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Садовые ножницы Echo - Review

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Balcony Box "Lamela" LLC "Garden" - not for sprouts

We shelled out and bought the cheap boxes of seedlings, but they are for little seedlings are not suitable, as deep,

sprinkler "CounterRush" burned down unexpectedly.

Took to sado site sprinkler "CounterRush" which pours grass, but e said he spontaneously stopped spinning and

Repeller Yochomi snakes, moles, rodents and insects, with a variable frequency signal is a mockery of gardeners.

I bought a neighbor giving repeller Yochomi snakes, moles, rodents and insects, with a variable frequency signal to the

Lidums SIA box for colors with the wall - quickly Rassokha.

Our neighbors to testify about a year in the garden stood a box Lidums SIA with the colors, I liked its design and

teplitsa "Upalochka" from the Eco Garden is very hard going.

HOW TO we namuchilic c teplitsoy "Upalochka" from the Eco Garden. Zakazali, ppivezli opozdaniem c. But this

Plastic mesh PROTEC

Bought a plastic mesh fence leaked. The store was assured that is not afraid of no cold, no sun. After one season of

AQUARIUS electric pump 3.

To lift water from the well bought electric AQUARIUS-3, the manufacturer works "LEPSE." Pump water well, but

hose for watering the garden plot by "Buffalo" quickly cracked.

Bought a hose for watering the garden plot by "Buffalo", but after a couple of months he was crack and leak,

Mower Husqarna H350 fit only for the fields.

Need a lawn mower for a long time, and advised us to choose the seller Husqarna H350 model well and the price we bought

Sprinkler Gardena Circular Sprinkler Twist - spoiled from our water

last more than long. Now very much regret that bought this building for irrigation is not in his native city, and being

tiller "Knight - 3000" spends a lot of fuel.

Acquired tiller "Knight - 3000" because the field at the site a lot, just do not like the way it quickly

Decorative fence for flowerbeds

What systems does not wish his flower beds are allocated against the ridges and the lawn? For these purposes I and

Watering garden "Lux", 10-l did not like.

Before the advent of the new summer season bought a garden watering can "Suite" for 10 liters. But the

Generator "Bosch EB530K" very noisy.

Do not like how the generator is "Bosch EB530K" noisy and a lot of exhaust gases from him in the yard, did

Red IR lamp E-27

Bought for heating greenhouses heat lamp E-27krasnogo color, 250vatt.Greet good, but the problem is that after three or

The tractor-mower Stiga Tornado 14 - works without problems on large areas

bought this tractor-mower in the fall. Long time to choose, consult with experts, with the owners of the tractor. As a

lights to illuminate the garden "Lux" nice to look at dusk.

Got finally send your order lights to illuminate the garden "Lux" which are charged by the sun during the day

Trimmer WOLF-Garten Campus 250RT working it does not feel tired.

Trimmer WOLF-Garten Campus 250RT bought purely for reasons of weight and not lost. Low-power it to me there is enough

Fencing, decorative garden InGreen "Sumatra" - looks good

We bought the cottage garden fence special InGreen "Sumatra", a very nice little fence, obgorodili him

Set Svip (brush and dustpan) Christie - a nice set.

Most houses I clean with a vacuum cleaner, but sometimes it is necessary and scoop. So I recently bought a set of Svip,

motoblock Forte HSD1G-80's price.

Acquired motoblock Forte HSD1G-80 over six months ago. In my fifty acres, not really work with a shovel, so buy the

STIGA SILEX 95B - versatile walk-behind tractor.

This walk-behind tractor STIGA SILEX 95B is a very sturdy but still not as strange a very economical! It has two gears

Воздуходувка PB-2155 для частного дома - идеально!

Выбрать нормальную воздуходувку оказалось не так просто, многие советовали садовый пылесос. Но в нашем семействе бы уже


Для дачи искали максимально простую и легкую косу, чтобы я могла косить самостоятельно и не ждать пока мужчины соизволят

Неплохой магазин с большим ассортиментом.

Про эту компанию узнала от соседа по дачному участку. Несмотря на то, что она в своем большинстве предлагает продукцию д

Sprinkler "Liquid R200" is very useful in the heat.

Bought in a garden shop a device for watering the garden in an automatic mode, "Liquid R200" setting did not

fountain garden "Gardenia" is a very interesting thing.

It looks nice portable fountain garden "Gardenia" so cool at night is especially highlighted by the water

Электрические мотоножницы Echo HC-560

Купили эти ножницы в прошлом году, увидела по тв в программе где показывали как правильно ухаживать за живой изгородью,

Battery mower Bosch Rotak 43 LI-good lawn mower

lawn mower battery Bosch Rotak 43 LI.Rovny groomed lawn is a card of your home. This mower is worth only positive


Триммер чемпион - это наш самый главный помощник на участке не представляю как мы раньше без него справлялись. На даче у

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