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-5 04.02.2013


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I was faced with the problem of medical care and was shoke.Vecherom have risen high pressure, did not know where devat.podnyatsya myself out of bed I could not even do not know where my head polozhit.Muzh called an ambulance took pomosch.Ya analgin as not know that you can take, I had a vpervye.Proshel hour, I have a tablet, there is no emergency, the head of her neighbor raskalyvaetsya.Poprosili tablet some of the pressure, she often povyshennoe.Vrode stabilizirovatsya.Proshlo pressure started after calling hide by hour and fifteen minut.Pozvonila herself to the emergency room and asked to cancel the call, because the pressure was in norme.Medetsinsky worker on the phone said that the ambulance was driving, but orders canceled uspela.Ya decided she could, then someone is also very ill and waiting for the doctor.

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