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Сухой корм для котов Happy Cat Minkas Sterilised - Review

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Canned from Sheba is addictive.

Cat food brand from Sheba " Chicken with beef " bought, succumbing to the advertisements. The cat, of

Cat Food Dr. Clauder's (Dr. Klauder) with poultry and kidneys did not like the cat.

Cat food in soft portioned sachets Dr. Clauder's (Dr. Klauder) basically decent and the cats eat it willingly.

Canned Whiskas from the company "Purina" may kill the animal!

I work at a pet store. So many people are buying this poison! The poor animals. At least someone would look at the

Food Friskies - poison for cats

If you love your pet, would not feed him this food, because Friskies - actually poison. From a bald cat, they have an

In canned food Pedigree (Pedigree) for adult dogs of all breeds with beef composition does not match the advertising

Usually my dog ​​eats quality Canadian food. But having seen on TV the next advertising canned food Pedigree (Pedigree)

Canned cat Felix "Tasty bits" - Not really!

Canned Cat Felix "Tasty bits" is not very pleased with our cat! The meat is eaten almost everything, and

Fur loss from canned Whiskas

After half a year of eating cat poop Whiskas in cans he has started on its hind legs falling out hair! At first I

"Whiskas" with chicken, juicy taste

I want to share impressions from the stern for cats chicken, juicy taste of the trademark "whiskas". Strange

food for rodents, "Khomko" quickly fallen out of love dzhingariki.

Dzhingarikam buy their food for rodents, "Khomko" they are willing to eat only the first week, then just

Kitekat Bad food.

I had a cat, a very good and healthy! Well, as I have decided to buy Kitekat, he really loved it and I start to feed

Dry food Belcando German dog did not like.

Dry food Belcando from Germany bought and brought from a neighbor for their dog. In his words, first the dog was eating

Cat food KiteKat (KitiKet) addictive

Since that time, when I have a daughter, due to lack of time, I started to feed her cat food KiteKat (KitiKet).

Biscuits Dental Care brand Happy Cat for the prevention of tartar in cats

Pet stores in addition to food and toys offer a great number of other pet products, including for maintaining their

Food for adult cats Friskies (Friskes) - well-fed cat will not

Bought for their pet food Friskies (Friskes). But this does not feed cats gorge on - apparently, it is made clear from

"Wiskas" ("Whiskas") - not the best food.

"Wiskas" ("Whiskas") - not the best and not only diet for pets, and generally not the best food. If

Pedigree dry food for small breeds - good food for small dogs.

Always feed your dog Pedigree dry food for small breeds. The dog eats food with great pleasure, but rather finicky

Жевательные колбаски Молина

Я часто бываю в Москве по работе, привожу подарки не только семье, но и собаке. Случайно увидел в магазине на ул.Маршал

Dry food for cats rascal - my cat loves it.

Although they say about the dangers of dry food, but my cat for 15 years and dry food, he uses a very long time.

Kiticat - like cats

kitiketom feed your cat likes. Bundle conveniently opens, it is enough for 2 feedings. Well, there are different tastes

Маруська любит колбаски с лососем!

Моя кошка Маруся ест эти колбаски Молина с удовольствием. Мы разные угощения для кошек пробовали, решили остановится на

Favorite food of parrots - candy "Zhora"

Before buying a different brand of candy, eating so-so, reluctantly. Could a candy chew two weeks alone. But this

Food for budgies basic diet of Rio like a parrot.

RIO food budgies main diet was advised to buy at the pet store when buying parrot. It is very convenient and cost:

Food "ROYAL CANIN" disappoint!

For two years we were fed his dog with natural food. But every day more and more I realized that this food does not

Foods Kitekat - inexpensive and convenient

Kitekat undoubtedly the best food for animals. My cats eat them constantly and with pleasure. I tried other different,

Dry food "Oscar" with the lamb

I have a cat from the street, no rock unchecked, but krasava! Colored such that I'm even afraid to imagine who walked

Молина лакомство для кошек Куриные кусочки

Подарили на день рождения рыжего тигрёнка, котёнок элитной породы, весь в оранжевых замкнутых кружках. Назвали мы его Эд

Fish food Tetra Rubin Granules easy to use and the fish is eaten with gusto.

Aquarium us recently. Food has only pick up. Tetra Rubin Granules advised pet store employee. Really easy fish food and

Food Pate s tuna Wiskas, he would have fed such pate

Started jealous of his cat when he saw what it is fed. In one such jar Wiskas more meat than in the beam doctoral

TETRA basic food for all kinds of ornamental fish like my fishes.

Since my aquarium inhabited by a variety of fish, I decided to buy them all for a feed. After much deliberation, I

Качественный, сбалансированный корм

Подтвержу что корм хороший. Мы много лет на специальном корме для британцев. Кот у нас шикарен. Очень много претенденток

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