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Parziale - Review

1 09.06.2016

To lose weight permanently.

Want to leave feedback for those who are trying to lose weight once and for all. I'm not a fan of medicines for weight loss, but parziale exception, and I decided to share with you my experience and impressions of the application.
Capsules Portiolo are available in packaging of 10 and 60 capsules. The first package I bought in a box with a blister of 10 capsules, and then, seeing how you're responding, and that the weight really started to fall, no doubt acquired 60 capsules.
I take the capsules for almost two months, the biggest plus is that with no stress to the body, and the rejection of the usual diet, you can throw all the excess. Today, I have got rid of 4.6 kg, it may seem that not a great achievement to be happy about, but for me it is really a great success, and weight each day is reduced.
The effect of these capsules is that drinking two pieces before eating, and washing them down with a certain amount of water (350ml), for twenty minutes, completely dissolved and the result is a gel, which fills part of the stomach. Then the sense of fullness comes very quickly, and eat less.
The feeling of hunger does not bother.Feel comfortable, do not bother the gel out of the body in a natural way with no contact hours in the cells of the body, the Yin causing any complications. Today is the perfect tool to fight obesity. Effective and safe.

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