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Фильм Завтрак на траве - Review

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film "Fields of Darkness" with Robert De Niro and Bradley Cooper

husband advertised the film, such as I saw the trailer and was delighted. When I learned that my favorite Actors,

film "Piranha 3D" / Piranha 3D / 2010

Appetizing ear - hot to, smoky, rich ... M-th-th-th-th-th .............. A smell-how! Watered and flow. Summer horror,

film "The Tempest" / Tempest /

That's should be quite a notorious fan of Shakespeare, to watch the movie till the end without rewinding! .. No, it

film "The Invention of Lying" / Invention of Lying / 2009

I really like this movie, but at some point it becomes annoying. The protagonist, Mark lives in a world where everyone

the film "Killing Me Softly" / Killing Me Softly / 2002

Romance? Detective? - With elements of eroticism, I do not know. Oh, it's a thriller ... Well as I have not come


In the story, God has lost faith in humanity, and sent the angels of death, to destroy all life. However, to help

Disgusting and inhumane movie!

Recently saw the film "The human centipede" parts 1 and 2, and was appalled. This I have never seen! What is

The film "House on the edge"

Who wants to spend time in vain and to get some kind of strange and confused emotions, they can watch this film. and

Hood. Film "The change"

Over the past few years is worse film I have ever seen. Even the money spent on tickets was sorry.

The film "The Wedding"

Art home movie. Impressions and opinions some contradictory. Watch it interesting, and actors are wonderful! But after

"Return of the Musketeers" - a sad mature.

Annoyed after watching mindless Musketeer movie with Mila Jovic, decided to go back to our movie and spent the evening

film "Skyline" / Skyline / 2010

Colorful horror for primary school age. After the party wakes up in the company of friends from the fact that the

The film "Tourist" with Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp

My opinion - the movie is boring, poorly shot, to view a movie theater is better not to go - wasting your money.

The film "The Wrath of the Titans"

I looked at the day the movie "Wrath of the Titans." It is very boring. Do not feel the action. As if

film, "I - the legend!" / I Am Legend / 2007

If you're a misanthrope, and the presence of people you only annoying - then this movie is for you! In the near

"Mulholland Drive" D. Lynch

so how much has been said in regard to this film, but I'm happy to revise it every time. I confess that at first

Out of Time

screen adaptation of "The Master and Margarita" is so impressive that I want to reread the book again.

"Dead Man" - a mystical western Jim Jarmusch.

Movie more than fifteen years, and looks at one go. The continuous association and reflection. Protagonist accountant

film "The Musketeers" in 3D / Three Musketeers / 2011

There were three ... until a fourth. And where it all began to turn. Dumas, who read forbidden to watch! (Harmful to

the movie "Fast and Furious 5"

Sunday at the company decided to go to the movies because she does not love these movies, and 4 of the previous Fast

The film, "President Lincoln: Vampire Hunter"

Recently saw the film, "President Lincoln: Vampire Hunter." For those who do not want to load yourself with

Film "The Fourth Kind" with Milla Jovovich

This is a really good horror movie, especially since the film is based on real events! So make the sound louder in the

My Fair Lady

classic movie musical. Excellent actors, exciting music. Audrey Hepburn as always compelling. But ... There is always a

film "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas" / Boy in the Striped Pyjamas /

This movie is showing in schools the lessons on the history of World War II. Although there is no battle - all the

What does this film?

Who loves science fiction movies, my advice to you is that you should see the movie " I, Frankenstein". It contains as

The film "Lethal holidays"

Film lovers are ponravilsya.Podhodit typical American horror krovischi the sea, which at the same time, want to cheer

The film "Dorian Gray"

Very good casting, great game and the plot, though not new. High-quality film. I recommend for family viewing. The only

Love and Other Drugs (2011)

Film Oscar at the course will not pull, but I advise to look. I must say, after watching the film remains mild in love.

Generation II, the film

For fans of Pelevin. Long awaited movie, afraid of what will be removed, but it turned out that for nothing. The actors


unsophisticated good comedy to watch once and forget it) It's funny to look at Milla Jovovich, who babbles in

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