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Claritin - Review

-2 29.07.2014

Tablets of Allergy claritin

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Pills claritin prescribed me my doctor said that they relate to antigistaminnam drugs of the latest generation and therefore cope better with allergies of any origin. Besides promised that they will not cause drowsiness and other side effects. Sleepiness and the truth were not, but my allergies will not go away. Allergic sneezing, itching, watery eyes remained. These symptoms became less, but not much. I kept sneezing continuously. One pill is one day, but if I drank her in the morning, by the evening of the same day felt that all of negative symptoms begin to grow. In the disc, only 10 tablets (by the way they are not cheap for such amount), but I didn't drink, had to look for a more effective tool. I think claritin can cope with only very mild forms of the disease.

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