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Uzhgorod, Storozhnytsya, restaurant-tavern Elephant - Review

-3 17.04.2013

Uzhgorod, Storozhnytsya, restaurant-tavern "Elephant"

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Had a chance last weekend to visit the suburb of Uzhgorod, in a restaurant-tavern "Elephant". Famous for good food and well kept, nice staff. Maybe. For people who have looked into the tavern to drink a glass of beer or a couple of lovers - it's a wonderful place. But celebrating a big company anniversaries or other events, you probably should not. Initially the girls waitress hovered around the table, cleaned the used dishes, poured vodka-skates. Somewhere about two hours later, they were less likely to approach the table - sat in his corner and talked. After 24 hours of required double tariff and unhappy individuals bring a container for food, trying to hide half-full bottle of expensive whiskey and were unpleasantly surprised when this bottle, we also took along with the products. The acoustics in the hall of the poor. Musicians, though well sung, tried to perform some sad and sleepy songs that we ordered. Rate - 50 hryvnia per song. In the women's restroom, you see, leaking pipes - a puddle of water on the floor. Killed more that our triumph ever came to see customers of the inn - opens the door to the hall and stared. On the air conditioner has written that in the hall 24 degrees Celsius, in fact, was much larger and it was very hot, had to constantly go out to get some air on the terrace. All the time and on the street and inside, walked a young man, apparently a security guard, and looked everywhere. Very displeased when he spent a long time standing near the women's restroom. Despite the good food, there is no desire to return.

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