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Shampoo Horsepower - Review

5 21.01.2014 | 23 January 2014 at 22:46

shampoo "Horsepower"

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About shampoo learned from a friend-hairdresser.
I'm not afraid of experiments. On the same day bought. Explained close - nothing that stands bottle 450 rubles, but the size of the fire extinguisher!
Washing your hair, I gasped, my fine soft, easily entangled hair became thicker, thicker, and even wet easily fell into a heavy steep curls. And even their natural color became though richer. He remembered the Scandinavian goddess SIV, which instead of "native" hair asked dwarven forge her hair out of pure gold.
With such beauty, I passed two days! Usually my head every day. And here I have them washed till the third day. The consumption shampoo quite economical, just a never ending бутылек. So Horsepower surprised me.

Tags: horsepower, hair, shampoo

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Shampoo Horsepower

Hello! Once I saw a lot of different reviews about this shampoo, and decided to write their opinions about the shampoo

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