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Монитор дыхания MonBaby - Review

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Stroller TAKO Jumper X 2 in 1 is too heavy.

Stroller TAKO Jumper X 2 in 1 is good, very maneuverable stroller Polish production. Along with the positive traits she

Bedheets hygiene Aura (Sun and Moon) is not recommended.

It has long wanted to buy absorbent diapers, stopped at affordable - bedheets hygiene Aura (Sun and Moon), size 60 *

Children should be children

I just hate it when kids start to behave like adults (not all of course). Corrected to make the remark, spoken without

Pads on the corners of furniture from children, "World of Childhood" does not stand on corners

These pads should protect the child from the impact of the sharp edge of the furniture. Fasten them to the double sided

Electronic baby swing Jetem Surf

Electronic baby swing "Jetem Surf" was my niece. I do not like even the appearance, but it's a matter of


Bought a small diapers Moony, the prices are not cheap. At first everything was fine, they absorb it was OK. On the

E-ABC " Try "

My son got an alphabet " Try ". I hung it on the wall and getting even not paying attention, the

Children's powder "Eared Nian", almost washes.

I started using this powder, wash their children's things, but I can not say that it washes well. If the stain is

All balloons for the Almighty God

Bought a baby on holiday-colored latex balloons for all holy. There were 5 balls in the shape of a heart. But after

Watercolor Honey TM "Ray" - very dry!

Watercolor honey TM "Ray" bought a three-year nephew, who looked it seemed to me good. He likes to paint

The leash for the safety of the child "World of Childhood" - an unnecessary thing

I gave a girlfriend, because she did not come, or rather the child does not want to go with him. In use is not simple -

Protection to the corners Baby Ono

We have a small glass table, which would protect his daughter from sharp corners I bought protection on the corners

Stool Jekky Kids Junior

Highchair Jekky Kids "Junior" I did not like several reasons. First, on a chair very weak buttons that hold

Sledge-chair Nika "Timka Junior" - I personally do not like that option.

Last winter, our neighbors bought sleds - wheelchair Nika "Timka Junior." At first I liked it, but after I

" Set of do-it-yourself " " Carrot "

My daughter loves cartoons about children, as well as good if it makes to deal with. So I decided to make her a set of

Great pram for long.

I want to share my positive experience in buying one of the most important elements in a child's life - baby stroller.

Games for kids company GRANNA

We buy for our daughter's educational games company GRANNA. For ages 3-7 years, you can play one and the child, and

Bottle feeding is a good option NOVATEX-BABY-NOVA

Bottle feeding NOVATEX BABY-NOVA. Pros: Compact, very comfortable, made of glass not plastic, so long keeps

Musical Names

Girlfriend girl waiting for! My husband ordered the music to choose a name ... :) Octavia

Game set Interkobo "mobile repair shop" - Great game!

Game set Interkobo "mobile repair shop" just a godsend for the boys of two years. In the set there most of

Set for Children's Creativity "Prestige" stamp - kids interested.

My son is very keen to play a set for children's creativity "Prestige" stamp. Now, most of these dies

Duphalac-first-aid kiddies who have sore tummies.

Most young kids are faced with the problem of pain in the belly or long can not go to the toilet. This tool helps just

Massager "Chestnut" from ODL "Liam" (RB)-treatment.

Massager "Kashtan" I recommend a three-month son of a doctor to get rid of the high tone knobs. Indeed, this

Wonderful toy!

This is our second family. The first was a hedgehog, and now bought another and enotiko. They, in my opinion, very

Steam locomotive 0805 B Gay Travel-logic on batteries in the box toy banned.

My daughter really liked the singing engine, donated her birthday. He moves and sings a song. Song of pleasant words

Children's chair chaise Happy Baby Woody with soft toys - like goddaughter.

At the christening of his goddaughter, my husband gave the baby seat, chaise Happy Baby Woody with soft toys. My newly

Mystery Glasses Kids Collection - fun.

When we celebrated the birthday of children, especially children's glasses bought Mystery (Children's

Miracle of the pyramid Stellar helps the child develop.

My daughter brought the family a gift Wonder pyramid. Like many other toys from Stellar, just the quality is excellent.

Mirror for a review of the child in the car Safety - it is very convenient

I'm not really a good driver. My experience of 3 years. And here also we must look for the child. My baby fidget,

Everything was 5 stars!

We have a daughter born called Princess) And no wonder — our Princess's favorite color is pink. So when she saw on the w

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