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Be careful when buying a drink Pepsi Light 0,33 l

What is on the way home from work bought the store in an unknown drink Pepsi Light 0,33 l drank unsuspectingly, and the

Juice of 8 Vegetables Sweet pepper + tomato and beetroot from the JSC "Baltimor-Krasnodar" - a combination not like it.

I did not like the combination of sweet pepper, tomato and beet juice of 8 vegetables from the

Juice Gardens Pridonya from apples and black currants, restored 1L - taste unnatural

To quench your thirst this juice, of course, possible, but take it all the time, I would not, to me it is not very

Juice BotaniQ for children - disgusting!

The children's juice has a chemical composition. that the juice bar and does not smell. Thanks to the flavors and

Energy drink Red Bull, do not taste good!

I'm certainly not a fan of Power, but sometimes you can drink! But this can not drink, essences which is sour,

Hot chocolate ARISTOCRAT not very tasty drink.

Hot Chocolate ARISTOCRAT not very much. I have a box in a cup spoon 3.4, we obtain a sufficiently thick and dense

Tea Tess Black Forest Dream pyramids in c aroma of blackberries and raspberries solid chemistry.

Tess Tea Black Forest Dream pyramids in c aroma of blackberries and raspberries bought the first time. As soon as the

Indian black tea bags baikhovi Lisma of OJSC "Company May" - insecure bags

Tea normal, but not to the same people buy tea bags, tea leaves then to spit on! At the bottom of each cup of tea

Coffee Paretto - bust!

This coffee is endowed with a unique flavor of Eastern admixture of fruits and spices, but they do not add to his

Tea Lipton Forest Fruit - disgusting!

This tea bags is pretty decent money, but in reality is a weird collection of herbs and fruits, with the obvious

Instant coffee "Nescafe 3 in 1" Original TM "Nescafe" (Nestle Ukraine Ltd) - and tried to improve

The taste to me this instant coffee with cream is not much liked, but I just love coffee with milk, that's only

Juice "Orange Nectar" producer "Asaloda" simply tasteless.

Juice "Orange Nectar" producer "Asaloda" simply tasteless. The feeling in the use of the

Tomato juice Sadochok - a parody

I once bought a tomato juice Sadochok and never bought. The impression that he made on the basis of tomato paste, shelf

Brandy "Pocciycky" from mapki "Plati menshe - live luchshe" rare stuff.

Topgovaya mapka "Plati menshe - live luchshe" inogda vypuckaet pretty neploxie tovapy. Therefore peshila

Juice "Rich"

Although juice "Rich" and tasty, but keep it long at all is not possible! After drinking a glass of one of

Soft drink, "All the vitamins"

non-carbonated beverage. Because of this, I love it most. The stomach is not rumbling, no pain, and all is well.

Tea black "May" of JSC "May" - a good large-

I admire the quality of this tea, and even at such an affordable price, it is perfectly brewed, has a beautiful rich

Jaffa select premium of the mango perfectly quenches thirst

I very much like mangoes, especially if you will fall juicy and ripe. In Jaffa select premium fruit mango mangoes

Coffee Caffe Club of IONIA - excellent coffee for ofice

husband came to work and to visit a girlfriend bought me a coffee. I immediately refused, but later was glad that I was

Coffee Tchibo Exclusive - nice!

This coffee I really like their flavor, which is very important for me! Taste in coffee quality outstanding, but quite

Carpathian tea with blueberry health benefits

As a child, my grandmother brewed tea made from these dried leaves of various trees and herbs and berries. Only a

Tea Interview

You should not, of course, create reviews of brandy, teas, coffee and so on, everyone has different tastes because, but

Tea "May Selected" (Ceylon in tea bags) from the Company's "May" was much better

In the past, to put it mildly, did not like this tea until nausea) And now I drink it with pleasure. I do not know

Tea Rose and French vanilla from Dilmah - like a drunk Turkish Delight

experienced this genuine pleasure from the drink, after drinking a cup of tea rose and French vanilla from Dilmah. He

Juice Gardens Pridonya "apple juice" direct extraction tasty and healthy.

Kids in school lunches to buy juice Gardens Pridonya "apple juice" direct extraction. A good and tasty juice.

Ground coffee jockey "Classic" (Orimi Trade) - quite

Instant I do not drink, so dedicate some time in the morning boiling coffee. Jockey is a normal product of the average

Kvass "Uvarov," Classical rye from both barrels!

For a long time looking for a brew that you can do it hodgepodge. And then everything is constantly something

Black tea Grace Breakfast Time - real

I liked the fact that it has no odor, but this fragrant black tea. I do not trust sachets, but this wonderful tea bags,

Monster Energy Drink a delicious energy drink

tried many different energy drinks but all I nadoeli.I I was advised to try Monster.Ya tried it and I liked it a lot

Tea HYSON Sour Sup - wonderful tea!

I tried this tea at a party, and now only drink it at home. I really like the green and black. The unique taste! It is

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