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Отзыв о игровой приставке GS Gamekit - Review

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Sims 3: Supernatural (Sims 3 Supernatural), well as you can?

To be honest, Sims 3: Supernatural (Sims 3 Supernatural) was expected bad game ... Developers do not want to create a

Game "Neighbours from Hell" from the "Buck" - began to produce not what people want.

I remember this game from childhood. I think we all played it, even those with computers at odds. As a child I remember

The game "Revenge of the boxer" - third-igrulka

Sometimes you wonder what consumer goods can issue domestic developers, but it ... Just did beat all records. Such

What games do not need to download.

Download games from the Internet such as: Supreme Commander, Supreme Commander Forget Alince, War Hammer 4000 as well

"Tanks Online", a game that did not justify hopes

Found in Internet online game "Tanks Online" on the grounds of the famous dandy tanchiki games that everyone

Video game secrets of hoary antiquity "

Since I am a lover of mysticism, try not to pass by the games, and casual, the plot of which revolves on something

MMORPG Game - "killer" time

I've been playing online games when I was young - this time the duties and affairs, I had a little bit, but at the

Simpsons Episode 2 is the most stupid game of all.

In how many games did not tried to play but the most stupid and useless Simpsons Episode 2 was a very stupid plot of

Browser Game "Aquarium" - a stupid and uninteresting

Game reminds tamogochi sense. And the screen is used as a glass aquarium creates an impression of the good old

Computer game Legend of Zelda part of Twilight Princess - an unpleasant surprise

In the beginning I was pleasantly surprised by the computer game Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess part because it is

" new disk " cheated with the requirements

Recently in a store bought himself the game Serious Sam 2 (the second coming) from " new CD ".

ArcaniA: Gothic 4 - the game has become easier and the less interesting

This game can be called a failure especially when compared with the first game. The main character has lost many of

"The Witcher 3" - lot of action too

I love the serious thoughtful role-playing computer games. After reading several reviews on the internet, I decided to

The online game "Area farmers" - is only good graphics ...

To be honest, did not see the point in this game. Well, what good is: bought, planted, removed the crop sold. Once

Video game KILLZONE 3

Really don't like the computer game KILLZONE 3! Husband enjoys computer games, but KILLZONE 3 just exceeded all of

The game FIFA Manager 12 - did not buy and I am glad

Always liked the manager and when added the ability to control a specific player in the 3D-match, it was a step

Solitaire "Spider" - will take you to the moments of rest.

At work often breaks when nothing else to do. This helps me just solitaire. He not only develops memory and attention,

The game Dark Messiah of Might and Magic - fans of action games

To me, a man beating a great variety of action games have seemingly nothing left capable of surprise. A pleasant

The Sims 3 game - addictive

For those who likes to do repairs, build - this game will do. Especially in her much like to play girls. Because they

Playing Dead Hungry Diner is quite interesting

Playing Dead Hungry Diner is quite interesting, what I am, with practice, I became convinced. Maybe it does not have a

On-line game of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

A wonderful first-person shooter. Graphics are zdorovskaya! It should be noted is the multiplayer. It's very

Age of Empires - perhaps the best strategy game of the last century!

Of course, all will agree with me, the superiority of StarCraft's not disputed. But by the standards of the time

"Space Rangers 2. Dominators." - An interesting and non-linear plot.

This is a very good space strategy. Russian is still able to make games. The story takes place in our galaxy, which is

Mass Efect2 one of the best

ALL gone. I have already passed the second part of the game series Mass Efect. I rarely play with toys, but ME2

Fallout 2 - a worthy continuation of a masterpiece

currently not doing so brilliant masterpiece games that would be so subtly conveyed the atmosphere would have been so

Ranch Rush from NEVOSOFT - replacing the present kitchen garden

For lovers of digging in the garden and kitchen garden to dissolve this game, what you need. Concerns will be more than

The game Assassin's Creed: Revelations - it's worth

Game Assassin's Creed: Revelations brought quite a few problems when running through the laucher. The key is not

Crysis Game 3 - chic

Crysis Game 3 - a smart graphics, varied gameplay, and sometimes pressed, but still an attractive story. Every new game

Computer game Risen - Quality Mark

Recently passed the above game, and I want to say that Piranha Bytes (developers of the game) I was not disappointed.

Game Call of Duty 1 - just super

Playing this game feels like a real soldier, fully immersed in the virtual world, where everything is so natural. If I

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