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Shampoo Onion 911 - Review

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Balsam-JV Bielita "

Recently bought a balm-JV Bielita "and was disappointed by its smell. The balm that he understood, but the smell of Sea

Schauma shampoo doesn't help

Really didn't like me, ostensibly from Schauma shampoo dandruff. The smell is quite tolerable, the standard and the

Burdock Shampoo number 1 against hair loss with growth promoters NGO "Elf" - is not effective.

Burdock Shampoo number 1 against hair loss with growth promoters NGO "Elf" bought girlfriend because in her

Resistant cream hair dye estel LOVE intense (Estelle lavas intens) - not stable, not paint and do not understand that

"The level of resistance of 3" is written in a beautiful box of hair color estel LOVE intense (Estelle lavas

Avon Shampoo Shampoo / Rinse 2 to 1 to give the gloss to hair, "Mandarin and Kiwi" bad washes her head

in Avon shampoo Shampoo / Rinse 2 to 1 to give the gloss to hair, "Mandarin and Kiwi" just like the smell.

The Shampoo Head&Shoulders

Succumbed advertising, bought shampoo volume from the roots Head&Shoulders, Procter & Gambl. After the second use of

Shampoo Dove Repair Therapy (Dove Repeir Serapi) volume and heavier hair restoration

So vaunted televised shampoo Dove Repair Therapy (Dove Repeir Serapi) Volume and recovery has failed. Reconstruction is

Hair Dye Estel Love Intense - cheap!

This hair dye is the same special quality and, obviously, does not benefit your hair. Also, the paint is not the color

FITOVAL shampoo Fitoval, I can not help.

Enjoyed this shampoo, no change is felt. Decided to take the full range, is not very expensive, you can afford it.

Fortifying Shampoo series of Naturals from Avon - outright trash

Shampoo gave a friend who seriously engaged in this business. It is neither me nor to anyone of my household is not

Liquid silk Ecurex Brilliance

Liquid silk Ecurex Brilliance is designed to give your hair a Diamond's brilliance. My hair after a long period of


Enjoyed this balm when I had long hair. They are very confused after washing and after sleep. Comb your hair I do not

Schauma shampoo from dandruff (Šauma)

I have thin hair, so I prefer to buy shampoos with push-up effect to add volume. Schauma Shampoo (Šauma) Push Up the

Shampoo Silkat quickly expended

Ordered from your hairdresser shampoo for color treated hair Silkat (Silkat) series of Protein (protein). Shampoo hair

Cream mask for strengthening hair growth, and "bark" when applying the hair pulling!

Consisting of sapropelic black mud, which are rich in vitamins and microelements. But after months of use, no

Syrovotka GARNIER goodbye split ends

A few days ago acquired syrovotku GARNIER fructis makes hair tips goodbye with damaged ends. Took until once washed,

Volume at the roots after styling lasts a few days!

Well what to say, since birth my hair was thin enough, no matter what amount of hair volume is very decent. But the use

And we sebozol!

The daughters have dandruff on your head, and I decided to buy her a good tool. Since the advertisements I don't trust,

Balm Mask intensive rehabilitation Dove, force nourishes the hair!

Like balm, hair mask! After her hair is soft, smooth, have a healthy glow! It is well rinsed off after application of

Hair Balm TM «Faberlic» with sunflowers and lotus - hair after it obedient and shiny

Usually I used a hair balm from TM «Oriflame», but in recent years either as part of something has changed, or my hair b

Hair gel TAFT Looks - excellent!

This hair gel just wonderful. After him, there is no itching, and he puts his hair just fine, and most importantly, the

Shampoo process

Guangzhou Fang NI fine chemical company specializing in the production of processed hair, hair care, skin care and

shampoo PANTENE nature fusion

Recently purchased shampoo PANTENE, merging with nature in èkoupakovke. In principle, not bad. Hair becomes shiny and

Wooden comb "affectionate" - the name reflects the essence

Mom gave me on New Year's comb factory "affectionate." This factory produces very high quality wooden

Hair Balm Multivitamin family doctor - a good balm for a good price.

I can say with certainty that the hair balsam family doctor really helps to restore hair. I myself was not tested, and

Italian cosmetics

Long searched for a shampoo that would suit me for permanent use, was natural and fit my hair type. I have naturally

Shampoo Schauma "For Men" (with hops) - Good!

My husband uses only shampoo Schauma "For Men" (with hops). It washes fine hair that is soft and manageable!

The worst of all!

Worse this shampoo I haven't tried anything! No amount of hair and it could not, with hair that seemed dirty. And this

Hair Balm "Horsepower"

Balsam bought almost immediately after purchase shampunya.Mogu say that it smells good, the hair after the stored

Hair Mask: Daisy and glycerol

Excellent strengthens hair. We need a strong decoction of chamomile flowers and 60 grams of glycerol. All this can be

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