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Garlic for colds

Garlic as a remedy for colds has not helped in any way, for want of medicines and located far from all-night drugstore

Gargle with lemon juice is useless

I do not advise to rinse sore throat with lemon juice, diluted with water. This popular recipe suggested, after a

Perforating glasses simulators EDELSTAR - they do not have enough patience

I have fallen a bit under the eyes, a friend lent him for this miracle points. They must be at least a month every day

Herbal infusion, based on the mother-and-stepmother, and oregano - for children is dangerous!

I was a niece of the strongest cough and to fight with him his sister had decided, in addition to medications

Figs with milk of cough

I do not advise to shoot down such a child's cough remedy as figs boiled in milk. Is natural medicine with an

Tea with marjoram during pregnancy is dangerous

My pregnant girlfriend advised to drink tea with oregano, as sedative, as it always nervous. After drinking this tea

Soda solution for vaginal candidiasis irritated.

We constantly familiar vaginal candidiasis (thrush), which is accompanied by severe itching and discharge. She was

Infusion of marigold flowers contraindicated.

Fond cousin phytotherapy, it was prescribed to drink as a diuretic infusion of marigold flowers. A few bad days

Cleaning the body oil - The liver is slowly dying

Now very popular to do was clean the body with olive oil. People drink this oil by different methods, and thus starve!

Remedy for pot "Formidron" - you feel just balzamiruete!

Recently my girlfriend told me that he enjoys "Formidron" to avoid sweating armpits! I was shocked to read

Hidden hood with spinal hernia - a bad recommendation

I was diagnosed with spinal hernia, and was appointed an underwater exhaust spine, after which I had almost lost the

Tea tree essential oil Aroma

I bought on the advice of a doctor, tea tree essential oil Aroma, very sharp smell traces of fat. In general the title

Mustard - the burning of the skin

To stick to the neck and the back of mustard, so warm. According to the instructions they were supposed to slightly

Cabbage of breast masses in

Became ache chest, felt seal, a doctor in the next few days I could not get, until decided to try traditional methods -

Dandruff shampoo Dermazole

Dear shampunb, which costs nearly $ 100 per liter would help. Since I followed the instructions, I can say that it does

Тоники для ванн

Я придерживалась схемы приема ванн из книги "Чистка капилляров" в начале из интереса, но потом заметила явные изменения


After the birth of a child, I had one very unpleasant problem called hemorrhoids, tried all possible suppositories and

Boiled onions in milk helps the dry cough.

If you are coughing and burning pain in my chest, I use onion broth. To do this in a glass of milk boil at a very low

The broth of onions, potatoes and ablok help the cough.

A good remedy for coughs, which in children is treated with a decoction of two potatoes, onions and two apples in a

I helped

Me for more than 10 years had varicose veins. Tried to treat and pills and folk remedies. My doctor recommended me to

Significant; that is to improve

I have had problems with varicose veins. The doctors offered me surgery, but I didn't want and I was looking for an

Travel Dream bracelets.

My child was suffering from motion sickness, especially in the car, and all advised only pill which is of course .... I

The fruits and flowers of the elderberry is used as a diaphoretic.

Fruits and Flowers black elderberry use in the form of aqueous extracts. To do this, take 1 tbsp. spoon fruit, boiled

Pedikulen Ultra.Sprey lice and nits.

I have a child as it brought home from school this gadost.Tak that we were lucky enough to try it sredstvo.V pharmacy

Bear fat - the perfect remedy for cough.

Ingestion bear fat - the perfect remedy for the chronic cough. To do this in the morning and evening, a tablespoon of

Eucalyptus oil is from the Open Society "Moshimfarmpreparaty" to them. N. Semashko copes well with the symptoms of colds.

Eucalyptus oil from OAO "Moshimfarmpreparaty" to them. N. Semashko great help from the cold. I'm sick

treatment with leeches

Is very popular the treatment of medical leeches.It helps with many diseases,girlfriend, heart disease,so regular

Doctor Alekseev Alexander Lvovich urologist,sexologist,andrologist

Here miresii to go to the doctor the urologist Alekseev Alexander Lvovich http://алексеев-александр-львович.рф/ when my

Treatment of gingivitis "Vinylinum" - the effect is at once!

When inflammation of the gums should be primarily treated with a solution of chlorhexidine mouth, and then smear the

Treatment of angina is very serious

Angina is a very dangerous disease that damages the heart, as a consequence. If you have a fever, you definitely need

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