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Любовь и голуби - Review

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the film "2016: End of the Night" / 2016: Das Ende der Nacht / 2011

German film directors most primitive creature, without beginning and without end, with the center are indistinct. The

"The Rum Diary" with Johnny Depp - at a great lover

I went to the premiere of new film "The Rum Diary" with D.Deppa and should be noted that I had mixed feelings

The film "Master and Margarita" by George Carr

This is without a doubt terrible. Crumpled film, the role is not thought about Margarita - even a separate article.

The film "Obsessed," a weak attempt to remove a good horror ...

Throughout the film, "Obsessed," the actors get bored tedious dialogue, which is very much. The cast, which

film "Piranha 3D" / Piranha 3D / 2010

Appetizing ear - hot to, smoky, rich ... M-th-th-th-th-th .............. A smell-how! Watered and flow. Summer horror,

Weird movie Knight and Day

Despite such famous actors as Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz movie was just tupeyshim. Forever in pursuit of Miller and

film, "I - the legend!" / I Am Legend / 2007

If you're a misanthrope, and the presence of people you only annoying - then this movie is for you! In the near

The film "Crash" - this rubbish!

I do not understand how to produce a debility in the world of the film "Crash." Movie complete paragraph,

Not a very pleasant standard

Again the standard zombie movie. But that's nothing, as already like, excessive sopivasti picture. There are no twists,

Til Schweiger movie "Pretty Boy»

Film Til Schweiger, "Pretty Boy". The horror! They wanted to see a romantic comedy, in the end ruined the

Hood. Film "The change"

Over the past few years is worse film I have ever seen. Even the money spent on tickets was sorry.

The film "The Phantom"

Looked filmets "Phantom, complete garbage. Theme alien interventions have often touched upon in the film, but

film "The Behemoth" Behemoth 2011

For such a monster - and a minimum of destruction! Not inclined. They waited for the movie, disaster, and disaster-it

film "The Tempest" / Tempest /

That's should be quite a notorious fan of Shakespeare, to watch the movie till the end without rewinding! .. No, it

"I Frankenstein (USA, Australia)

The film doesn't liked. Terrible lighting and sound effects. For a man who had not previously seen the movie

Angels and Demons

Exciting, adventure. Recreates the vivid pictures of the Vatican and Rome. The plot is simple, the dialogue the

The series "Flint" - not yet inspected, do not calm down)

Sometime in April, I saw the advertisement on the film "Flint." Amazed! Go online and download. I liked that

movie "All About My Mother" / Todo sobre mi madre / 1999

Pedro Almodovar film takes as its soul. So tenaciously taking, and do not let go until you see the response in the eye

What they say men

looking with great interest the much-touted film. A Dyachenko "What they say men." I can now say that this

film "The Reader" / Reader / 2008

I must confess that before the end of the film did not guess that this is Kate Winslet. But it was too unusual was its

"The Oath"

Starring Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum. The film is about love and loyalty, patience and despair .. It will be

What does this film?

Who loves science fiction movies, my advice to you is that you should see the movie " I, Frankenstein". It contains as

film "Secret Sign" / An Invisible Sign / 2010

no bad movie, no good. But cute in the picture, and not tedious. Official description: "Mona Gray - twenty lonely

The Shawshank Redemption - My favorite film

This film can be regarded as a masterpiece of cinematography. These films are only once every hundred years. Human

Passion play

Great movie: in a stunningly beautiful romantic story, a detective and a fantastic woven threads, unexpected finale, a

TV series "Legend of the Seeker"

Truth Seeker heavy burden fell on the shoulders of a young Richard. But a good physical preparation and high moral

The film "Queen of the Damned"

This film is gorgeous, but in my mind cleared somewhat crumpled, it was possible to make a film poobshirnee and develop

"Big Blue"

This movie is worth to be called a masterpiece. Some fascinating pictures to the core. The film is about two friends,


I suggest to watch this movie. A strong dramatic films. Nominated for an Oscar. The actor and actress, who played

The film "Highway 60" - inspires and compels a look at the world differently

I do not know how many times has looked wonderful film "Highway 60". When I'm sad, when there is no

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