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Credinvest Groups - Review

5 30.01.2014

OOO "KredInvest"

Had the company OOO "KredInvest Groups", as tired of collectors, my bank that I took the loan sold my debt is debt that best interest. Collectors nazvanivali every day and for some reason my duty every day it grew and grew, although AFAIK not accrue interest on interest, I tried to explain it, but I argued back at point-blank range. All paid receipts for the loan I had on hand and of course certificate from the Bank, what do I have to pay interest only for the one month delay in the amount of $ 420. Credit Suisse Group helped me a lot in this matter, gave good advice, how to communicate with collectors, have protected me from them and kept in touch with them, offered protection in court, but it was useful! The company has a website which includes all the services that they are They help in obtaining credit, mortgages, and more. The company employs highly competent people, everything sedlali calmly and without superfluous nerves for me.

Tags: Credit Suisse Group, cash loan, Express credit, protection from collectors, credit for business, loan secured, collectors, Auto Loan, mortgage, credit

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