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Отзыв о игровой приставке GS Gamekit - Review

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MMORPG Game - "killer" time

I've been playing online games when I was young - this time the duties and affairs, I had a little bit, but at the

The game Gobliiins 4 - angular graphics

long awaited sequel to grown fond game where you where the main characters cute goblins. And here are three funny

game "Heroes 5" is very boring.

Pridarili me a lot of drives, but one was the most useless - it is a game "Heroes 5" did not like the

Racing game CrashDay naitupeyshy.

I do not like the game CrashDay I bought the other day with it licensed, it is very dull sense of the game machine to

Gothic 3: Forsaken gods - a cheap hack

Not pointing out the highest degree of negativity only out of respect for the remarkable series, which gave me many

Playing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II - not what I expected

All very monotonous and boring: look out for stray or another Dementor Death Eater, hiding in the woods, stun him, runs

The game did not like starcraft

It's no secret that starcraft is the founder and part of one of the most successful series of strategy games, but

The game "Legend of the legacy of the dragons" in a social network VKontakte - pumping money.

First was a good game. Swords, monsters, battles ... RPGs in general, and beautifully made, for the flush. It was a

Heroes of Might and Magic 5 - lots of bells and whistles in the absence of interest in the game.

Made from a great game do not understand that. Yes, a lot of features and special effects, so the developed system of

Game ZUMA zombiruet.

The game is very simple, does not require a strong mental effort. On the screen, move the snake colored balls in the

Play Dota - "eater" of your time and nerves

I think for many new to the game Dota - a popular map for Warcraft 3 - The Frozen Throne, which has been every other

League of Legends - a bad game

As for me, League of Legends (LoL) - a pathetic parody of the great game of Dota. Gameplay is completely identical,

The computer game "Collapse" by Buka Entertainment - too quickly traversed

Game "Collapse" draws attention with its vivid animation, dynamics, not quite bad graphics, boring is not

Computer game virtual villagers 4

Finally, the fourth part was expected by many gamers game treasures of Montezuma "from Alawar (Halavar). The genre of

"The Witcher 3" - lot of action too

I love the serious thoughtful role-playing computer games. After reading several reviews on the internet, I decided to

racing game "Porsche CH 5" excellent uplifting.

I love racing game "Porsche CH 5" all the time I spend behind the wheel of a virtual car and say to the

Prototype - completely immerses the player into the atmosphere of the game, and nevypuskaet a long time.

Game Prototype (and the second part of Prototype 2) at first glance may seem very ordinary action game with simple

Arcade platformer Jumpin 'Jack FROM Big Fish Games - colorful, bright

Child gladly pass it. The picture, though not the volume, but it is very tempting look. The plot of the sun, kind,

Отзыв о игровой приставке GS Gamekit

Игровую приставку GS Gamekit впервые увидели в интернете. Приставка идет в комплекте с джойстиком и пультом управления.

game "Oblivion 4" fun passes ancient times.

Today took another game "Oblivion 4" liked to play with toy story, just a huge map, which can be traversed on

A series of games Baldurs Gate - Classic RPG of all time

masterpiece in the genre of RPG, but it came out long ago and to this day around the world in this game there are

MMORPG Perfect Word (the official representative in Russia Astrum Nival) - and to play and socialize

Long play this exciting game. Attracts a variety of tasks, including the group that allows you to get acquainted with

Blade of Darkness - a great game

First became acquainted with Blade of Darkness is still very long, but still, this game has not lost its relevance. In

Playing Dead Space 2 - I do not regret that he had bought

Game Dead Space 2 is very pleased I did not even feel sorry that did not buy rashireniem edition, I also need a game,

Yesterday - a quality quest

Happened to me to play in a new quest called "Yesterday". The game is well painted. Charismatic characters.

Mass Effect 3 - a worthy part of the trilogy

Recently passed the third part of Mass Effect. The game is very atmospheric, exciting. The ending, of course, could be

Assassin's creed revolution super game

just passed it, I can say that the game super.Grafika cool, super game physics, and most importantly the history of the

Account Diablo III

Diablo III registered account without indicating your name, registration rules is not allowed. When by chance a mistake

Game of the FarmCraft NevoSoft - wonderful stimulant

Sometimes, even adults are, because we all come from childhood. Even though I passed this game more than once, after a

"Space Rangers 2. Dominators." - An interesting and non-linear plot.

This is a very good space strategy. Russian is still able to make games. The story takes place in our galaxy, which is

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