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Монитор дыхания MonBaby - Review

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The Camera doesn't hold heat container.

Container for bottles "Camera" of company "Torilen" almost doesn't hold heat. Bought it in the summer, when the baby

Engraving Lori "Frigate" Classic black and white - is hard for kids!

Engraving Lori "Frigate" Classic black and white is designed for children from 6 years old. To make the

Rattle Tolo Toys "Hourglass" - Very heavy and rattles!

Gave us a rattle Tolo Toys "Hourglass." Rattles are for babies under one year, and it weighs so much that its

Children of clay foam balls dangerous to the child.

Children of the clay foam balls (we bought nezastyvayuschy) is very disappointing. He does not hold a given shape, they

BABY toilet soap with bleach

BABY toilet soap for baby clothes with bleach and Glycerin to soften the skin, which produces "Beta", Vinnitsa,

Stroller TAKO Jumper X 2 in 1 is too heavy.

Stroller TAKO Jumper X 2 in 1 is good, very maneuverable stroller Polish production. Along with the positive traits she

"Kinder Surprise" (Ferrero) - no longer "taste of childhood"

Taste of childhood, which may be confused with anything. However, recently a chocolate egg is clearly spoiled. While we

Sandbox with lid Paradizo

Sandbox with lid Paradizo was donated to the cross birthday kid. Sandbox is not particularly pleasant, although a good

Baleo pram 2 in 1 Lungo (Lungo) - money.

A beautiful design and light weight - the only thing that is good in this wheelchair. At the term of operation of five

Kids ' Orteks

Orteks children's shoes with orthopaedic effect (in my case the sandals) wear off very quickly! Even the month of my

The pump company Kurnosiki very badly to express milk.

After giving birth, I faced the task of expressing milk after each feeding. Purchased at a pharmacy company Kurnosiki

Pads Bra Midinette BIO terrible

Pads Bra Midinette BIO I really do not like. Same as the one or the other, taking in a drop of milk stick to the body.

Lipstick "Little Fairy" UV protection, the manufacturer JSC Concern "Kalina", Russia - did not live up to expectations of the child.

Recently, at the request of his daughter, bought her lipstick "Little Fairy" UV protection, the manufacturer

Concentrated detergent for baby clothes Amway SA8 Baby-poor powder

Concentrated detergent for baby clothes Amway SA8 Baby. It has a lot of drawbacks: it can not be bought at the store,

Children's powder "Eared Nian", almost washes.

I started using this powder, wash their children's things, but I can not say that it washes well. If the stain is

Научная Комо – елка Polycent в ЦМИТ Авиация и космос – советую однозначно!!!

Фантастическую елку в этом году приготовил для детей центр Polycent. Мы получили большое удовольствие. Любителям елок-кв

BeybiKalm - helps with pain in his tummy.

When to feed grudnichka have problems with digestion and the food is better assimilated, and the kid jeep retreated

Lock the fridge Chicco-indispensable thing.

When he grew older and began to reach the refrigerator handle, had to quickly buy a lock for the refrigerator. This is

Tauras-kids - a great place for a child

I drive my daughter to a three-year Tauras-kids. Very pleased with this service. Child there and feed and play, and put

Safe extreme for kids!

On these spring break my sons visited this unusual camp, which is called the League of Extreme. Initially I was scared

Clever game Matryoshka "turnip" - develops.

My son really liked the toy Matryoshka featuring characters from the fairy tale "The Turnip." Nesting dolls

The new craze Bakugan kids toys, help distract from the TV.

I bought a toy Bakugan daughters. There's a set number of plastic transformers round. So they have seen enough

Set for Children's Creativity "Prestige" stamp - kids interested.

My son is very keen to play a set for children's creativity "Prestige" stamp. Now, most of these dies

Steam locomotive 0805 B Gay Travel-logic on batteries in the box toy banned.

My daughter really liked the singing engine, donated her birthday. He moves and sings a song. Song of pleasant words

Toy for these boys :)

If your little man is interested in the adult world, and especially with your dad's tools, the First workshop Playskool

Boxes of toys IKEA folding VESSLA-not simply convenient, but very comfortable hotel

Amenities those boxes. First, they are transparent (visible - that is). Second, there are four colors (that is, you can

IKEA Children's chair, in a series of Mammoet, I like it.

A month ago, my sister and her husband graduated from the repair in the nursery, I liked their ideas. Together we chose

Купание может стать увлекательной игрой

Для меня детская пенка для ванны от Нашей Мамы, это не только веселые пузырьки. Хотя, действительно, пена - чудесный спо

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Games for kids company GRANNA

We buy for our daughter's educational games company GRANNA. For ages 3-7 years, you can play one and the child, and

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