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SyNeO 5 - Review

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Moisturizing body lotion GOSH CLASSIC

Moisturizing body lotion GOSH Classic I was chosen by description. It turned out to be not quite right: for lotion this

Cream soap Toddler

Son bought baby cream-soap TM "Tot", with the smell of banana and peach. It is not like the smell, didn't smell right,

Invigorating Coffee Scrub Foot TM Margan "Sultan Sange de" - I see no good in it!

Invigorating Coffee Scrub Foot TM Margan "Sultan de Sange" I personally do not like. Is a mass of unpleasant

Cream depilatory from Avon

Just recently decided to purchase cream depilatory from the company Avon , its very touted Podruga attracted and bought

Deodorant for feet and shoes Oriflame "Summer Peach" - a sickly smell!

Actually, I love the smell of peaches, and therefore ordered that a deodorant for the feet! But after the first use,

Male deodorant Malizia Uomo (Malizia Uomo) does not protect against sweat, leaving a sticky trail

My husband gave the male deodorant Malizia Uomo (Malizia Uomo). The smell was not bad, but nothing good. Deodorant does

After Sun cream Biocon

It is not clear why this tool called the consistency of whipped cream, it is the same as cream. Moisturizing property

Cream soap Help

Bought for liquid soap Help. I liked that the bottle with pump and low price, the store did not become part of grasp,

Soothing Foot Cream Belita-Vitex

Belarusian cosmetics venture "Bielita" In principle, I like it. I got a good overall impression of the use of

Balm drying.

Over the years, I have begun corns and calluses, and in summer the skin on the heels began to crack, and I decided to

Foot Cream "One hundred recipes for beauty" terrible

We are women use many creams, hand cream, face cream, and just for the feet. I tried the foot cream "One hundred

Roll-on deodorant Yves Rocher Jardins du Monde - Fleur de lotus du laos - zero effect!

Deodorant Ball Yves Rocher Jardins du Monde - Fleur de lotus du laos has an attractive appearance and good smell, but

Antiperspirant Old Spice Lagoon

I gave her husband on 23rd February antiperspirant Old Spice Lagoon. You should have seen what stains remained a white

Refreshing Deodorant Spray for Foot Feet Up Reviving Foot Spray by Oriflame - does not provide a deodorant

deodorant for the feet tested on himself, though never particularly problems with feet and excessive sweating had,

Garnier does not protect Men

Husband gave antiperspirant deodorant Garnier Men Mineral Extreme spray 150 ml will Begin with, that the deodorant has

Scented talc body «Midsummer woman» by Oriflame - smells very nice

Talc «Midsummer woman» is good enough, it prevents irritation from sweating, leaving the treated skin dry for a long t

Deodorant - Antiperspirant Gatsby (Japan) - dry spray

deodorant that's just not stain. Even after spraying the skin remains dry, and even more so, it will be silky to

A good moisturizing cream

Good cream for pens, moisturizes the skin, is easily absorbed. Then the skin is smooth, soft...I like to use this

Massage Oil Elixir Yves Rocher East TRADITION DE HAMMAM-bliss for the body.

My sister gave me a massage oil Elixir Yves Rocher East TRADITION DE HAMMAM. It took me a lot, because just at the time

Soothing bath of Oriflame - a miracle

I really liked the softening bath by Oriflame. In the winter when your skin is very dry, do not always have the cream

Спрей автозагар CURASANO

А мне нравится автозагар фирмы CURASANO. Спреи хорошие и запах очень приятный. Мне походит оттенок какао, их всего пять


В центре косметологии Надежды Росляковой мне рассказали как после процедуры сохранить длительно результаты проделанной р

Antiperspirant Deodorant, Camay Dynamique with the scent of pink grapefruit solid 45g - effective

This deodorant collected all the best, and a pleasant aroma, and is spent effectively, and is applied very convenient.

Hand Cream "Cornflower" production "Kalina" is well protected hands

I always buy this hand cream. I have dry skin on the hands, often cracking, especially in winter, to the same and

Shower Gel Nivea Sport - super!

This year, I discovered this for myself a cool shower gel. which is well-invigorates the skin in the morning and

Hand Cream dulgon made in Germany - a good moisturizing hand.

I use this cream for a long time. Especially in the autumn-winter period, when your skin is particularly exposed to

Yves Rocher, the emulsion for the body "flat stomach" - helped bring up my tummy.

Already a month I use emulsion for the body of the Yves Rocher "flat stomach" and the result exceeded all my

Liquid Hand Soap Palmolive-cool!

Soap by Palmolive Company is distinguished not only for its reasonable price, but also very high quality of the soap.

Bath processing

Guangzhou Fang NI fine chemical company specializing in the production of processed hair, hair care, skin care and

Soap "Palmolive" Chamomile - gentle care and a pleasant smell

Things like this soap, so it is tender and pleasant aroma. Generally prefer to take the soap with "natural"

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