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Motokultivator bison DC - Review

-3 10.06.2012

tiller "Bison DK41" vibrates during operation.

Bought a tiller "Bison DK41" tried on my plot, and he did not like me its a very strong vibration of the body, from which much later shook hands, I think he'll go back to the store.

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Sobral very quickly, everything is clear, even without the instructions! The diameter of the cup is specified in the

Mower "Ulada N20" great mows the grass in all locations.

Mower "Ulada N20" which IU was given to work on cleaning the lawn and grounds, was very convenient and

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Lawnmower Collector 35 EL, STIGA - not loud and powerful enough

Bought a new mower STIGA. Well, just a magical solution to lawn care. There have been very happy, because she is a

brushcutters Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 copes even with the high grass.

Trimmer compact. If space in the closet a little - brushcutters Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 FOR YOU. we have a small plot, but

Swings from "ListenMory" garden with a shed, then you need to relax.

Very comfortable swing in the garden were from the "ListenMory" well merge with the surrounding foliage and

Aerator / vertikutter Al-Ko Comfort 38 VLE Combi Care - a handy thing

is very convenient thing in the care of a garden-vertikutter Electric Aerator AL-KO Comfort 38 VLE Combi Care: two in

Rakes leaves from Fiskars-quality.

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BBQ collapsible "Forester" with stiffening ribs - a pleasure to use

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Mower LE-3210, MTD - a good and compact

Plot our small, well under the grass lawn is even less power and therefore a new lawn mower LE-3210, MTD is enough.

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