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Чай листовой сборный SENSE ASIA, 5 ассорти - Review

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Coffee "Carte Noire" - is not the best of their kind ...

Familiar touted as the coffee. She decided to take a jar, too. To be honest, was expecting much more. Nothing special.

Juice TM "Santal" Grapefruit 100% 1L - more like a drink

More buying juice I was surprised by its price, it was a little lower than others, but try the juice, I decided that

Crema Aroma Coffee Beans (Lavazza) - does not impress

From natural strong Italian coffee roaster expected, of course, something greater, a minimum of velvet thick foam and a

"Lemonade" Ivolzhansky (Plant Eco-product, LLC) - to not look like lemonade

Tried "Lemonade" Ivolzhansky and left of him is not happy at this very soft drinks fizzy drink does not look,

You can do without tea!

In a television program, discussing tea, offered to think about what he does with our stomach and intestines, if

Juice Orange Nectar "My Family" of JSC "Nidan-Gross" - not delicious

I tried this brand tomato juice - very personal, but the orange did not like at all - sweet scented tinted water. A lot

Juice TM "tone" with apple pulp reduced - not very tasty

Even though I know how useful apple juice, so even with the flesh, but try this one, even did not finish drinking, he

Taste of Tea "Lisma" very much like dried twigs!

A few years ago, I was happy to drink this tea, has recently decided to try it again and was very disappointed, tea,

Cocktail "Jaguar Light" is very harmful.

I bought one drink with friends "Jaguar Light" before drinking other drinks, and friends do not understand

Ground coffee "Jockey" - no smell, no taste

I bought this coffee in a stall, because the other is not found. Wondered a low price, but thought better than any

Drink TM "Taiga berry" Cranberry - too silnogazirovanny

Drink unpleasant impression left as soon as the bank opened, it just does not cover fell off, although we have it and

Tea "Conversation" by LLC "Unilever Rus" - the conversation has not turned

I saw a good ad on TV about tea, "Interview" and bought a try. She took tea "Conversation" by LLC

Tea HYLEYS Harmony of Nature seven natural flavors assorted tasteless.

In our supermarket was on the sale of this tea, so I bought as many as three packs! The only trouble is - the tea is

Black Tea "May the black diamond" - rubbish!

Black Tea "May the black diamond" has a promising title, but after its use, you know that you drink a full

Cocoa powder "Eco" - complete rubbish!

The cocoa powder does not like cocoa, even in the approximation. The powder is absolutely no - horrible taste and poor

Black Tea Greenfield Easter Cheer 25P * 1,5 g - the only good tea bags

Of all the tea bags only Greenfield boasts good quality. Packed each bag separately has porohni and tea dust, keeps the

Instant coffee "Today" Espresso, Germany is very tasty.

I love coffee, but not always, but only with the rich taste, is not acidic and soft. Finally found this! I enjoyed this

Tea bags AHMAD Ahmad Tea Contemporary-good taste.

I like tea bags Ahmad Tea Contemporary for his taste. He is rich, well-sealed, it is a pleasure to drink. The tea bag

Coffee Tchibo Exclusive - nice!

This coffee I really like their flavor, which is very important for me! Taste in coffee quality outstanding, but quite

baby food and not suitable for children

who said that the baby food may only have children? absolutely not! Here for example, for children Frutonyanya pudding

Tea Lipton "Mild Ceylon" a delicious, aromatic, strong

I like strong tea, and have not tasted anything more delicious tea Lipton "Mild Ceylon". It has a rich strong

Kvass "Yarylo" - great taste

In general, I prefer homemade kvass, but this time I decided to buy kvas "Yarylo" - and has not regretted.

Orange Juice Sadochok - great taste

This firm is now carrying out an action. During the 10 hryvnia to buy two liters of juice. To be honest, the taste is

The mineral water "Polyana Fonts"

I love mineral water "Polyana Fonts." I like the taste (although it is an amateur). When the gas comes out,

Tea Green Pure Jones - taste, energy and flavor in a cup

Tea Green Pure Jones is an excellent example of the quality of Japanese tea, giving cheerfulness for the entire day. I

Tomato juice is "Good" - a vivid taste of

Long did not drink a tasty tomato juice, unless the home. Most importantly, he has a natural flavor, natural tomatoes,

Non-carbonated soft drink Be Green Tea Strawberry and Aloe Vera, I love this drink.

In the heat of the summer non-carbonated soft drink Be Green Tea Strawberry and Aloe vera is the most pleasant. The

Coffee Indian Instant Coffee (JFK) - and you remember it?

Those who have lived in the Soviet Union remember those brown bottles. I thought this coffee is no longer produced, but

Tea is green with large-Vasilko of delicious GREEN MAMA

Tea green with large-Vasilko by GREEN MAMA sent as a gift. Very nice bright blue cornflower petals on a background of

Coffee "JOCKEY Triumph" LLC "Orimi Trade," Russian Federation - Good life-enhancing coffee

coffee This is not a flaw. Milled grain is very readily soluble in hot water. Immediately strikes the nose, strong

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