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Melaxen - Review

5 22.11.2016

A great cure for insomnia.

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For the first time learned what insomnia. Sensation of course, spinning for half the night, the sheep think thoughts different you think, or just stare at the ceiling and waiting, waiting.. can't Sleep, jump up in the morning with a sore head, focus on something problem, the state of sleep, fatigue ... Who faced, he knows how hard it is not to sleep, I stood, waited until it returned to normal, did not. Went to the neurologist, he told me melaxen and discharged. Bought it, took your first pill. Half an hour had been lying in bed and fell asleep. Slept soundly and in the morning I for the first time in a long time, woke up without a headache. Last week I fall asleep without melaxen, sleep well, get enough sleep, day feel great, so much time to redo.And even had it a month, without drug also quickly sleep, so it does not cause addiction.

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From the manufacturer: Zodak - Antiallergics 2 generation of a sustained effect. Active ingredient of the drug -

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