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Sprayer OP-202 "Lemira"

I bought a garden sprayer OP-202 "Lemira" at 8 liters, to handle all ogoroda.Ochen not sealed. Inflate the

Generator "Bosch EB530K" very noisy.

Do not like how the generator is "Bosch EB530K" noisy and a lot of exhaust gases from him in the yard, did

Sprinkler Gardena Circular Sprinkler Twist - spoiled from our water

last more than long. Now very much regret that bought this building for irrigation is not in his native city, and being

rake "Gardenia" have a very soft metal.

I do not like to use a rake "Gardenia" who bought into the local hardware store, the rake is very soft metal

Greenhouse "Uralochka" enhanced by Eco Garden - inconvenient to assemble

How We hardship with a greenhouse, "Uralochka" from the Eco Garden. Ordered, they brought too late. But it

Balcony Box "Lamela" LLC "Garden" - not for sprouts

We shelled out and bought the cheap boxes of seedlings, but they are for little seedlings are not suitable, as deep,

brushcutters "Husqarna R79" can not remove the grass in the corners.

For the work of cleaning the lawn needed brushcutters "Husqarna R79" which can remove all the grass in places

Box of Flowers "Monpase" from an online store "Make Garden" - not a qualitative

This box without any additional insert inside, and shot down - anyhow. Therefore, when the flowers watered, the water

Mist sprayer.

To process the garden against disease and insects bought mist sprayer. Not inserted into the large bad that

Garden soil universal with branches.

I do not recommend to buy for growing seedlings Garden universal primer of PJSC "Seliger-Holding". It is not

tiller "Rubin M300" bad digging.

I bought a garden tiller "Rubin M300" but did not like how he just breaks the ground and not digs, the blades

tiller "Knight - 3000" spends a lot of fuel.

Acquired tiller "Knight - 3000" because the field at the site a lot, just do not like the way it quickly

Pruner " " from Moscow, Centroinstrumenta

Secateurs " Michurinsky " from brand " Hand " not liked because of the awkward

Pumping Station Marina CAM 60/25 - not reliable.

In order to testify does not carry water in buckets had to buy a pump station. The first year everything was great,

sprinkler "CounterRush" burned down unexpectedly.

Took to sado site sprinkler "CounterRush" which pours grass, but e said he spontaneously stopped spinning and

motoblock Kipor KDT 610E justify the money spent!

It is a worthy product motoblock Kipor KDT 610E. Included is the entire set of tools and detailed instructions. Those

Vibrating pump Chestnut production 2P Ukraine - and the water would get from a well watered garden, and help

When our old pump in the well began to act up, we started to choose new. After many comparisons have stopped at the

Elektrofumigator + liquid mosquito from Piknik - salvation from the bloodsuckers

fumigator is needed during the summer and how to live without it - I do not know. The liquid that is sold together with

The tractor-mower Stiga Tornado 14 - works without problems on large areas

bought this tractor-mower in the fall. Long time to choose, consult with experts, with the owners of the tractor. As a

Barbecue "Spark" on wheels

Sobral very quickly, everything is clear, even without the instructions! The diameter of the cup is specified in the

Smoking Device "Forester" cope with the work

I bought it a couple of years ago - using, as a rule, at home, on a gas cooker. Package alder sawdust missing almost a

Set the automatic irrigation of greenhouses, "fishing rod" from "Freedom" - cheap and convenient

It turns out that the company "will" not only produces excellent greenhouses, but also sets for automatic

Lawn Mower Bosch Rotak 32 - a great helper.

In the country use the mower Bosch Rotak 32. Overall, I was quite happy with the mower. She has enough power through

Reliable and affordable Motoblock Centaur 1070D

1070D Using Motoblock Centaur for 2 years. The machine is very powerful. Complete walk-behind tractor attachments, and

Chipper Ozito HT-501 - not for the vertical positions

Wonderful Chipper Ozito HT-501 helps perfect neighbor cut her green hedge. I once asked her to just poprobovatego in

Brushcutters Forte EMK-420 - au old workaholic

My godfather simple workaholic, as he tells about himself. In fact, it is a hard worker and miner, but his take years.

Ctop-snail - Protect your vegetables

Recently purchased these wonderful devices to prevent abuse of snails on your vegetables. "Stop-snail" is a

tiller MTD T 245 happy svoee performance.

As I have been growing carrots for me, this tiller MTD T 245 fits most of all, it does not take much space and it can

Stihl chainsaw runs smoothly for 5 years

We live in a village and we need a chainsaw. We have it for the big trees, but we cut it fifty years is clear, without

Garden Swings Prag Sweden - beautiful and comfortable!

These swings while foreign production costs are the same as ours. However, quality is a step forward. Very nice, even

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