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Discounts in Shops Izobilniy - Review

-4 13.01.2013

Discounts in Shops Izobilniy

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It is no secret that the purchase of large household appliances - a rather expensive pleasure. So when there was a question of replacing the refrigerator, we have tried to probe the prices in all available in retail outlets. Began to look around three months before the holidays. Liked the large two-chamber "Samsung". Price issue in different shops - from 33,000 to 37,000. We decided to take some time in hopes of reducing the period of New Year discounts. Waited announced discounts in the store, owned by the company for the sale of home appliances "Search" on the street. Lenin Izobilniy Stavropol Territory. There's the model of your cost a little more than 33,000 rubles. What a surprise it was when we found the price tag already discounted - 33900 rubles. It turns out the price in advance raised, and then allegedly made a New Year discounts. So do not be naive - all these promotions, and sales just a gimmick merchants, unique publicity stunt aimed at increasing sales.

Tags: Company Search, Affluent, discounts, Refrigerator, household appliances

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