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Фильм Голос из камня - Review

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Hood. Film "The change"

Over the past few years is worse film I have ever seen. Even the money spent on tickets was sorry.

Not a very pleasant standard

Again the standard zombie movie. But that's nothing, as already like, excessive sopivasti picture. There are no twists,

film "Skyline" / Skyline / 2010

Colorful horror for primary school age. After the party wakes up in the company of friends from the fact that the

The film Season of the Witch

Season of the Witch "dull stamped blanks. Perhaps some of these films," Season of the Witch "is

The film "The right to" left "

We looked at advertising and gasped, film super, but the session razocherovanie occurred gradually. I can not say how

"Chasing" for fans of Taylor Lautner, no more

The story leaves much to be desired - at first thinking one thing and then not only is changing, and as if all you

The film "Tourist" with Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp

My opinion - the movie is boring, poorly shot, to view a movie theater is better not to go - wasting your money.

Delirious movie war of the worlds " Z "

Perhaps the Director wanted to show something more than the next version of the zombie apocalypse, but he just doesn't

film "Fields of Darkness" with Robert De Niro and Bradley Cooper

husband advertised the film, such as I saw the trailer and was delighted. When I learned that my favorite Actors,

the movie "Requiem for a Dream" Requiem for a Dream (2000)

Yes, Ellen Burstyn, who plays Sarah, was nominated for "Oscar" for Best Actress, and the film won many

The March Cats

Dumb American comedy, sometimes just disgusting. I'm not a fan of this humor.

Turkish TV series "Guilty guilty" is not as interesting as it is advertised.

Turkish TV series "Guilty guilty" is not as interesting as it is advertised. Looking forward to it, but

The film "Tee" time spent in vain.

Recently watched a movie on the disc fiction Alexander Zeldovich "Target." The plot incomprehensible, if not

Another film "Cinderella"

Film disposable. Tupenkaya comedy about a maid of the rich houses, which meets at the club for her prince. The script

Drag Me to Hell

The most disgusting and terrifying horror film with elements of thrash metal in the style of a full Tarantino of all

The Nightmare Before Christmas

This is a cartoon of two realms: the realm of Halloween and Christmas town. They are both perfectly convey the

The film "The Sorcerer's Apprentice"

Funny and a good movie. The plot is not new - bad against good, the protagonist of the number of outcasts of society,

The film "The Vampire"

Well, in general, not bad, but I say it, meaning "Rather good than bad." Slightly tuhlenko. The end is


The film I liked very much. In recent years do not often see really cool exciting movies. The story is about a young

the film "Race to Witch Mountain" / Race to Witch Mountain / 2009

Los Angeles car taxi driver sit two teenagers, and he initially decided that the guys just run away from home. But soon

film "Knockin 'on Heaven" / Knockin' on Heaven's Door / 1997

What I really like about this movie - so it's his comedy. With all the tragedy of the external situation (cancer

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Very good movie that allows you to understand what love is and what is true love ... where do you draw that line. In

The film "changing realities"

Another masterpiece of Hollywood with Matt Damon in the starring role. On the possibility of choice, fatalism, the

Feature film "Obsession"

"Obsession" is an interesting story for the film, keeps in suspense until the very end, you do not know what

The series "Matchmakers" -family show

The series, which elevates mood. In life matchmakers rarely that close, and then direct a cohesive team of

film "The Road" / Road /

Postapokaliptika pure water. Filmed in 2009, but since nothing better has not appeared. Despite the oppressive

The film Hachiko - the most loyal friend.

I'm not going to tell the story itself. Just have to see everything this wonderful film. Tears and clearly

What they say men

looking with great interest the much-touted film. A Dyachenko "What they say men." I can now say that this


Who said that the Russian did not know how to make movies?! They, like anyone else, in my opinion, it is possible to

"Buried" - crediting the film!

"Buried" this is a movie. There's a tipok buried alive, and the most interesting thing is that the film

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