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Цитовир-3 капс №12, противовирусный препарат - Review

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Cream of the joints, "Pelo Bischofite" - divorce for money!

This cream is another product of Dummy from television shopping. The cream is more like an ordinary glycerine cream,

Hormonal drug Klimonorm

After the operation, your doctor has prescribed for hormonal drug Klimonorm to restore hormonal background. But this

Rimantadine company "Biosynthesis"

Antiviral drug Rimantadine - low price, excellent quality was before. Now no effect + abdominal pain. If you have some

Dental Gel Kalgel - we did not come.

On the advice of many bought baby tooth gel Kalgel. Enthusiastic about it, we did not call. Baby it did not react at

Bellastein-a cure for pain

Pain in the abdomen in the Pharmacy was advised to bellastein. Not expensive, but also a very strange effect. I had

Rinse with chamomile flowers' Rekutan "- did not help with sore throats.

A cold and very much top of the sore throat. I bought at the pharmacy rinse with chamomile flowers' Rekutan. "

Vitrum Calcium is harmful to the stomach

A month ago, said that, combing, the comb is a lot of hair. I was advised poprinimat calcium tablets. I opted for the

Tablets of cardiac arrhythmias "Panangin" BAT "GEDEON Richter" - did not help

I have my bouts of arrhythmia that is not something that fits and periods (week, a couple of days). As the doctor put

Pills Cethrin Dr. Reddy's

Cetrine Dr. Reddy's (Cethrin) - anti-allergic drug that I took in allergic rhinitis. The instructions should take one

Nasal spray "Avamis" from the "Glaxo" - did not help.

Of course, I suffered with a cold for a long time, because with it he could not handle any of the sprays used by me.

Fleboxar from Dzintars has not helped

Foot cream with Diosmina Fleboxar from the at Latvia Dzintars has proven useless. The manufacturer promises the

nasal spray Nasic kids

Escaping from the cold, asked at the pharmacy for my daughter an effective remedy. The pharmacist suggested nasal spray

Tablets Rapidol temperature

Buying the baby a tablet Rapidol to bring the temperature down, as have picked up a virus. They helped literally two

Cough syrup Erespal

I had a very dry cough, my doctor prescribed me cough syrup Erespal. I took the syrup 3 times a day for 5 days. The

Remedy for burns Panthenol

The other day scalded with boiling water, but managed to take from the medicine cabinet of anti-spray

Tablets Aleron campaign Actavis, India, really are

May is the month for the most heinous of those who are allergic to down, but still have to go out constantly, and thus

Helped us to get pregnant.

For a long time my husband couldn't conceive a baby themselves, so turned for help to the reproductive system. Passed a

Лекарство от варикоза

Муж у меня водитель дальнобойщик, недавно обнаружили у него диагноз геморрой, назначили пока консервативное лечение без

Balsam "root" Siberian health - a wide range of actions

"root" - has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antipyretic properties. I have used it for mastitis breast,

Ointment Viprosal 25 mg of JSC "Belmedpreparaty" - helps with intercostal neuralgia

Good thing this drug. Probably many know what a T intercostal neuralgia, when to exhale and inhale is not possible.

Пластырь Ваньтун Артиплас - эффективный обезболивающий и противовоспалительный препарат!

Здравстуйте! Хочу поделиться с Вами своим открытием в области фармации - месяц назад я наткнулась на очень полезную инфо

Painkiller BERLIN-CHEMIE Fastum gel-effective means.

I do not think that conventional gels will help me with various pains. At work, a cold back, worked until the end of

Tablets for sucking Strepsils - prohibited substances in the composition, but effective

The tool is not cheap, but effective. When there is no time to sit at home and treat cough teas and honey, then you are

cream "Pinosol"

That's the cream, not gel. Very good tool, a natural! Restrictions on age 1 year, but we enjoyed it in 1.5 months.

отличное средство от герпеса

Я не очень доверяю всякой «химии», предпочитаю лечиться народными средствами. Вот и от герпеса долгое время спасалась с

nice phouma ointment, and effective

Decided to tell about their experiences regarding the use of drugs Doctors Tissa. I've been buying them for the

Wartner Nailexpert.

Грибок на ногтях – штука мало того неприятная, ещё и опасная для окружающих. И если уж он завёлся на ногтях, то нужно ка

Tablets "Afobazol" - help with stress.

After the troubles on the job was nervous, did not sleep well. Sedation is rarely accepted, so nothing had been proved.

The drug "Natalsid" of JSC "Nizhpharm" - whatever happened hemorrhoids

During the last pregnancy I was literally tortured hemorrhoids. At first I did not want to go to the doctor, as this

Gel Feloran production of "Trojan-Balkanfarma", Bulgaria, gently and quickly relieves back pain

back pain when using elektromassazhera rubbed into the skin loin Feloran gel produced by

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