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Магазин медицинской техники Доктор Маг - Review

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Gaskets Ola! Daily Solar Daily 60sht daisy - impregnation extra

It would be good daily pads, they are quite thin and well-kept clothes on, but their smell, it is terrible, it is

Lekrolin eye drops do not help.

Lekrolin eye drops, I bought to remove inflammation of the eyes, with the possibility that their disease is prescribed

Toothbrush ROCS (Rocks) "Sense" (Sans) model of medium hardness is not worth the money.

Buy a toothbrush ROCS (Rocks) of medium hardness advised me to the dentist. I opted for a series of "Sense"

Cream-balm "Zhivkost with bear bile" TOV "Elixir" - does not help!

Cream-balm "Zhivkost with bear bile" TOV "Elixir" Grandma bought because it has problems with


Ultrasonic nebulizer GAMMA COMPAC ULTRASONIC even with small deviation from the vertical axis of the sheds. Falls,

Devyatisharikovy jade projector Nuga Best - anything else failed

This projector was recommended to me, almost as a panacea for all ills. But alas, it did not justify its cost (5,000

A cream for stretch marks Mustela StretchMarks

Become pregnant, knowing that you may be stretching from the first months of beginning to use the cream Mustela Stretch

Thermometer AND DT-623 (AED DT-623) incorrectly detects the temperature

Bought an electronic thermometer AND DT-623 (AED DT-623), which was more expensive the other presented at the counter.

Sanitary pads HELLO KITTY (Hello Kitty) - a waste of money

Bought into the bright packaging gaskets HELLO KITTY (Hello Kitty), and a hundred times regretted. Terribly

Powder from colds "Fervex" bad.

Powder from colds "Fervex" is intended for adults, with vitamin C, to help in the early stages of colds and

Gaskets Naturella Camomile Light Daily - terrible treatment

Daily gasket is a very important element of gigigeny and must meet the best quality for the well-being that can not be

The solution for the reception inside Chlorophyllin.

I got sick with the flu. Qualified doctor advised me to use against bacteria and germs in the throat of the solution

Festal pills do not help.

Pills "Festal" very publicized means, the manufacturer promises that after taking a heavy meal severity

Inhaler heat and humidity of JSC "Hemoplast"

To treat coughs me was acquired inhaler heat and humidity of JSC "Hemoplast", which was not very convenient to use. All

Strip Carefree with cotton

After two or three days use daily strips Carefree with cotton I started to thrust on the skin. Don't know what they are

Medical products "FEST" for pregnant women - are very useful and needed!

It is good that there are companies who care about the health of the expectant mother! Moreover, the prices are

Toothbrush Oral-B Pro-Expert 3D purity of medium hardness - it is convenient to brush your teeth

Recently acquired a great toothbrush, Oral-B Pro-Expert 3D purity, it is not just heaped the name, it is in itself

Tonometer Gamma M1-S-1. Electronic automatic blood pressure monitor, convenient and accurate!

At least in my family do not often measure the pressure, but I think the tonometer should be for everyone! Bought this

Warmer 'Heartwarm Friendship' - Sheep on the amazing thing Aroma Home

Often, especially in winter, it is necessary to warm the nose, shoulder, leg, ear ... With this hot-water bottle - no

Toothpaste Logodent sensetive - super!

The other day, my friend brought me this toothpaste, made in Germany, and we have sold. Logodent sensetive has all the

Toothbrush Vitality D12513 on the Oral-B helps your teeth stay strong and healthy.

Toothbrushes Vitality D12513 on the Oral-B plzuyus together with his wife for 2 years. The mechanism of one-on-two, and

A convenient and much needed dental floss ROCS

I'm also a fan of the toothbrush thread manufacturer R. O. C. S . Pasta too, but from the thread just loved it. First

The ultrasonic nebulizer Comfort Smart (nebulizer) accelerates recovery.

Compressor nebulizer (nebulizer) MediAll (Mediall) ultrasonic nebulizer Comfort Smart bought at the pharmacy for the

Thermometer-13 AMDT. Manufacturer: United States. Safe for young children!

I used to use the ordinary mercury thermometer, always an accurate result! But when a small child, it is best to use e!

fitochay "Belaya lactochka" from korporatsii Cibirckoe Zdorove solve health problems.

In za pogone molodoctyu and kracotoy horoshi credctva all thumbnails. Ocobenno raduet, And when udaetcya covmeschat

Toothpaste Lacalut white & repair - good!

Toothpaste Lacalut white & repair provides excellent cleaning of the teeth from plaque, helping to prevent dental

Toothpaste Parodontax - I advise everyone!

I want to sing the praises of toothpaste Parodontax. I take it is not constant, as it is therapeutic. Literally from

Toothpaste "Promise" - poor quality!

Promise - Toothpaste is a very poor quality, which does not perform even the simplest functions, such as cleaning the

Massage-cleaner language "freshness" - ideal

Bought massager, tongue cleaner "freshness" of all his family ... only positive reviews --- there is no

Toothbrush Perioe Climax with a soft bristle brush to LG Household & Heaith Care Corparation - cool

I'm just incredibly excited about the quality of the toothbrush, to me it was ideal for my sensitive teeth and thin

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