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Цитовир-3 капс №12, противовирусный препарат - Review

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Ibuprofen Tablets

From headaches give Ibuprofen (ibuprofen) So after applying the tool head is not only not recovered from, and began to


Doctor has prescribed TINIDAZOLE (TINIDAZOLE). after the application has started terrible anorexia as well as diarrhea.

Groprinozin pills cause allergies

On the advice of the pharmacist, bought Groprinozin tablets for the treatment of SARS. In a statement about the side

Cough syrup geelix

Cough syrup geelix - expectorant plant origin, which did not help me in the fight against dry cough. After taking this

Syrup Ambroksol Pat "HFZ Borŝagovskij"

This syrup Ambroxol PAT "Bhfz" cough does not help. Propiv a full course of treatment he gave no comfort. The taste of


Ceftriaxone, has appointed a us doctor to treat pneumonia antibiotic . The effect is zero. The temperature is kept

Ointment for pain joints Dolobene

Not only is the cream of the pain in the joints Dolobene does not work, it still has a strange contraindications and

Miracle drug Smectite (Smekta) - is expensive, and no effect

Bought for the appointment of doctor of medicine Smekta. It is himself, not cheap, powdered medicine, which as written

Geksoral spray for sore throat is better for pain than discomfort from using it!

Recommendation of friends bought Geksoral aerosol from a sore throat. It turned out well, after applying the throat

Drops Urohol (Zhytomyr Pharmaceutical Factory Vishpha ®) - are ineffective

I drop from cystitis Urohol did not like. They work for a long time, the symptoms of cystitis is not fully removed. I

Drug Zistan not help

My father had problems with kidneys, after long-term treatment, rehabilitation, wrote zistan. Can not approached

Tablet Nalgesin from KRKA , little effect

Recently I suffered from headaches, went to the doctor, he advised to use the drug Nalgesin from KRKA, as this drug has

Drop "Aflubin"

When ill, in the hospital attributed to me drop "Aflubin" and they know me very disappointed, as no effect

Sinaflana, ointment, side trigger

A long time suffer from eczema. The dermatologist has prescribed Sinaflana ointment 0.025%, 15 year After the first

Otrivin nasal drops

Otrivin nasal drops. These drops in the nose has applied to cold, creepy was the stuffy nose. Unfortunately I can only

Эргоферон - лечение и профилактика вирусных инфекций

Все эти ОРВИ и грипп обязательно нужно лечить и долечивать до конца, иначе могут быть осложнения. Я всю свою семью уже д

"Motilium" - improves digestion

It happens that for the holidays, when going to the family and friends, I can overeat. A lot of food and alcohol

Candles Clotrimazole - reliable and cost-effective remedy for yeast infection

During pregnancy, I was tortured thrush, I treated it almost every week, and doctors prescribed the most expensive

Aflubin-a great tool.

Aflubin-chic product, used it even during pregnancy. Produced by Bittner, so no fear no more, because trust this brand.

Ointment Vundehil (Wundahyl) - very well to cope with a piquant problem

Many women will understand me as it was with us after the birth there is a lot of problems with health, one of them,

Tablets "Afobazol" - help with stress.

After the troubles on the job was nervous, did not sleep well. Sedation is rarely accepted, so nothing had been proved.

Mamogram in mastitis

Went through the medicine Cabinet today and threw out everything that was expired and empty boxes (which turned out to

"Galstena" protects and regenerates the liver

Recently felt heaviness in the right side, and occasional pain .. Just realized that this was the liver, as the

Билобил форте помог мне избавиться от необходимости постоянно носить с собой записную книжку.

Даже в магазин ходила со списком – иначе могла вернуться совсем не с тем, за чем заходила. Очень утомляло. Хотела пропит

Мореназал от насморка самое то

От насморка всегда держу при себе флакончик, теперь это Мореназал классика. Раньше я брала Аквамарис, но цена сейчас уж

Sublingual tablets 100 mg Glycine RB Biotics - irreplaceable during physical and mental stress

I am a student, even zaochnitsa. This drug helps me and my body to cope with the Stresa-related examinations. My

Geksoral - spray - quickly helps with sore throats!

Frequently sick child, and, therefore, I was already an "expert" in medicine. So, if my daughter's throat

Климактоплан-Н надежный помощник при климаксе

В 49 начались первые звоночки. Приливы, постоянно то жарко, то душно, то тесно, то неудобно. Недели через 2 я начала тая

Espumizan-first aid in the home medicine Cabinet.

Personally me and my family Did always helps. We love to eat well and not always useful food, sodas, and hot home-made

Foul Maltofer chewable tablets Vifor Switzerland - increase hemoglobin

At delivery blood count revealed that I have low hemoglobin. The doctor advised to do biochemical analysis of blood,

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