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Instant Coffee Jacobs - Monarch 100gr. - Coffee misunderstanding

The taste of something sour and overdone. It smells the same no matter. And take a charge, as if really gourmet coffee

Nectar TM «Santal» Mango pulp with 1 liter - the taste is not quite natural

In general, the nectar must be completely natural origin of the idea, but this mango nectar that does not say the taste

Tea Greenfield, Barberry Garden

I'm generally a big fan of tea - had drank only black tea, now I drink more green and travyanoy.Reshila to try all

Juice Nar Premium "Blackberry" - not a tasty juice!

Juice Nar Premium "Blackberry" I did not like the taste. It has a rich color, composed of nothing but the

Sweet water mark "PEPSI"

Almost everyone knows what a PEPSI. However, few people know what is included in the composition of these drinks and

Kvass Yarylo "Zaporozhye factory of soft drinks" - not delicious

Delicious moderately sweet with a pleasant taste like bread out of the barrel in the Soviet times - it's not about

Aqua mineral asset lemon provoke heartburn.

Aqua mineral asset lemon provoke heartburn. How many times have bought, constantly convinced of this. Of course, if you

Fizz - apple "cider"

Bought at the store to sample apple cider Fizz. Disgusting taste. Looks like a sweet soda, diluted alcohol and apple

Drink Coca Cola from the company "Coca-Cola HBC Eurasia" - have fun grobyaschee

This is a terrible drink, it tastes very delicious and flavorful, but not because of beneficial substances, only

Black tea "Tess" Forest Dream (Dream Forest) 20 pyramids - poorly sealed

Do not I liked this tea, especially the fact that when it is brewed in a cup with a pyramid poured some porohnya, tea

Cocoa from Slivkoff "Hot Chocolate classic" smell is, and no taste.

Cocoa from Slivkoff "Hot chocolate is a classic" do not like it. Nothing in this cocoa chocolate is not

Tea Lipton Blue Fruit Tea is not delicious with a pungent odor.

Tea Lipton Blue Fruit Tea purchased in the market. The taste disgusting and reminds compote, a chemical smell sweet

Instant coffee "Nescafe Classic" TM "Nescafe" (Nestle Ukraine Ltd) - the scent is good, but not the taste

This instant coffee from good except pleasant fragrance, but to taste it I do not like, if you put a little less coffee

Coffee Nescafe Classic - awful taste

Coffee drinking Nescafe Classic is simply not possible. It is completely missing the normal taste of the drink. This

Russian Tea Tea Company Champagne did not like the taste.

Tea Russian Tea Company "Champagne" I did not like. Most others have been waiting for when buying a bag. I

Water crystal from the May Company "White Mountains" Belgorod - the best in our region

buy bottled water, and it has always May crystal. The water extracted from artesian wells, the taste of a nice, soft,

Mineral water Morshinskaya - loved the water

Often buy water Morshinskaya, it saves me in the summer, from the sultry heat, good thirst quencher. I love her very

Children's champagne "shampusika" (Kuban mineral water) - not bad.

Children's champagne "shampusika" (Kuban mineral water) can be very, by the way, children's holiday.

President of the Coffee Paulig - the only low-cost coffee, which I like

I drink this brand of coffee for ten years. Do not get bored, and, most importantly, the quality does not decrease with

kvass "quenches"

Very tasty brew, take basically it. Although rarely found in stores, and expensive, the pleasure is worth it.

Juice frutonyanya delicious.

Frequently buy juice is very fond of him under the name FrutoNyanya know what it's for kids but I also like very

Instant coffee "Nescafe 3 in 1" Creamy, TM "Nescafe" (Nestle Ukraine, LLC) - a wonderful

Great instant coffee with cream in a convenient stick, I am delighted with it. Coffee "Nescafe Creamy" is

Compote "Agusha" - like, but better than my home.

In the summer I always roll my compotes, because all my family are very fond of him. When we recently went to visit,

Ginger Tea

I tried ginger tea in Thailand, Vietnam and China, local people consume it in very large quantities, except ginger tea

Tea Lipton Yellow label - full of pleasant taste

brewed quickly, the taste is very piyatny. It is pleasant to drink it with sugar and without. It is advisable to brew a

Tea Greenfield "Spring Melody" with thyme very much.

Older always buy tea aroma of cinnamon and cloves or cream rooibos, and then suddenly decided to take etot.Byla

Coffee "Nescafe gold" - drink with great pleasure

I love this coffee. Of course, it is not very cheap, but the price is fully justified its quality! Indeed, you get

Tea "Krasnodar" producer JSC "DAGOMYSCHAY" better import.

Recently rassprobovali tea bags "Krasnodar" producer JSC "DAGOMYSCHAY." A good rich taste and

Greenfield Lotus Breeze

Excellent green tea with mint notes and a delicate aroma. On each day, especially in summer. I associate it with the

Tea "Nestea"

As all are great that some enterprising people have come up with to sell iced tea in bottles)) I like the Nestea. Cost

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