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Магазин медицинской техники Доктор Маг - Review

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Tooth bleaching powder Fitokosm, spoils the enamel!

Dubious, cheapest way for oral care! It spoils the tooth enamel, coarsely dispersed particles that make up, spoil your

Expra for nose

Was severe cold, the nose is completely laid, I bought a nasal spray Expra. After five days of taking cold is not

Gaskets daily Bella Panty Soft voluminous.

May, of course, I just got used to very thin ezhednevkam such Naturella, but still ... These pads simply thick, causing

Oil solution Chlorophyllipt

The child has a sore throat was very red. The doctor prescribed oil solution Chlorophyllipt, it is suitable for even

Electronic thermometer Microlife MT 1931 GT

Bought for babies Electronic thermometer Microlife MT 1931 GT 2013 release. From the first measurements had an error of

Toothbrush Reach Access Essential Care tough - abrasive bristles

I did not brush it came, I realized as soon as the first time began to brush her teeth, she is chopping, hair is

Bactericidal band-aid "Veropharm" poorly glued.

Bactericidal band-aid "Veropharm" pretty poor quality, it is very poorly glued. And even if the paste, then

Festal pills do not help.

Pills "Festal" very publicized means, the manufacturer promises that after taking a heavy meal severity

Contact lenses SofLens59 Bausch & Lomb (Bausch and Lomb SofLens59) a week are losing their shape

Having poor eyesight, always wear lenses. Last time on the advice of an ophthalmologist acquired lens SofLens59 Bausch

Dermazole Shampoo, Ketoconazole, Kusum Healthcar HTP. Ltd.

My daughter had dandruff appeared first tried to fight with conventional shampoos. But when they realized that they

Hot Patch Dr. Pepper irritated skin.

With a strong cough and congestion in the chest, I always used a pepper-kleila patch on the chest and back. Once again

Expra addictive

The last few years I have used solely drops from a cold "Expra". Helps perfectly. All would be nothing, but after a

Тонометр AND UA-668

After the Pope was hospitalized in predinsul′tnom State, after a sharp jump in pressure, we bought the tonometer AND U

Ultrasonic nebulizer AND UN-231

Bought your child Ultrasonic nebulizer AND UN-231. At first I liked it, quiet, silent. Masks in the set adapters. After

Термометр Termoval basic

Electronic thermometer Termoval basic from HARTMANN generally unusable. The instructions said that when measuring the

Infrared Thermometer Medisana "FTN" - just fine

Infrared Thermometer Medisana "FTN" easy, pleasant design, large display window, the numbers are large, very

Поможет избавиться от вшей за одну обработку.

Противопедикулезное средство Д 95, покупала для выведения вшей у ребенка. Это было не первое средство, купленное мной, н

Cotton buds "Fantasy FLIRT" good and cheap

The Times, when he had to wind the match on cotton in order to clean the ears, thankfully, are long gone, but now come

Compressor nebulizer LONGEVITA CN-01WB - a necessary thing in the treatment of bronchitis

Caught with my daughter, we in the hospital with laryngitis and bronchitis. All treatment was reduced to what we were

Thermometer-13 AMDT. Manufacturer: United States. Safe for young children!

I used to use the ordinary mercury thermometer, always an accurate result! But when a small child, it is best to use e!

Toothpaste TM "Perioe" Cavity Care - a long refreshing

For brushing teeth buy a toothpaste with fluoride, it is great for preventing tooth decay, perfectly cleans teeth and

Banding belt for pregnant women

Personally, I did not need this belt. Me and without him was not hard to carry the child, and, behold, an acquaintance

Cool aspirator

In the first aid kit for the child even before birth bought this aspirator. The thing is very useful, convenient to

Toothpaste Blend-a-med 3D White "Peppermint Kiss" by 100ml of "Freedom" - good

I really like this toothpaste, brush your teeth it is pleasant and efficient, it is quite pleasant smells of mint, is

Nebuliser Omron - very good quality for reasonable money!

Several years ago, when the eldest son was very small and often ill, bought at the pharmacy nebulizer Omron. We use it

Mouthwash Lacalut Active for daily protection 300ml - provided a fresh breath

More recently, both visited the dentist has to pay more attention to oral hygiene. Now besides a toothbrush and

fitochay "Belaya lactochka" from korporatsii Cibirckoe Zdorove solve health problems.

In za pogone molodoctyu and kracotoy horoshi credctva all thumbnails. Ocobenno raduet, And when udaetcya covmeschat

Toothpaste «Colgate Whitening» - white teeth, beautiful smile!

Toothpaste «Colgate Whitening» is really very quickly helped me find a snow-white smile. So it is also a nice minty t

Meter Clever Chek - reliable control

Newly result of a planned inspection of the work my husband found an increased blood sugar. Were in complete panic. It

Toothbrush Colgate "Navigator plus a" 1 a medium-firm - one of the best

toothbrush Colgate "Navigator plus" Napara with her husband and even his teeth have completely different

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