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Shahtar Plaza - an elite dining - Review

-1 21.02.2013

"Shahtar Plaza" - an elite dining

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The hotel-restaurant "Shahtar Plaza" is considered one of the most prestigious locations in Donetsk. However, I do not share the general enthusiasm. Attended the institution in the New Year's Eve with the company of friends. The interior is certainly beautiful and rich. But! In the great hall was noisy in the dining room, you hear the clatter of dishes and the hum of voices. As long as the included music played so loud that conversation was impossible. And the worst thing - this is the kitchen. Not that cooked meals were delicious (and the taste of the most common no outstanding), but the next day, most of my friends complained about the poisoning (not alcoholic, drank very little). Falls short "Shahtar Plaza" to high-end restaurants.

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