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Сумма Телеком Ростов-на-Дону - Review

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3G internet from Life (Belarus) - is often dropped connection.

Although the 3G internet on Life and is the cheapest, to use it I do not recommend! Began to notice a strange pattern

Internet Service Provider "PEOPLEnet" - a bad Internet

There was a time when I "sat" on PEOPLEnet and I must say, this was not the best time of my life. Internet is

Internet from 3G-CDMA - low speed and high prices

Did not want to be tied to a dedicated line and I decided to buy 3G-Internet. As a service provider has chosen CDMA


I do not like scary how a service provider Matrix. Almost every week they spend all kinds of technical work, which is

Internet-provider "Intertelecom"

More than 2 years, was familiar with the provider "Intertelecom". Memories of him were not the best, because the

Internet service provider "Intertelecom"

More than 2 years she was familiar with the provider "Intertelekom". Memories of him were not the best, as the average

Package Will " TV + Internet "

In our city package Will " TV + Internet " very active and compulsively advertised. Once the doorbell

Internet provider AMT, Moscow

We decided to get a high-speed Internet connection. We live in mytishi village Sorokino village either and just before

Dishonest internet provider Volia Cable

There used to be happy with your ISP Will Cable. Before the New Year Tariff change to a more expensive just a couple of

ISP "Akado" - terrible service.

We decided to connect tsifrofoe TV, at the same time to change ISP. Chose Acadia. Competence is not a matter of

Internet service provider vit

In Feodosia ISP vit is a miracle provider! The fact that the actual speed differs from the stated (down) - this is

Internet Service Provider "Bis-com" Zaporozhye - poor call quality

uslushami Enjoyed this provider for about 3 years ago and stopped because of repulsive quality, unfavorable tariffs and

provider TTK-Siberia in Krasnoyarsk

Hello, I recently received a call from the TTK-Siberia Krasnoyarske.Etot Internet provider located at Krasnoyarsk,

Internet Service Provider DISEL Astrakhan - fraud and nothing more.

It seems that nothing is that a huge number of leaflets with the promise of high speed rasprastronyaetsya the city.

Home Internet from the NPP "Trayfl" in Dnepropetrovsk - often faltering

Our friends enjoyed the services of the ISP and not very happy with them, as their home internet works intermittently,

Internet Service Provider Company "Ivtelekom" (Like) - I'm glad they work

More than three years, I connected to the Internet through the ISP Company "Ivtelekom" (Like) and I'm

Annette Tver

good internet service provider, failure is not seen prices as compared to Star Trek very low, 350r for 4 Mb / s 400r

Качественный хостинг сайтов HostClass

Честно говоря, не так давно узнал про хостинг HostClass , мнения первоначального совершенно никакого не было и отзывов м

Vermont IT Korolev - no problems with the Internet

Thanks to this company I am writing these lines are already connected :) 4 years, never had any problems with the link!

Best ISP in the Crimea - Avanet

Worked with many providers, but Avanet in Crimea surpassed all. Indeed the rate of tariffs takes off 200MB / s freely

Business Network

Good communication, with no breaks. The adequate and rapid support service. Recently the rate has dropped - fixed in

Business Network, Belarus.

Great ISP. High speed, no disconnect. Support and self-clock call back, if during the call, they can not pick up the

Internet Provider "Tvingo Telecom" - in step with the times

My city is not very big, and Internet service providers, respectively, a little bit. But I've been using the

Unlimited Internet from Kyivstar 2G - not much to download

Connect to a web 2G Kyivstar, but because many do not upload speed because draws are very slow, but for what is not

ISP Triolan Kharkov, Ukraine, offering quality services

Triolan - provide high-quality wireless Internet, speed is not limited to, in addition the local network, digital TV,

Satellite Net Service - a wonderful provider

Satellite Net Service - Best ISP! Choice of 3 connectivity options, all 3 of the tariff for unlimited traffic, the

"Bashinformsvyaz"-quality at reasonable price

Connect via BIS four years ago. When you connect even gave free ADSL-modem, and all this time I have not had a single

Internet service provider "Ukrtelecom" - a quality internet

I changed a single Internet service provider and neponaslyshke know what a bad internet. The last 2 years I have been

Internet of bullhorn.

I am a man that am always on the move and can not afford to choose a cable Internet. I took the modem from the

Wired internet "Beeline" - a fast connection, good speed

Leave online application for connecting a wired internet without much hope for a quick response - but just a

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