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Plastic surgeon Kovyntsev Andrey - Review

5 29.02.2016

Plastic surgeon Kovyntsev Andrey

I want to share my impressions about the surgeon Kosintseva Andrey Nikolaevich. The desire to increase my chest arose spontaneously, but then I had pondered this idea. And that's when I finally decided to enlarge breast I began to look for more useful information about this operation, and of course an experienced physician. I considered surgeons' whose photos of before and after surgery I liked. And so found Kovyntsev A. N. Decided to go to him for advice. And he's so nice, you can say hooked. I realized that here are these reliable hands. It really is a doctor, which is very well suited to the operation. The operation is ultimately successful. The chest turned out natural, the volume and form at the highest level. I am in awe of her. And I feel good. Thank you for the work done and a stunning end result.

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И я в числе довольных пациенток Андрея Ковынцева, делала у него ринопластику. У меня была горбинка и некрасивый кончик н

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