сломалась ручка коляски, обратилась в эту компанию по рекомендации знакомо, и не пожалела. Специалисты компании от

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