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Chain stores Pyaterochka - Review

-4 02.09.2011

Chain stores "Pyaterochka"

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Welcome wanted to express his contentment is not in the direction of the chain stores. Very bad attitude to the buyer of food products are constantly spoiled at the price tag on a product tells a different story with regard to frozen food, 10% chance of a second that they are not rotten. In general those who cherish their health advice around these stores.

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Chain stores Faure, Kiev - there is a risk to buy ruffled or expired products.

In Kiev, a lot of shops Handicap, I was 3 or 4 of them. Impressions from visiting these shops were, to put it mildly,

Computer shop "Dia West" in Dnepropetrovsk - nowhere more

Shop is nice and wide enough range of goods and service is good, even has a service center in each store, but as it

Very happy with store Watsons (DC)

Very pleased store Watsons (DC). First, there is the price of some goods below, and for other too high, for example,

Bad shop Sunlight Eagle TTSGRINN

I am a fan of jewelry sunlight for a long time, but always bought them in Moscow. Was recently on a business trip in

In the store, "confiscated" in the Trade House "East" of Minsk is not careful, irresponsible sellers.

My husband and I decided to buy a bed in the shop "confiscated" in the Trade House "East", Minsk,

" Communication " not perform warranty conditions

Bought the phone in the store " Connected ", passed by burnt out under warranty with pixels. When

Vinogradov's bag at the Ust-Kamenogorsk

This product looks a good choice - and bags of various shapes and colors for men and women, belts, purses and more.

Boutique "Egoist", Brest

By visiting your boutique, I was filled with indignation. This service I have not met yet nowhere! Vendors I was

Clothing store "Your"

Top of youth clothing I liked the first models. I bought him three shirts. But after a couple of weeks there was a

Gourmand in the Komsomol, Nikolaev - rough saleswoman

A holiday and we decided to celebrate. Usually, we buy in your area, but that day I was in the Komsomol, and went into

Shop "Fifa" Magnitogorsk acquitted name

Store lures wholesale prices on lingerie and pantyhose. The range of good and the prices really low. But once sellers

Shop lingerie INCANTO in the SEC "Aura" - for you do not sew.

I am the owner of the magnificent forms of nature (5th dimension). But problems with the laundry never occurred. In the

Kharkov clothing store "55 75" - ugly!

So, let's start with the name - such prices for a long time in the store no clothes - a terrible, bomzhatskaya

Return the Tablet! "The Dream" Aruzhan

Bought the Samsung Galaxy Tablet brother Tab3 SM T 2100. And of course decided to do this in the quality shop

Second-hand "Nothing of the sort" on Fadeyev, 2 (Moscow) - lately more and more frustrating

I went there the other day, I think, when something interesting there. Nothing was found, poor range, things are in bad

Clothing store "Gloria Jeans"

Beautiful store with a huge range of very high quality and fashionable clothing for children, adolescents and young

Salon-shop "Zotchy" city of Rivne - sells only quality products

a long time we were looking for good, not expensive in comparison, wooden windows, and in the store found suitable.

Calzedonia (Ekaterinburg) - a great selection of socks, hosiery

shop I really like the fact that you can buy from the ordinary to the pantyhose with a variety of designs, from the

Building a house OMA (Minsk) - a great hardware store.

In Minsk, on the street by Napoleon Orda-6 is a great hardware store - "Building a house OMA." In this store

Shop steel doors "Door" (Karaganda) - and a large assortment and the prices suit

Shop amaze with their variety: the choice is large enough. So also picked up a quality product - a very good door. I

Shop Shop artist Barnaul

A very interesting store. A lot of products for both beginners and experienced artists, and even for those who love

Thanks to the company for professional service.

Started repairs in the apartment and at the same time decided to install in the children's room has Underfloor heating.

Stylish clothes

Fashion boutique KOZA found in the showroom Timiryazevskaya. We went with a friend to watch new models and I

Store "Elite-T" in Maikop good assistant in choosing marerialov for repair.

In Store "Elite T" in the city of Maikop, a large selection of building materials, finishing materials and

Удобнейшие ортопедические матрасы

С момента покупки матраса Амстердам в салоне Консул прошло два года. С уверенностью могу сказать, что это самый лучший м

Shop "Delotehnika" in Maikop convenient when purchasing office supplies in bulk.

In Store "Delotehnika" in Maikop have to go all year round, but especially increased its attendance in

Chain stores, "an ounce of tea" (JSC "Association of the Tea-dealer") - a tale for lovers of tea

I love tea, and he is ready to say with confidence - great shops. You can buy everything related to tea (and the number

Hobby-hypermarket "Leonardo" in the SEC "Aura".

I am a creative person and I love tinkering something with their hands. And in the hobby superstore


I love this store, all sellers are always kind and ready to help.


Покупать плитку именно в салоне Тессер мы решили не сразу: сначала ездили, сравнивали цены, смотрели, что предлагают инт

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