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Herbion syrup plantain - Review

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Drop "Aflubin"

When ill, in the hospital attributed to me drop "Aflubin" and they know me very disappointed, as no effect

Pepsin syrup, gastroenterology tool, India

Grandpa after eating was a constant feeling of discomfort in the abdomen, bloating, belching, doctor prescribed to take

Candles Eferalgan UPSA temperature

The child was ill ORVI, the doctor prescribed candles Eferalgan, the temperature was very high, these candles help the

Candles "Analdim"-do not help

They took a sample of children in the candles' Analdim. " The temperature does not knock, but analgin

Baby ear drops "Otizol"

We have written something to a child (10 months) from the earache drops "Otizol." It was a terrible reaction

In bifidumbacterin NPO "Microgen" was glass

His infant before the meal, I gave a solution bifidumbacterin. Once I uncovered a bottle of dry powder bifidum, poured

Lackovic Forte Milli Healthcare limited

Lackovic Forte from pharmaceutical concern Milli Healthcare limited has not met my expectations. The price he is very

Dramina, airsickness pills

Going on the road, bought airsickness pills Dramina "Jadran" Helinska Laboratory Shostakovich Croatia, after first

Cream for external use " Candid-b "

Used the cream for external use " Candid-b " Indian company Farmasyutikalz Ltd., Glenmark prescribed

Cough syrup Pekolan C Farmak

Recently, the eldest daughter caught a cold and began to cough. The doctor prescribed to take 3 times a day during the

Pills "Trykhopol" not reduce inflammation.

Pills "Trykhopol" used to relieve inflammation in women, they are not often prescribed and non-prescription

GORLOSPAS throat does not save.

Spray dose for children GORLOSPAS it does not help the pain in my throat. It is positioned as a tool for relieving

A side effect of drops "Regulaks."

Oral drops "Regulaks" perfectly perform their primary function, but there are side effects. Abdominal pain so


The terrible thing is that reduksin. After 2 month of the course on his face appeared deep acne cure that barely

Body cream Sophia from joint pain

My husband is very severe pain in the joints in the knee, as is constantly on his feet, plus he loves to run in the

Gel "Gepatrombin" - excellent!

After you use to remove the hematoma several inactive drugs, I was advised to "Gepatrombin" and the place of

Powder Rinzasip colds and flu Orange India-well removes symptoms

With the onset of cold weather came and the problem because of the low temperature with all the consequences for the

Gath of the AO Belmedpreparaty (Belarus) - helps.

My dad has a few years gastritis. He helps the medicine of Gath. Gath great struggles with the pain during the fast

Tablets for sucking Strepsils - prohibited substances in the composition, but effective

The tool is not cheap, but effective. When there is no time to sit at home and treat cough teas and honey, then you are

Nasal drops Morenazal cheap and effective.

Recently my daughter came running nose. But far from sputum was sitting inside. I bought a drop Morenazal, to wash the

Удобное средство в дороге

Не ожидал, что пластырь Ваньтун Артиплас действительно поможет. Ездил за рулем в командировку на довольно солидное расст

Tablets tempalgin production Sopharma well relieve the pain

The tablets are well relieve pain, even toothache, at least from the head. You can even drink one tablet and the effect

Ointment "sinaflana" is good for burns, wounds and bruises.

I had a wound on his hand. A very long time to heal. I was advised to buy the ointment "sinaflana." It turned

Kalanchoe juice - perfect cure for the common cold.

Previously, they had to squeeze the juice of Kalanchoe leaves, but recently I saw that it sold in a pharmacy. These

Roaccutane - an effective drug in the fight against acne!

My brother and 25 years was very problematic skin. Endless pimples, acne, inflammation of the skin, suffer not only the

DE NOL pills - really helps with erosive gastritis

We gastritchikov half of the country. And because we share generously with each other recipes. But NOL DE I started to

Balsam Larkspur (producer - company "Siberian health") helped with injury.

Balm Larkspur (producer - company "Siberian health") was bought at a pharmacy on the recommendation of

Analgesics Notex Tetralgin acts quickly.

Analgesics Notex Tetralgin therapist prescribed for a headache. The drug is more expensive than analgin or tsitramon,

Gingival gel Metrogyl Denta-really helped me with a toothache

When I have a toothache or bleeding gums, I was greatly helps reduce inflammation and relieve the pain of a dental gel

Candles with paracetamol (JSC "Monfarm", Ukraine), reduce the heat.

Candles children with paracetamol very well and quickly help the child at high temperature, in contrast to the variety

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