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вкусные макарончики МАКФА - Review

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Buckwheat "Mariya" has a lot of small debris.

Kupila buckwheat "Mariya" and Very racctroilac. Prishloc cidet and vec evening, HOW TO Zolushke her

Pasta Makfa "Fantasia," a beautiful, unusual, but tasty.

Pasta Makfa "Fantasy" is a culinary work of art in terms of beauty and safety. But now they taste to anyone

Buckwheat "Extra" on Uvelka. In the pack caught bugs!

Very disappointed. Always buy the rump of the company. And the last time bought it, wanted to throw the bag into the

Millet polished brand of "Uvelka" dirty.

Millet polished brand of "Uvelka" buy on the market. Sealed in a transparent kidney. When they began to pour

Buckwheat TM "Evrozlak" unground 750g - nearomatnaya

There is this grain is not cheap, especially since more and pack of 750 grams, and she was like a buckwheat collected

Buckwheat Maltagliati (maltagliati) - do not buy

used quite often buy pasta from this company and was very pleased with the result. It would be logical to assume that

Rice groats "Source" company grains Kuban-product does not meet the standards.

Rice groats "Source" company grains Kuban-product does not meet the standards. Half of the grains seems to be

Instant noodles Rollton of OOO "Ural Factory" Express Foods "- unhealthy and delicious food for the county

Instant noodles Rollton of OOO" Ural Factory "Express Foods" helps out on the road and at work. The very

Macaroni "Family Dinner" - a taste like rubber.

I decided to try something new, what macaroni and bought in the store, at an affordable price pasta shells "family

Buckwheat is like a stern Takida

buckwheat seeds Takida is not the same size, small, but have a very rich brown and fragrant, but feel the bitter taste

Oat Flakes from Company "Trio" (Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine) - Mold in the package - this is the norm?

Recently bought in a supermarket oatmeal from Company "Trio." The price was quite low - about 3 USD. for a

Oatmeal Arіona low quality

Hastily bought at the store brand oatmeal Arіona and was somewhat disappointed with the quality. She is not fall apart

Oats, made emergency Plotnikov AP, TM speck of Donetsk - a porridge out of it is not possible.

I bought in the supermarket cereal oatmeal, made of PP O.P Plotnikova, packed in bags of 0.5 kg. Cooked cereal, but

Pasta aleykii is not liked.

Pasta aleykii bought at the store, to cook them with pasta for dinner. Expect much more. While cooking the pasta

Pasta Barilla Bucatini N9 - Italian price, taste normal

Feeling that the stores put the price not because of the quality of the product, and because of the name. Here, in this

Pasta "Fantasia" from OAO "McPhee" (Russia) - have variety in your daily diet

Our family is a big problem - get the kid out. In order to persuade her son to eat something, it is necessary in every

Fruit sugar Fructose Schneekoppe Fruchtzucker an excellent replacement for sugar for diabetics.

Unfortunately, one of my relatives and sugar diabetes, it is contraindicated. So she found a store that's sugar on

Каша овсяная с земляникой "Увелка"

Постоянно покупаю сладкие кашки Увелка, большой ассортимент, а тут увидела не только с клубникой но уже и с земляникой

Pasta Pasta Zara a Capellini (Kapelini) 500g - excellent taste

I love this pasta, they are very tasty, quickly prepared, do not boil soft and razlazyatsya, in contrast to the usual

Krupa TM "Skayfud" long grain rice 900g - for it is better not to find a pilaf

once tried to put in long grain pilaf that's such a figure, and I turned out fine for the first time, do not mess,

Pasta Makfa - quality products

Pasta does not eat frequently, but if you buy, then basically it Makfa. First they are made of durum wheat in the form

Rice for sushi TM "Zhmenka" such as it should!

With this product, like rice for sushi TM "Zhmenka" I was able to make sushi at home no worse than the store!

Pasta TM "Ameria" Straws 400g № 5 - excellent cook

I was very pleased with these spaghetti, they are perfectly cooked, very quickly cook a little longer until cooked and

Oatmeal on the brand "Fast" - the most delicious!

I try to eat right and eat oatmeal every morning. I tried a lot of oatmeal, different brands, but "Fast" is

Wheat flour producer KP "Belotserkovhleboprodukt" White Church, Ukraine - do not let you down.

When baking cakes or did not work, blame their own hands once I'm in a hurry, because I know - summed up the meal.

A mixture of "4 Rice" Fair Platinum - like

When buying this rice doubted whether all the four species he cooked at the same time. But my fears were unfounded,

Porridge Bruggen. Oat flakes of solid zerna.Germaniya - well fed and healthy.

V oatmeal in the morning so many advantages. This speed of preparation and utility, and the ability to mix the cereal

Pasta "Makfa" "of" McPhee "Kharkov, circular passage, 1 - a variety of dishes.

Pasta, though not a common dish in Italy, but still. Small cooking time, the possibility of different combinations of

Figure Round "The farm" - better, and do not have to look.

My favorite pic with him not to spoil the dish. Use in different variations, cook sweet milk porridge, rice turns out

Peas Goodwill - the most delicious!

Requests Goodwill peas cooking bags. Convenient packaging (5 packs of 80 grams is not much and not enough for me to

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