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Umberto Eco, The Middle Ages has already begun - Review

5 21.10.2011

Umberto Eco, "The Middle Ages has already begun"

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Article published in "Foreign Literature. In 1994. N 4. C. 258 - 267", is a comparative characteristic of the Middle Ages (Europe) and the modern world. The most striking example for comparison - the Roman Empire disintegrated in the 5th century BC, and the United States as a modern version of "The Great Empire." "What we need to create a good Middle Ages?" - Asks the author. And answers himself, needed an empire, which is falling apart (the comparison is obvious). And the series creates a modern image of the Middle Ages, where each community is fighting only for himself, and only protects their interests. Subject to the weakening of state power of the army, universities, churches, craftsmen (in our case production) will be very fragmented. You can draw an analogy with the development of feudalism in the Middle Ages. The findings, which comes to the author, is also very entertaining. The style is also unique in-article with a grain of humor, without any scientific terms, in general, easy to read.

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