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Pizza Buitoni La Pizzeria Quattro Formaggi Four cheese did not like.

Pizza Buitoni La Pizzeria Quattro Formaggi Four cheese bought in the film. After cooking, realized that it was not

Sam Samych ravioli with veal without haste on the Company "Talosto-products" - bad dumplings

The enemy would not have wanted these dumplings. Bought by accident, well at least not much, because there was no

Frozen chicken TM "Pan Kurchak" - a rare muck

Recently bought a frozen chicken TM "Pan Kurchak", and even eating a it could not. After defrosting meat is

Dumplings with potatoes and mushrooms Three Bears, a stiff dough!

I'm in the batter did not like them, how many do not boil, but it is a raw, hard and dry! Can such a party has got,

Frozen foods, "Polis" - from the time their quality has deteriorated badly

As soon as the market appeared semi-"polis", I bought them on trial. They were very tasty and I began to buy

Strawberries, frozen Award (Premіya) - absolutely tasteless.

I decided to indulge a bit in the winter, and bought frozen strawberries Award. Honestly, I had to throw the floor

Khinkali TM "Siberian delicacy" Mama's homemade weights 1kg - a stiff dough

I had no idea what khinkali and decided to take the test, boil them as dumplings, by type of cooking time and

Frozen stuffed LLC "Melenki" Biysk - 90% of cabbage!

Frozen cabbage rolls from the company "Melenki" - made almost entirely of cabbage. Until you get to the meat

Pancakes "Jack Frost" the meat - dough rubber

One day I really wanted pancakes with meat, and cook them there was no time, so I bought in a store Pancakes "Jack

Poor quality ravioli " Siberian "

Bought in the market at a bargain price Siberian Pelmeni. On arrival home-cooked, but saw the dumplings were very poor

Dumplings Reftinsky (Poultry Reftinskaya) - totally edible

My first impression was when boiled dumplings. Dumplings are simply collapsed, and the dough itself has become a mess,

Filet of beef Finnish MLM - peremorozhenny.

When I bought a steak at the store MLM Finnish beef, I really liked it. Color it was a beautiful, smooth, so I bought

Balls from the "semi-Yermolinsky" - fell short of expectations

Yielding to persuasion saleswoman took balls. Began to disappoint even during cooking: pan spread to unformed mass,

Crab sticks from "tuna" - begin to smell unpleasant after defrosting

I love a salad with crab sticks, so buy them regularly. Recently caught the eye of crab sticks "tuna," which

Pancakes with meat from the "semi-Yermolinsky" - suspicious filling

Most household pet all sorts of products from own production test, but sometimes lazy and do not have time, here and

Delicious semi Yermolinsky

I love this product. A very wide range. This and burgers, and pancakes, and stuffed cabbage, dumplings and much more.

Dumplings with potatoes "Three Bears" - super!

First tried these frozen dumplings, I'm skeptical it took. But they were very tasty and of good quality, as well as

Chicken Kiev Easy TM tender and fragrant

When you want to pamper yourself with something we buy chicken Kiev TM is easy - delicious patty of tender chicken in a

Incised from the beans, "There is an idea" - a delicious, high quality product

buy regularly frozen green beans cutting "There is an idea." Beans of this brand is always tasty and high

Mushrooms sliced, frozen, from TM "There is an idea" - a delicious roasted and boiled

In contrast to the frozen vegetables, mushrooms, I liked more. In my family dishes with mushrooms are among the

The taste of the pizza exceeded all my expectations

For a long time I ordered a pizza at home, because they believed that frozen pizza is bad. And personal experience have

Delicious cheese pizza

The Ristorante pizza is a frozen product, BUT!! could easily replace Your Desk custom-made pizza from delivery

Dumplings "Atyashevo" Pets are like pets.

These dumplings, though pricey, but here the price commensurate with quality. Dumplings excellent! At present, the meat

Lasagna Sytoedov meat - delicious. After several unsuccessful attempts to find high-quality lasagna, I finally our

Lasagna Sytoedov meat - delicious. After several unsuccessful attempts to find high-quality lasagna, I finally found

Puff pastry "Jack Frost" - the output when the guests on the verge

This puff pastry is yeast and yeast-free. The principal difference between them I have not noticed. It is sold frozen

Dumplings Samych himself from Talosto-delicious dumplings.

I love to cook dumplings myself, but when the time is not enough dumplings I buy from Sam Samych Talosto. These

Frozen Pancakes "Jack Frost" on the PC "Jack Frost", a tasty and nutritious

Very much I love pancakes, especially the grandmother, and so they are always the authority of the choice of

Pancakes Siberian Gourmet "with rice and meat"-bad Pancakes

Pancakes Siberian Gourmet "with rice and meat." Cons: fall apart when frying, stuffing, dry, not tasty, it

Pizza Buitoni La Pizzeria Quattro Formaggi "Four Cheese" - very tasty!

I love pizza and often buy frozen! That has recently bought a pizza Buitoni La Pizzeria Quattro Formaggi "Four

Chicken Kiev from TM "Easy" - delicious

I bought one of these days, because most do not have the time. Well, very tasty burgers, fresh main. The meat is not

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