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Pecherishnaya Alla V.

August 11, 2011 in Donetsk (Ukraine), an accident with my husband fault Pecherishnoy Alla Valeryevna. Her husband was

Nyuhatelnitsa armpits - an interesting profession ...

These are engaged in a German frau chinnye before deodorants leading brands to appear in promotional spots and will

Victoria Beckham - she is not skinny-to-face

Now this famous footballer's wife and mother of many children just simply exhausting yourself dieting in order to

Mother in law - a woman who learns life.

Mother-in - is an ordinary woman with his store of knowledge. The trouble is that the luggage you carry. As relates to

Our fellow drivers do not see the included alarm

Recently, with me there was an unpleasant incident. My car stalled on a small road on the corner. It is amazing and sad


In general, Italians are open and smiling people, but that's sometimes annoying that violate personal space. And

People who are always right.

Tired of people that are constantly being taught to live. Yes, maybe they are mostly right. But why is foaming at the

People with disabilities

People, turning on a circular motion to the right from the left lane, driving other traffic participants, you are

Magistrate plot number 11 Kominternovsky district of Voronezh Pokhil EA hysterical!

Happened to get into the world court judicial district № 11 Kominternovsky district of Voronezh for an administrative o

Doors from Ivanitskogo VV

Ordered five interior doors from a private entrepreneur Vladimir Ivanitsky in Rivne, paid at the door of 13,000

Not satisfied with the work of the Ukrainian conductor w / e

Do not pleased with our Ukrainian g / d, or rather the work of the conductors. They told me popadalis evil, arrogant

Carefully crook!

Hello, I want to share their negative experiences with the cooperation of Sushinsky Yuri Nikolaev. I work for the

Annie Girardot

French actress Annie Girardot, died today (01.03.2011) in a Paris hospital on the 80-year life.

Where to go ex-chiefs of prisons.

I would like to tell about a "wonderful" man - Zolotukhin Sergei Stepanovich, a former chief of FGU IK-13,

Tricked into contact

Wanted to buy a child a good snow-cats. Finally found quite untwisted page to contact Hope Bogacheva (Moscow). The girl

Magnetism Grishkovtsa

A couple of years ago, met with the works of Eugene Grishkovtsa.Nachal read books and watch it monospektakli.Chem as he

Irina Slutskaya - my favorite skater.

My favorite figure skater Irina Slutskaya is a pity that it is now only event. What she sang great numbers and

Andriy Shevchenko (football) - my favorite athlete.

Recently heard a lot of criticism of the game Sheva, but it can also be understood - the age. On the other hand, does

Amy Lee, lead singer of Evanescense - beautiful and very talented

I just love this singer and her band. Amy is extremely high-pitched voice is so strong, it is a talented composer and

Wladimir Klitschko - Boxing Genius

I've been watching the career of Ukrainian heavyweight, Wladimir Klitschko. And let the envious say it clumsy

Preparations for the euro - in 2012 in Kharkiv

Kharkiv Our city is preparing for the Euro - 2012 at a faster pace. The city repaired the road, work is underway on the

Francis Ford Coppola - a talented filmmaker

films of the revised set of talented film-maker, they are downright brilliant. Each tape in soem kind of unique and

Soccer player Andriy Voronin - a talent!

The Ukrainian player has finally found himself in football. And it happened in the Russian league, where he became the

Knitting in the bus

touching in the picture a woman in a minibus with spokes in the hands of knitted sweater :) :) And the limited duration

Evgeny Bazhenov aka BadComedian - the most adequate videobloger on YouTube

Increasingly, watch Russian channels on YouTube videoblogerov. Unfortunately, most of the projects is full of obscene

Who is ambidexterity?

Ambidexterity - the man is equally fluent in the left and right hands (or lack of pravshestva left-handedness,

It is super!

Good girl! I went to see her somewhere half a year ago. I, with the help of friends and relatives, opened a small cafe,

Patriotism in the spirit of the Italians

In general, the Italians love their country. Italian flags in a variety of proyaleniyah can be seen everywhere: in

A great fortune teller

I was at the aforementioned fortune tellers Olga, went to her daughter, she was fright - scared neighbor's dog.

Lubomir Clairvoyant psychic predictor parapsychologist

Me and my girlfriends Lubomir Clairvoyant helped free the internet. Hour and I talked a lot to discover. She reconciled

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