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Tea TM "Vitatsentr" linden flowers 20pak * 1.5 g - far from natural

Linden tea not only is delicious, but also useful. Usually dry the natural color of lime, but last year linden blossom

Tea Ahmad Tea English Breakfast Black 40pak * 2g without labels - not a very high quality

hired himself a tea bags, but do not take into account that he had no labels, it was not very comfortable, and even at

Rich Aroma Coffee by Davidoff - aroma of roasted coffee

coffee I decided to try for the first time Rich Aroma of Davidoff, but it would be better if it did not. Still could

Bank of drink "Pepsi" was similar in taste to cough syrup.

He drank once on the way home to the bank drink "Pepsi" and did not like his sharp taste like cough medicine,

Coffee "Carte Noire" - is not the best of their kind ...

Familiar touted as the coffee. She decided to take a jar, too. To be honest, was expecting much more. Nothing special.

Tea Lipton Blue Fruit Tea is not delicious with a pungent odor.

Tea Lipton Blue Fruit Tea purchased in the market. The taste disgusting and reminds compote, a chemical smell sweet

"Lemonade" Ivolzhansky (Plant Eco-product, LLC) - to not look like lemonade

Tried "Lemonade" Ivolzhansky and left of him is not happy at this very soft drinks fizzy drink does not look,

Golden Well aerated water

The city turned off water for a few days, I had to buy drinking water in the store. Standing water on the shelves tm

Tea is a conversation (Ceylon)

Tea did not like. I love the strong and rich teas. A friend advised me to try a conversation (Ceylon). Tea is brewed

Banana Juice Frutonyanya

Worst juice manufactured by Frutonyanya - a banana. No matter how much they bought, and in a normal shop, with normal

Lipton Forest Fruit Tea bags, tasteless pyramids.

What a beautiful box, beautiful pyramids, beautiful aroma. But the taste ... To bag properly brewed, it is necessary

Drink "Narzan" apple spritzers 0.5 liter glass - filled with chemistry

I thought that the glass is sold in more than a quality drink in the plastic, the more so much more expensive, but made

Coffee Barista - lousy!

Why is it so defile a great organic coffee, flavored variety, it seems to me that this is the only drink that can not

Ground coffee TM "Black Card" perezhzhenny and tasteless!

Friends of the newly ground coffee were treated with TM "Black Card". I must say that this shit, I have not

Black Tea "May the black diamond" - rubbish!

Black Tea "May the black diamond" has a promising title, but after its use, you know that you drink a full

Apple Juice "Gracio" - delicious as natural apple juice

juice is just wonderful! Everyone in my family like it very much: drink juice and a package, and the taste of fresh

Green Tea with Jasmine srednelistovoy "Tien Ren," a cardboard pack 100g - great taste and good packaging.

The last time I could not find a green tea with this, it is inherent in green tea flavor without unnecessary harsh

Morse, "Cranberry" TM "Sandora" (Sandora, LLC) - tasty and useful

Only these fruit drinks and bought in the last weeks of pregnancy when edema is literally terrifying attack, and easy

Coffee "Lacomba" - gorgeous!

This new coffee, which only recently appeared on the market is simply magnificent! He was strong, flavorful, and very

Tea "Black baikhovi № 36" producer JSC "DAGOMYSCHAY" very tasty.

I bought a Magnet tea "Black baikhovi № 36" producer JSC "DAGOMYSCHAY." Have not seen such packages

Gordon Tea flavored and delicious.

Black Tea Gordon large-buying in the market quite often. Freshly brewed it very fragrant and delicious, perfect color.

Apple juice company, "Markin" very tasty and affordable.

Zahotelos day of juice, of which 3-liter Balon, purchased at retail a bottle of apple juice from the company,

Drink "Tarragon" of JSC "Irkutsk factory bottling of mineral water" - very tasty!

Requests from time to time to drink this beverage. Delicious, refreshing and good thirst quencher. The only thing that

Tea Curtis Mango green tea - delicious!

I instantly fell in love with this fragrant green tea with slices of dried mango, which has excellent taste. Sam Green

Green tea Lisma-tasty and pleasant to the smell

I bought a classic green tea Lisma bags. At tea, delicious flavor and it's pretty tasty. Sealed very quickly and is

Coffee Jacobs Monarch Decaffeinated freeze-dried 95g glass - a perfect scent

I love this coffee, I can not leave the house in the morning, so before you do not treat yourself to an invigorating

Coffee Jacobs Monarch Rostvorimoe - a unique aroma and taste

I have a lot of years, I prefer to drink only rostvorimoe Coffee Jacobs Monarch. It has a unique aroma and superb

Low-alcohol drink from Carlsberg Group EVE tastiest, and most importantly, the women's beer.

She was surprised when she learned that the beer. I tried two flavors: Purple - passion fruit, orange - grapefruit. The

Green tea Tess Flirt - an excellent tea

Since last week, started to buy the above described tea. Why not? Yes, because it has a fragrant aroma and rich taste,

Tomato juice is "Good" - a vivid taste of

Long did not drink a tasty tomato juice, unless the home. Most importantly, he has a natural flavor, natural tomatoes,

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