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Lidums SIA box for colors with the wall - quickly Rassokha.

Our neighbors to testify about a year in the garden stood a box Lidums SIA with the colors, I liked its design and

Decorative fence for flowerbeds

What systems does not wish his flower beds are allocated against the ridges and the lawn? For these purposes I and

A set of flat skewers "Flat Skewer" is not suitable for leisure

I'm a set of flat skewers "Flat Skewer" did not like. Skewers are short, and made of very thin sheet

Drip irrigation system " " Rosinka

Drip irrigation system " Rosinka " production company "Costa Blanca" in my second year. I do not

Ultrasonic pest repeller moles GRR-28

Last year my friend zamučilas′ with moles on your garden site. The only advice she never tried them. Even ordered by ca

Pruner " " from Moscow, Centroinstrumenta

Secateurs " Michurinsky " from brand " Hand " not liked because of the awkward

Balcony Box "Lamela" LLC "Garden" - not for sprouts

We shelled out and bought the cheap boxes of seedlings, but they are for little seedlings are not suitable, as deep,

Chainsaw BRITECH BT 46/40 CS (Italy) - deaf

For all the characteristics of a good drink, mild and strong. The disadvantage is that it sometimes stalls. Very easy

Fishing line trimmer, AksayElektroZapchast.

For mowing bought fishing line trimmer, production AksayElektroZapchast. Very sorry, as fishing line is very fragile

mower "IllumenTS" very heavy and gromoskaya.

Dali once mower to mow the grass "IllumenTS" which madly shaking in his hands, and debris around the remnants

Watering garden "Lux", 10-l did not like.

Before the advent of the new summer season bought a garden watering can "Suite" for 10 liters. But the

Box of Flowers "Monpase" from an online store "Make Garden" - not a qualitative

This box without any additional insert inside, and shot down - anyhow. Therefore, when the flowers watered, the water

Mist sprayer.

To process the garden against disease and insects bought mist sprayer. Not inserted into the large bad that

Mole Repeller Antikrot Leaven-700 - scare the moles only their view

In the summer there was a problem in the country - the garden was chosen by moles. What we just did, and the plants

Petrol Lawn Mower Makita (Japan) - only for flat surfaces

Powerful enough lawn for a long time working without interruption, but poorly adapted to the uneven terrain. Any bump

Vibrating pump Chestnut production 2P Ukraine - and the water would get from a well watered garden, and help

When our old pump in the well began to act up, we started to choose new. After many comparisons have stopped at the

simulated rain from the company "GardenSon" a very useful thing against drought.

Buy an imitation of rain for your garden at home, from the firm "GardenSon" was in fact a log thing is, now

hammock from "Inprom" very comfortable and no pressure grid.

Acquired a hammock in the yard of the "Inprom" very pleased with all my free time I spend in limbo, a very

motoblock Kipor KDT 610E justify the money spent!

It is a worthy product motoblock Kipor KDT 610E. Included is the entire set of tools and detailed instructions. Those

Триммер от Эхо. Как сделать свой газон идеальным? Читай отзыв

Полное название модели ECHO GT-22GES, триммер использую для стрижки газона возле дома. Самое главное преимущество тримм

Barbecue grill spherical "Forester" - Super

Barbecue grill spherical "Forester" raised very quickly, everything is clear, even without the instructions!


Когда выбирали триммер для дачи основной задачей было купить недорогой и при этом легкий, чтобы я могла косить траву сам

Box of colors with the wall Lidums SIA-looks just great.

My mother bought for her beloved garden flower box with a wall Lidums SIA. He looks great, but when Mom had planted

Tiller MC 4061-B, Centaur - superior quality at an affordable price

Our tiller domestic manufactured high quality. Working with us for two years. Powerful, about seven horsepower. It is

Техника Champion

Знакомы с маркой не первый год, раньше покупали технику очень известных и раскрученных брендов за достаточно высокую цен

Fencing, decorative garden InGreen "Sumatra" - looks good

We bought the cottage garden fence special InGreen "Sumatra", a very nice little fence, obgorodili him

Set the automatic irrigation of greenhouses, "fishing rod" from "Freedom" - cheap and convenient

It turns out that the company "will" not only produces excellent greenhouses, but also sets for automatic

Lawn Mower Husqvarna

A very useful thing, if you want to be well-groomed lawn near the house. Mower is very easy to operate, it is easy to

Elektrofumigator + liquid mosquito from Piknik - salvation from the bloodsuckers

fumigator is needed during the summer and how to live without it - I do not know. The liquid that is sold together with

Ctop-snail - Protect your vegetables

Recently purchased these wonderful devices to prevent abuse of snails on your vegetables. "Stop-snail" is a

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