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Багет BISTRO Специале от Dr. Oetker - Review

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Crab sticks "Red price" of the company "Albatros Sea Food Production" inedible.

Crab sticks "Red price" from the producer of "Albatross Sea Food Production" bought in

dumplings wasp grandfather PE Ursula Zaporozhye heavy for the stomach

Bought from her husband on trial, Mother's have a very tasty, and there appeared new. Dough with bran. When the

Frozen foods, "Pancakes Jack Frost" with potatoes and mushrooms, did not like.

Time to make the pancakes were not, but very much wanted. I bought in a store and later regretted the money and nerves.

Pancakes "With the heat from the heat with a cherry" production of "Lean" - chemical treat.

Frozen pancakes "With the heat from the heat with a cherry" production of "Lean" was first tried.

Dumplings TM "Nourishing Koloboks" Luxury Home Traditional 500g - nepelmennoe dough

Do not like us, these dumplings, cooked them a few times and they always fell apart, they have some kind of dough is

Home Dumplings tradition - a lot of dough

In Home dumpling tradition laid a lot of dough, in contrast to the meat. Of course, I love the tasty dough, but these

Semi-finished "Easy" - not exactly easy!

Previously, I always enjoyed these intermediates in the preparation of food, but recently they have deteriorated. In

Khinkali TM "Siberian delicacy" Mama's homemade weights 1kg - a stiff dough

I had no idea what khinkali and decided to take the test, boil them as dumplings, by type of cooking time and

Dumplings with potatoes and onions from TM "Maria" - too few potatoes in

Of course, I realize that much of the purchase dumplings can not wait, but it's not up to the same extent. Inside

Lozhkarev dumplings with potatoes mashed with powder.

Lozhkarev Dumplings with potatoes bought in the magnet. When cooking became clear that the manufacturer used instead of

Beef Meatballs "Miratorg" - no longer buy

I took the meatballs too lazy to do yourself because this is a trifle, and will have to mess around for a long time,

Cutlets "Chicken" LLP "Corporation Karaganda-Nan" - to taste like soy.

Meatballs "Chicken" LLP "Corporation Karaganda-Nan" acquired only once. But the taste was really

Dumplings TM "Wedge" Klinskie 500g - filling dryly

I am absolutely not happy with these pelemeney, cooked them until tender, but there they were still not within the

Sam Samych ravioli with veal without haste on the Company "Talosto-products" - bad dumplings

The enemy would not have wanted these dumplings. Bought by accident, well at least not much, because there was no

Dumplings with potatoes, frozen Drygalo TM, Kiev - not like

We are dumplings, namely potatoes, did not like. The taste is nothing you can eat, but 20% in a pack of them were

Chicken cutlet stuffed with ham and cheese in the sauce "bechamel" The Seventh Continent, I liked these boilers

When there is no time for cooking, I can afford to semis. Of all I liked the chicken cutlets stuffed with Seventh

Delicious cheese pizza

The Ristorante pizza is a frozen product, BUT!! could easily replace Your Desk custom-made pizza from delivery

Dumplings "Home", "7 minutes" - a quick and tasty

I often use pasta under the brand name "7 minute" quality, taste and cooking have always suit. Recently

Пицца Ристоранте шпинат замороженная

Не так давно в гостях попробовала замороженную пиццу Ристоранте Шпинат и была приятно удивлена. Вкус у пиццы очень пр

Доставка продуктов на дом из Глобус Гурмэ

Регулярно заказываю кулинарию из Глобус Гурмэ к нам в офис. Нашему начальнику и сотрудникам нравятся блюда из этого гаст

Dumplings "with potatoes and mushrooms" Gerkules.Dostoinstva: reasonable price, the dough is very tasty and tender, not really

Dumplings "with potatoes and mushrooms" Gerkules.Dostoinstva: reasonable price, the dough is very tasty and

Snezana peasant balls - delicious.

After I bought the first time balls peasant Snezana already know that more than once to buy it. The fact that these

Это бомба, а не пицца

Здравствуйте, дамы и господа! Давайте поговорим о вкусняшках. Для меня вкусняшкой является пицца, вот прямо готова кушат

Dumplings Shchedrov very similar to home and with sour cream is a miracle

When there's no time to cook something, or just want dumplings, the dumplings are buying "generous" with

Puff pastry sheet "Hercules" - an excellent semi-finished product!

Every now and tried to take the time! It is very convenient to buy ready-skaz, and even rolled out the dough for baking

The dough is flaky yeast "Star" producer "House of Bread" - good

Sometimes scary is not enough time, especially when you expect visitors, and cook something tasty and quick like. This

Mushrooms sliced, frozen, from TM "There is an idea" - a delicious roasted and boiled

In contrast to the frozen vegetables, mushrooms, I liked more. In my family dishes with mushrooms are among the

Cordon Bleu "Golden Cockerel" from "Food" - very tasty!

I love those chicken cutlet stuffed with ham and cheese. They can easily be cooked quickly in a pan or microwave. As

Vegetables, "country style" (Season 4) - a great taste.

Had heard from friends about the "Fruits of a rural", could not resist and bought dinner. Thawed quickly,

Багет Классик Dr. Oetker - идеальное утро

Доброго всем утречка! А у меня оно действительно доброе, потому что вкусное!! Делюсь находкой. Багет от немецкой фир

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