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Liquid balm gold-in - Review

5 07.12.2016

The "star" from childhood, only in liquid form

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Remember the "star" from the childhood, well, she repeatedly used and bought this balm is in solid form, but seeing the pharmacy, its in liquid form simply could not buy.

This balm Asterisk in liquid form the same manufacturer, so has all the same properties.

But to apply in some cases, the balm "gold Star" in liquid form is much more convenient, for example for inhalation for a cold or cough. By the way a very good help, after inhalation breathe much easier. So I advise you to use it with this as the common cold, SARS, influenza, as an adjunct.

Still this balm helps with migraines, headaches, you just have to moisten the tip and use to massage the temples.

By the way, about efficiency, it seems to me that in liquid form this balm is used more sparingly.

In General, a good way, I advice, will the pharmacy be sure to get, always handy!

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