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Astrakhan mentality

Mentality (Fr. mentalité "state of mind") - a way of thinking, perception, spiritual disposition of the

Tricked into contact

Wanted to buy a child a good snow-cats. Finally found quite untwisted page to contact Hope Bogacheva (Moscow). The girl

On the dangers of fortunetellers Vanga in the modern world

Unfortunately, the question of Vanga in the modern world is very popular, although it is not unique. but the damage

Churyukin Alexander, Ryshkov

With the complete lack of responsibility and lack of professionalism of the person I faced when I bought a vacation

Pankratova Larissa, consultant, Chernigov

In Chernihiv I arrived for work-related trade and entrepreneurship. Pankratova Larissa, a consultant who did not

Mother in law - a woman who learns life.

Mother-in - is an ordinary woman with his store of knowledge. The trouble is that the luggage you carry. As relates to

Casino game - fraud

Looking for remote work. Gotcha advertising as you can make money playing roulette at casinos in other people's

Former best friend

The event took place in the city of Lugansk. "Character" which I'll tell you - it Babkin Artem - my

People with disabilities

People, turning on a circular motion to the right from the left lane, driving other traffic participants, you are

Nikolay V. Illarionov, cashier, Odessa

In the cinema, "Star", has been an incident not related to competence. Cashier, Nikolai V. Illarionov, from

Old men Astrakhan

You know I keep being surprised elderly especially old women. I traveled to various cities including overseas and never

Vasilisa Frolova, unpleasant girl!

Vasilisa Frolova, a well-known TV presenter. But me personally, it is deeply distasteful. She conducts herself once

Puzyrev Vladimir Konoplyannikova and Tamara, from Gomel - parents who always support you.

You know, there are times when people do not understand, not understanding the end, just follow some stereotypes begin

Paris Hilton - life burns at parties

Frankly sorry this socialite, it is from an overabundance of money, do not know what would she still do and where they

Doors from Ivanitskogo VV

Ordered five interior doors from a private entrepreneur Vladimir Ivanitsky in Rivne, paid at the door of 13,000

Olga P. - bona fide insurance agent in Poltava

for any insurances, we appeal to the specialist. Working with her for over 5 years. All cars are insured in different

Credit fast and safe

Hello I can give loans based on the amount you need and the conditions that make life easier. I offer short and

Voronkov Elena - very good notary in Poltava

repeatedly turned to Elena Anatolievna and have always been satisfied with the service and prices. In all matters

Who is ambidexterity?

Ambidexterity - the man is equally fluent in the left and right hands (or lack of pravshestva left-handedness,

Musician Nails-Sergei excellent.

At our wedding, my husband and I we ordered service pins musician Sergei. The wedding was wonderful, everyone enjoyed

German punctuality

was recently in Germany. Pleased with the lack of traffic jams. Public transport runs like clockwork, literally. Buses

Soccer player Andriy Voronin - a talent!

The Ukrainian player has finally found himself in football. And it happened in the Russian league, where he became the

Soccer player Yaya Toure, "Manchester City" - a good player!

This is a brilliant football opornik really shows the highest level of the game, and started his European career, he

Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo - a nugget!

This player is truly talented and shows a fantastic football! Yes, he is to some extent the dude, but his game is

Video lectures Elijah Dash (Knabengofa)

I looked for four lectures Ilya hell. Describes the themes are very high in simple terms and very convincing,

A great fortune teller

I was at the aforementioned fortune tellers Olga, went to her daughter, she was fright - scared neighbor's dog.

Stefanko Olesya V. - the most beautiful, "Vice-Miss Universe 2011"

Do not get tired marvel and admire this girl from the rural heartland of Ukraine, which is his tenacity and work was

Irina Nekrasov, the director of the Museum of Happiness in Novosibirsk - a very positive person

The warmest emotions aroused in my meeting with Irina Nekrasova, director of the Novosibirsk Museum of Happiness. What

Magnetism Grishkovtsa

A couple of years ago, met with the works of Eugene Grishkovtsa.Nachal read books and watch it monospektakli.Chem as he

Irina Slutskaya - my favorite skater.

My favorite figure skater Irina Slutskaya is a pity that it is now only event. What she sang great numbers and

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