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Hema Medi Test - Review

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Herbal infusion, based on the mother-and-stepmother, and oregano - for children is dangerous!

I was a niece of the strongest cough and to fight with him his sister had decided, in addition to medications

Tea with milk to produce milk - more harm than good

Many young mothers are advised to drink tea with milk in order to give them more milk for their baby. However, tea with

Mustard - the burning of the skin

To stick to the neck and the back of mustard, so warm. According to the instructions they were supposed to slightly

W. Bates method of treatment of myopia did not show any result

Since childhood, suffering myopia and astigmatism. Learned about the treatment of such diseases by the method of the

Acupuncture - is not worth too much to count on the effectiveness of this method is

believed that the method is very effective and completely safe. I agree with the second, it does not hurt, but quite

Insektoakaritsidnoe means A-PAR had no effect.

Brought with kindergarten daughter parasites in the hair. Advised the pharmacy us having a road vehicle

Ceramic oil burner Himalaya India - not pretty

Girlfriend bought this lamp for a aromaudovolstvy. Its design I did not like what it is crooked or something. Saucer

Inserted into the nostrils of the bow with a cold - it is dangerous!

There is a popular method of treatment: If a bad cold, you want to insert into the nostrils of slices of onion. And the

Garlic in the ear with otitis media - an extremely risky

Recommend me a way to treat otitis media: insert into each ear of garlic cloves. But somehow I doubt that such an

Method of treating sinusitis, sinus puncture is - sometimes you can do without it

otolaryngologists Even the long and fiercely debate how to do or not to puncture. Then of course, have the opportunity

With sunburn vodka useless.

After a sunburn, with redness of the skin, does not recommend using the traditional methods in the form of skin rubbing

Garlic for colds

Garlic as a remedy for colds has not helped in any way, for want of medicines and located far from all-night drugstore

Hydrogen peroxide for inflammation of the gums.

At an inflammation of the gums advised me to rinse teeth with 3% hydrogen peroxide, diluted half with water. Such

Therapist, an antibiotic, penicillin, amoxicillin is known to be, immunity

I am interested in this question. Why, having come to the physician, with practically any symptoms, such as fever,

Bear fat cure my cough.

Two years ago, after I had bronchitis was pretty bad cough. The tablets have not helped and I applied a recipe for

Pharmacy daisy save you from acne and blackheads

Brewed couple of tea bags chamomile polstakane in boiling water. And this decoction rubbed his face. You can freeze

Turpentine baths Skipar

I've just read about the benefits of turpentine vann.Potom decided she poprobovat.Slyshala that these baths are

A good collection of chronic bronchitis.

From chronic bronchitis is very good collection of '30 licorice root, plantain leaf in '30 and '20 leaves a

A device for water purification VITA BSL-MED-1 - cured headaches

I started having frequent headaches, I went to the doctors - said something to the vessels. A friend advised us to buy

Ginger and honey help colds.

At the first sign of a cold I make tea with ginger and honey. Grate 1/4 cup ginger, add a cup of honey and cook. At

Without the surgery.

My mother already for many years suffered from varicose veins. Legs were very sick, could not walk. She probably used

Mustard powder is good for colds.

From a cold foot baths help good with mustard. In a bucket of hot water needed to dissolve 150 g mustard powder and 200

Significant; that is to improve

I have had problems with varicose veins. The doctors offered me surgery, but I didn't want and I was looking for an

The infusion of garlic and lemon helps prevent colds.

The infusion of garlic and lemon helps to not catch a cold. To prepare this infusion take two lemons and two heads

Средство " подноготный " от грибка на ногте. Такого эффекта за столь короткое время я не ожидала!

Часто езжу по командировкам! Останавливаюсь в гостиницах, сами понимаете чистотой и дезинфекцией не многие могут похваст

Recipe for Traditional Medicine at reduced hemoglobin

The sister in childhood was reduced hemoglobin, and instead of pills, the doctor advised to drink an infusion of

Sea-buckthorn oil - a unique helper.

Such a huge range of applications, like sea buckthorn oil, still need to look! Seabuckthorn just crammed with a variety

Apple cider vinegar helps with varicose wet.

From the varicose veins is good for rubbing their morning and evening, it is better for the night, apple cider vinegar.

Sage saves cough

coughing from Tormented transferred to the legs of the disease have tried everything until I saw the recipe in the

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