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Be careful when buying a drink Pepsi Light 0,33 l

What is on the way home from work bought the store in an unknown drink Pepsi Light 0,33 l drank unsuspectingly, and the

Tea Naturel apple tea PETEKZADE - chips, filled with boiling water.

Bought in Turkey, souvenir tea. Well, I did not gave it to anyone. That shit in my life met! Abstract for tea is

Coffee Paretto - bust!

This coffee is endowed with a unique flavor of Eastern admixture of fruits and spices, but they do not add to his

Juices' Sadochek "- disgusting!

These juices are full of preservatives and dyes that have said that the juice in this drink and does not smell. Juice

Tea «TESS» from "Orimi Trade 'loose - could be better.

Do not say a bad tea, it is clear that the added bits of real fruit, berries, herbs, flower petals, spices may still be

Juice "Rich"

Although juice "Rich" and tasty, but keep it long at all is not possible! After drinking a glass of one of

Nescafe Classic coffee in our family causes heartburn

I do not know what to plantations in Brazil's coffee is grown robusta varieties, but the fact that its quality

Drink coffee "Useful Pleasure" Golden Spike without caffeine 90 - tasteless

I wanted some time to relax on the coffee, but it was hard on him sat down, bought a coffee drink with no caffeine,

Instant coffee "Intero Grand Amore" - disgusting quality.

Instant Coffee "Intero Grand Amore" has the flavor of chicory and beet overdone. And as soon as it appeared

Taste of Tea Lipton Green Gunpowder enhanced chemical flavorings.

Bought in the market tea Lipton Green Gunpowder. Tea bags are good and he is not bad, but at the bottom of the cup is

Tea Ahmad Tea Winter Prune black sheet prunes 100g Winter - not very tasty

Ahmad Tea has always been famous for good taste and aroma of the drink. But when I tried the black tea with dried

Tea "conversation" with a teddy bear gift - a terrible

Bear in the terrible quality of tea, as always, the jitney. I bought just because of the fact that her daughter started

There are fakes and famous drinks Fanta

On the way home from the gym in a store bought jar of soda Fanta normal in appearance, but on a course that caught my

Drink "Bon Boisson" - disgusting!

Well, this drink is poison, and if it was still delicious poison, and so ... muck muck. Lots of different additives and

Chicory Fitodar JSC "Eremeevskoe" - too bitter.

Instant chicory has recently started to drink. On the beneficial properties of this drink recently say a lot. Always

mineral water "Essentuki № 17"

vodichka tasty and healthy. The presence of mineral water, silver ions increases the effects of major ions and trace


Do not tasted a better hot chocolate than chocolate this manufacturer! I love it! Very nice and full of flavor! Of

Kvass "Edge Grain" from the traditional of "Brewing company" Baltic "- a pretty good

I can not say it's the best brew, but I like it. Tasty and easy to drink in the heat holodnenkim and make him

Instant coffee "Nescafe 3 in 1" Creamy, TM "Nescafe" (Nestle Ukraine, LLC) - a wonderful

Great instant coffee with cream in a convenient stick, I am delighted with it. Coffee "Nescafe Creamy" is

Tea black "May" of JSC "May" - a good large-

I admire the quality of this tea, and even at such an affordable price, it is perfectly brewed, has a beautiful rich

Coffee Nescafe 3 in 1 sturdy convenient to work with.

Coffee Nescafe 3 in 1 sturdy often take on the job. It is convenient to brew, and in the bag is just sugar and cream of

Kvass TM "Kvass Taras' real taste of childhood

Just delighted with kvass TM" Kvass Taras. " The taste reminded that home-brew, which is still a kid my

Lemonade "Nart" - great taste

Alas, it is not sold everywhere, but the taste has a very catchy. What we like barberry and still something. Lemonade

Carbonated beverage Bon Boisson "Baykal" - Favorite!

Drink my taste a bit like Coca-Cola, but not so bad! It is composed of grass and are even fewer flavors and colors! My

Tea bags AHMAD Ahmad Tea Contemporary-good taste.

I like tea bags Ahmad Tea Contemporary for his taste. He is rich, well-sealed, it is a pleasure to drink. The tea bag

Products TM "Our Juice" - excellent quality, excellent price.

Juices Odessa production are much cheaper than everyone else, but the taste is not affected. Attracted by the fact that

"Baltika 7" - real beer for real!

Russian beer "Baltika 7" taxis. That's beer, you can relax and enjoy the drink. But best of all, a lady

Tea Tess Green Tea Lime

delicious tea, a pleasant smell. It is much nicer to drink than green tea without additives. But it would be better if

No drinking water is aerated 202 company "Amazon-coloring" - not only clean but also delicious

I really like this water. Always check the water in the laboratory before use, this is also checked and found that

Ground coffee "MK natural" by Strauss Cafe Poland (Poland)-flavored!

I decided to change their tastes and bought a new one for a ground coffee "MK Natural" (production of

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