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Moisturizing Day Cream Nivea Visage (Nivea Visage) is not suitable for combination skin

I have combination skin, so you have to carefully select the makeup, especially care products for the face. Now I

BIODERMA Sebium Pore Refiner

Concentrate for tightening pores BIODERMA Sebium Pore Refiner I bought on the advice of a friend. By itself, the tube

Kpem for litsa "Enepgiya vozpozhdeniya" from Koppopatsii Cibipckoe Zdopove not pull the skin.

Kpem for litsa "Enepgiya vozpozhdeniya" from Koppopatsii Cibipckoe Zdopove unto me pocovetovala odna

Transparent facial tone Avon MagiX

Transparent facial tone Avon MagiX has a very dense structure, which prevents a smooth application on the skin.

Moisturizing cream AVON Anew energy 25+

Gave moisturizing cream AVON Anew energy 25+ not liked. Cream the easiest, absolutely do nothing for me. The skin has

Antibacterial cream-tone effect "AVON Clearskin" - no good

antibacterial cream-tone effect "AVON Clearskin" I received a gift. When I was the cream on the face, it is

Poor cream for face "Молодейка"

When picked up for himself face cream, then tried and cream "Молодейка". Looks like a normal cream plastic tu

Shaving foam Nivea Men

Shaving foam Nivea Men clearly not for men - cap dispenser "flew" in the hands of the husband, and after serving a

Гель "Pear end Nectarine"

Being an Oriflame consultant, I often order uhaživaûŝuû and make-up. When in a series of " end " Nec

Day cream, cream-emulsion, Olay, cream emulsion Olay SPF 15

The consultant at the store advised me to buy a light day cream-emulsion Olay c SPF 15. I was told that the cream has a

Poor quality lotion Clean Line

Poor quality lotion Clean Line ruined my skin around the eyes for a few dney.Posle applying this lotion, skin is very


Decided on the "good" advice of friends to enjoy a series of PURE SYSTEM face! I did not expect such an

"Musical Fantasy oil extracts" from the AROMA JAZZ - extract oils antikuporoznym action - the smell is good,

torn blood vessels in winter especially in the face, leaving red streaks. Requires special care. I bought this amazing

Молочко BOURJOIS Fresh cleansing milk

Jelly BOURJOIS Fresh cleansing milk is designed for removing makeup from the face. From the face removes makeup well,

Night face cream Grapes and Wheat 50+ naturals from AVON

Bought my mom a night face cream Grapes and Wheat 50+ naturals from AVON, but the mother is not satisfied, the skin is

Gel Face "beauty diet" Loreal - super!

This nourishing gel for the face, perfectly moisturizes and tones the skin, giving it the flexibility and richness in

Face Cream Belle jardin-cucumber extract cream without any benefit

I was given a cream Belle jardin-cucumber extract. We know that cucumber juice is very refreshing skin. With interest

Moisturizing Day Cream AVON Solutions Beautiful Hydration - super!

Hard to find a good moisturizer, but it seems to me this cream ideal for price-quality ratio! AVON Solutions Beautiful

Eye Makeup Remover Lotion "Q10 plus" from Nivea, Poland - the most tender.

This is probably the most gentle makeup remover. Milk smells good, perfectly cleanses the skin of makeup and does not

Cosmetics "100 recipes for beauty" - great!

Cosmetics from this brand are very good quality and made of natural materials, at least as it is written! And the price

Face Cream OLAY

My mom uses this cream and have a very dovolna.Pokupaet third jar! Good moisturizing cream, easily absorbed and does

Gel-serum against Pleâna pigmentation

The summer sun has left my face trail in the form of dark pigmentation. Tint-is not an option. It looks even worse.

After Shave For Men by Nivea provides freshness and protection after shaving.

A refreshing aftershave from Nivea For Men take the second year. This is the best option that balances quality and

Scrub lips with his own hands

Natural cosmetics popular recipes is becoming increasingly popular. But why buy it in stores if you can make all the

Scrub for sensitive and dry skin Clean Line - best luxury brands

I never would have thought that the domestic producers ever be able to compete with foreign products in quality. But a

Shaving cream "Vitex", JSC "Vitex" RB - Good help aftershave

This cream is for me a gift from a girl. After shaving, immediately soothes the skin. Sometimes noticed that even after

Milk Makeup Remover Lotion, Garnier bad way

I use Garnier products the firm is given, this deodorant, shampoo, and it was very good quality, so decided to take a

Inexpensive and a good night cream from the Basic Blue Lumene

Nourishing Night Cream by Lumene Basic Blue is not expensive about 150 p., But the skin after it is very smooth and

Means for cleansing the skin STIEFEL PFYSIOGEL - save for Sensitive Skin

The facility was purchased on the advice of a dermatologist. To care for the wounded and the weary endless treatment of

Exfoliating antioxidant gel for the face, "Grapes" by Oriflame - very much

The gel is very good. The smell nice, and most importantly, the effect is noticeable: the person is cleared, the effect

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