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Tricycle Lexus Trike Pink - cool and not expensive - Review

4 01.03.2012

Tricycle Lexus Trike Pink - cool and not expensive

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When all his dignity and the ability to quickly and easily transform, then it is very low. It will serve you for a long time, because is designed for a wide range of age. A bicycle can serve not only as a transport for the child's play, but also as a summer stroller, with those of the carriage, he quickly remade into usual bike. We are satisfied, and the quality too.

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We bought 2 for my daughter hletney bike. Chose it long since, wanted to buy the most reliable, most stylish and

Трехколесный a велосипед azimuth Lexus Trike

Tricycle Azimut Lexus Trike has served faithfully for the stroller instead of my son exactly 2 months from the date of

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Children tricycle Panda kung - fu (Panda Kung - Fu) in the use of disappointing. Child seat uncomfortable, visor

Lexus Trike bike

Godmother gave us Lexus bike Trike. A month later, broke free, I had to grip the track, due to the visor can not see

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After buying a children's tricycle Panda kung - fu (Panda Kung - Fu) is highly disappointed in him. Instead of the

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my crumbs this monstrous thing given to the first anniversary of life. Bright, colorful music with a wheel - a son and

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Baby stroller Coletto Aveo

Bought a baby stroller Coletto Aveo Quattro when your child is already one year old. Was choosing a long time, the main

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Baby scissors 1 Veresnia with blade does not cut the paper. From the middle to the end of the blades, the paper simply

Nepromokashka - reusable nappies

Experience in the use of reusable nappies I have a lot. Try out of diapers is Nepromokashka - reusable nappies. Used

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I do not advise you to take these scissors for rebyatenka, I have them as directed, does not come on, cut a tiny baby

Playpen for children, "fairy" book - to restrict the freedom of the baby

Buy playpen for the baby was absolutely a waste of money, like the best for the child to sit in it and played, so veed

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When purchased, thought that children's play center - it is something like a children's pool, only to toys, but

Soft toy-pillow Luli

Soft toy-pillow Luli really enjoyed child-so and bought it. Bright, favorite characters Tom and Jerry. But very soon

Tricycle "Smart-Trike Zoo" - all the cool

We have a tricycle "Smart-Trike Zoo", all very cool! The wheels do not make noise, comfortable seat, handle

Velesiped Lexus Trike - a child in it comfortably

Child velosipedik was simply indispensable for the summer, despite the fact that it is much easier for wheelchair and

Tricycle "NeoTrike Rider" - perfect for mom and baby

Tricycle "NeoTrike Rider" gave us for a year. While the baby was very small, from the fall of insured with a

Dolls with magnetic clothing "Fashion Girls" ("OSE", China) - a great gift for the girl.

My daughter gave these dolls. And I'm happy and the baby. All dolls are in the books with thick pages, clothes in a

Game Androni "Koltsebros cross" - Simple and fun!

I bought my nephew (he is 2 years) Koltsebros cross. Everyone thought he was still young to understand what was

The backpack-carrying Womar 15 Exclusive High-quality and convenient thing

is very useful to us, carrying a backpack, we used them up to 8 months. Everything is made durable, stiff back, so good

Наш первый подарок на Новый 2017 год уже пришел сыну

Незадолго до нового года нам пришла посылка от крестных родителей нашего мальчика. Чем они хотели удивить нас в этом год

Children's inflatable pool

Children's inflatable pool is very comfortable at rest and at home. At home with the baby, you can use it as a

Table to play with water and sand STEP2 "loading station" - a cool

I saw the neighbors, this invention, the beauty, I really liked it. The children do not crawl my knees on the sand and

Toy Kitten ("Anna Clus plush" China) - an excellent choice for children.

An excellent toy excellent quality. The kitten looks like a real, even when stroking the back arches. After washing and

Brush (brush) Avent bottles for washing and teat - easy

Bottles washes well, thanks to its neatly wrapped end. On the other hand it has a small rubber brush to clean nipples.

A set of dishes Baby Booom "Mishutka on vacation" - a quality and durable

naborchik a good three-piece salad bowl, cup plates for the baby, made of high quality and durable ceramic, a couple of

VenicciPure– идеальная коляска 2 в 1.

Представляю вашему вниманию детскую коляску 2 в 1 VenicciPure. Коляску купили для нашей долгожданной доченьки, и наличие

Stellar dolls "Polar Bear" - a good toy.

Son was given a new toy, dolls Stellar "Polar Bear". I am very pleased to have such a gift. The child is too

Termokolgotki Mothercare-they are not cold and not hot.

Members: 69% cotton, 29% polyamide and 2% elastane. It would seem that the most common, but allows you to regulate body

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