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Strange desire - Review

-1 09.12.2016

Strange desire

That's what a habit is this guys first meet a girl and after a while tell her that she needs to lose weight?! And what do you think of when choose. Like slim, why is mouthwatering to admire and then to carry them to the brain. And the girl then have to force myself to pace diets and breaking the brain how to lose weight. Where to get money for it!

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all men - monsters. Women, one thing remains - to feed them better. (Oscar Wilde)

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He eats - I cook, it stains - I wash, he throws - I clean. And what would I do without him doing something?

I love male company

fun with men, they laugh, tell jokes, remembering the past, and you sit and listen to them, pulls on a mustache ... I

Love in the social steyah - possible!

Who said you can not learn on the Internet? All things are possible, most importantly the desire and some savvy.

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