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Отзыв о игровой приставке GS Gamekit - Review

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The game Hydrophobia Prophecy - boring and monotonous

The only thing that I liked in the game - a surprisingly beautiful and realistic water. Fascinating look at the play of

Arcania: A Gothic Tale - an unfortunate continuation of the series

The first two parts of Gothic made a splash in the gaming world, the third part left a nasty aftertaste, and the

MMORPG Game - "killer" time

I've been playing online games when I was young - this time the duties and affairs, I had a little bit, but at the

Sims 3: Supernatural (Sims 3 Supernatural), well as you can?

To be honest, Sims 3: Supernatural (Sims 3 Supernatural) was expected bad game ... Developers do not want to create a

World of Warcraft (wow). Killer time. mmorpg

World of Warcrft. 5 years ago, started playing in this piece here. Struck up a friend. Has been successful. Top1 was on

game "Need for Speed ​​UnderCover" is not realistic.

Once was driving home and saw the ad game "Need for Speed ​​UnderCover" well, bought a house in front of the k

Games "Twitter" - bullshit

I think many of us are registered in the social network "Facebook", and for many of us it is no secret that

Game Aion - quickly bored

In Aion decided to play the game after as many friends also decided to share the initial and interesting pictures of

Lohengrin against the Black Knight - uninteresting game

Igraigra in pixel art style is quite unpretentious, but not be anything exciting, interesting, very quickly get tired

Benoit Sokal game: Sinking Island - alas

Game Benoît Sokal: Sinking Island has an interesting plot. All very logical, all the little things are important, and

Browser Game "Bite Fight" - too bloodthirsty game

battle between two warring races: vampires and werewolves ... But why should one go to the link sent by a player:

Game Paradise - expecting more

I have the feeling that the game Paradise is not finalized. The magnificent movie in the beginning, beautiful graphics

FEAR 3 game - waiting for the fourth part

Graphic 4, sound and music for 4, a plot of 4. However, five set, as a fan of this series. :) The game is rather short,

The computer game Max Payne 3 is a continuation of your favorite games boring

long awaited release of a new series of his favorite game "Max Payne 3", but it turned out that my waiting

GTA 3 - incomprehensible plot and bad graphics.

I can not grasp on what's incredible popularity is based of the game? Yes, maybe she is interesting. But .. Where

Arcade platformer Jumpin 'Jack FROM Big Fish Games - colorful, bright

Child gladly pass it. The picture, though not the volume, but it is very tempting look. The plot of the sun, kind,

3 Uncharted: Drake's Deception - a very exciting

game sucked me in almost a week. As soon as I bought myself, could not tear myself away. The idea is excellent, the

Yesterday - a quality quest

Happened to me to play in a new quest called "Yesterday". The game is well painted. Charismatic characters.

Playing Medal of Honor: Warfighter Limited Edition - the second place

I still play Medal of Honor: Warfighter Limited Edition a perfect middle ground between the shooter Call of Duty and

The game Dark Messiah of Might and Magic - fans of action games

To me, a man beating a great variety of action games have seemingly nothing left capable of surprise. A pleasant

"Space Rangers 2. Dominators." - An interesting and non-linear plot.

This is a very good space strategy. Russian is still able to make games. The story takes place in our galaxy, which is

Moswar interesting online game

I started playing this game a year I had a lot of nazad.U vpechatleniy.Hot there are many bugs the game interesting

Mount & Blade: Warband - other than the continuation of the beautiful game

Shortly after the release of the original version of the game, the world saw the addon - Mount & Blade: Warband. In

Prehistorik - and a good old game

Amazing arcade, which was released in the early 90th. The goal: to pass a number of fascinating levels of prehistoric

Gothic 2: The Return - the perfect continuation of the beautiful game

If you like Gothic, the Gothic 2: The Return of exactly to your taste. This added weight of the new Wrath: armor,

LEGO by Traveller's Tales - waiting for a new look.

We have a daughter like to play arcade-style campaign LEGO Traveller's Tales. They make toys based on the

Account Diablo III

Diablo III registered account without indicating your name, registration rules is not allowed. When by chance a mistake

game COSSACKS BACK TO WAR - cool game

This is a very interesting and exciting game, playing it time just rushes to her I really liked the fact that you can

game Heroes of Might and Magic - very addictive

I was very delayed, this turn-based strategy. The game itself is very quiet, no need not to hurry. It's very

Pirates. Treasures of the Seven Seas (Pirate Adventures) by Techland - to have fun

with pleasure for a couple with son go through this game. Brave little fox has long been on our computer. I passed two

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