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Шуба Daniel Furs - Review

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Blouse Three as Four-did not match.

I have a friend for his birthday gave a silk blouse Three as Four turquoise. When only saw it, was delighted. But it

Frayed blue jeans skinny-Only - quickly stretched

I can not call myself a big fan of jeans, but it's hard to imagine how we can eliminate all of the jeans wardrobe.

Knitwear from the company Zolla - quickly covered with pellets

buy 2 sweaters knitted, cost about 1,000 rubles. 2 months of wear, and then began appearing pellets, of course, now

Socks Pierre Cardin Albi 40den visone 2 - questionable quality

stockings Pierre Cardin Albi 40den visone are supposed to do to stay on the leg with a silicone strip, but I for some

Offensive Military quality leather jacket Kenneth Cole

Quality disgusting. Even creep doubt that it is not leather. Dressing fine, and at the same time, the skin is tough.

Female purple scarf "fashionista" from AVON

Shocking stuff! It is impractical and short-lived. She wore this scarf all week. Then he caught in a zipper bag.

Lingerie TM "Openwork" beautiful but not durable!

Once upon a time, attracted by the beautiful sexy style, I bought a pair of linen nekolko TM "Openwork".

Pants for women to the hospital Hartmann Molipants Comfort - I did not like

they at any size, and so it is stretched. After washing, so in general have become like a parachute, laying on them

Togas Women's Bathrobe ecru Royal L / XL - an inconvenient

Togas Royal Robe took a bath, dress him to the shower, but to walk in it is absolutely embarrassing, fabric is soft and

The Modnakasta fool people!

Ordered through the site. 1.) Delivery was waiting for more than a month 2.) in the description of material —

Mini-skirt from River Island - too much at the hips

I saw on a mannequin in a shop a mini-skirt from River Island, I found it very attractive. Died. The horror! It creates

Unusual Bra Playtex Wonderbra from the company is not as stunning as its advertising

It's very interesting to me was when I saw advertising this bra for a long time looking for where to buy it. But

Kolgtki Giulietta Lana 180 den. Such shameful. Fu!

Has become a tradition, I bought these tights for action. Now I understand why the action was because the tights are

Panties, utjazhki Petite Fleur, Germany - did not Waist!

I ordered from an online store shorts utjazhki Petite Fleur - thought to pull the body after birth. It turned out that

COLIN'S jeans dubious

COLIN'S jeans dubious bought at the company store. Remeasure many models and stood not on the cheap stuff. Sat

Duvet coat Calvin Klein - Heat and voluminous

super coat, compared to not expensive, but at the same time, elegantly stylish. Looks are not nashubkano and bulky,

Mike Flex "Canotta Line" blue - legenky

Great shirt for the summer, a natural material, leather breathes, it is not hot, even in the hottest weather in the

The brand "Mango"

Mango captivating style and quality. I like to not only wear this brand, but also accessories: they have great jewelry,

Winter Jacket "Alisa"-perfect winter version!

Very nice jacket, I bought myself for the winter. She is so warm, that putting it immediately feel the heat becomes.

Tights brand LEGS, manufacturing Italia Via Vantova, 88 ASOLA - very pleased.

I bought a brand tights LEGS, manufacturing Italia Via Vantova, 88 ASOLA, sit perfectly, myagenkaya, very comfortable,

Korrektiruyuschie truciki Simone well keep their shape.

Korrektiruyuschie truciki Simone - procto otlichny variant for those cluchaev, And when neobhodimo nadet

Dress to the straps with a small floral pattern on Sela - very feminine

I love my dress on the shoulder straps with a small floral pattern on Sela. When I do these things, you feel like a

Dresses and skirts chacha nice materials and interesting ethnic style design.

Italian company produces and sells dresses, skirts, blouses made of silk and cotton. Colors terribly pleasant. Bright,

Мои впечатления о Ларедуте

Я уже несколько лет являюсь постоянным клиентом интернет- магазина Ларедут . Начиналось все банально - узнала из рекламы

Women's Pajamas TM "Authentic" - amazing quality

Despite the fact that it's pajamas made in China, but it is clear that it is the factory, the quality is excellent,

Pantyhose Conte - Strong and beautiful!

Conte for me is the best brand of pantyhose that I have discovered for myself 5 years ago! Since then others, and do

Women's Tights 20Den from TM «Conte Elegant", Belarus - did not disappoint

tights if they see - must buy. Excellent quality. Worn long, flat elastic seams are not visible under clothing,

Aeropostale - not expensive clothes

Aeropostale - not expensive American store. Here I order clothes. In sale there are great discounts, and you can ball

Clothing from ZARA - a great selection of costumes for the new year

One of my favorite brands, excellent quality, stylish clothes, trendy, bright, but not at the expense of crazy colors,

Women's stockings Glamour - Excellent pantyhose!

In the autumn and spring buying pantyhose stouter, I really like the tights 70 Den Glamour. They are very dense and

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