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A set of covers for books by PE Kovtunovsky OP - Poor quality

For half a year buying his son a second set of student artwork and shocked by the quality. Dense cover, but the seams

Set for children's creativity "Magic Picture" from ArtLove - Pictures scratching "miracle marker"

Daughter a birthday husband gave a set for children's creativity "Magic Picture" from ArtLove. "The

The game for the whole family, "Family Budget"

Went to our child as a gift. We unpacked it and gasp - a disgusting qualities we have not seen. The game boring, ugly

Reusable nappies "Nepromokashka" - it's a waste of money!

When my baby turned six months, I started thinking about that little by little to wean him from disposable diapers.

Transformable Toy Car "-" agent

Another gift my son-transformable Toy Car "-" agent from Zhorya, from the series racers. First toy I

Scissors IKEA "Maul" - tear the paper!

The set of scissors IKEA "Mola" includes the usual pair of scissors and shears with cutting curly. Handle

Electronic thermometer for water and rooms "Dolphin" Chicco-not like it.

My mother gave to our baby thermometer, we knew exactly what the temperature in our apartment. But the exact degree, as

Детский нетбук S+S Toys

Gave my son's NetBook S + S Toys my little big world " ". Toy love, it can help to broaden the child


Hello. I want to share with you my story. When my first daughter was 5-6 months, I bought diapers SLEEP PLAY No. 3

Swing Floor Tako - little wing

I am very sorry that did not buy ordinary swing. In these, though it seems that there are different functions

Коляски Verdi (Верди) Max

We bought in early November 2013, the stroller the company Verdi (Verdi) Max producer Poland, stroller an awful

" Music " octopussy scares children

Friends gave his nephew a toy " Music " octopussy. Brand: Bam-Bini. Manufacturer: Kommercial

Stroller Capella 802-T handles money wasted

Decided to change the pram, carrycot to the promenade, chose Capella 802, which has already greatly regretted, because

Baby stroller Hauck Shopper 6 - is not very strong

're finding more and more flaws. Flimsy, very thin material of the stroller. Fasteners on the front wheels broke

toy microphone

A toy microphone, I had as a child, about 20 years ago. Now I bought this to their children. Buttons, sounds and colors

Disney Set for kids comfortable and beautiful.

It is like the store bought paint an interesting set of Disney for the kids. It consists of a bright jumpsuit with

Pot of children Bebeton "Tron" - Very convenient!

Pot children Bebeton "Tron" in appearance resembles an adult toilet. Years old child with a very comfortable

Shoes for girls from brand WINX comfortable and beautiful.

Shoes for girls on the brand of artificial leather WINX variegated colors, this is what my daughter liked that they are

Diapers for Baby Bella baby Happy 1 NEWBORN - we liked!

Diapers Baby Bella baby Happy 1 NEWBORN used on the advice of a neighbor since birth. They are very well come to our

Floor teeter TD 56 "Little Suite" - my mother's magic wand

we got from the relatives of those swings. I am very grateful. These types of applications, many do not take place.

Wooden designer "Teremok" (Novosibirsk) - Designer of our childhood

Now on the market toys to complete. But how often to you comes to mind, but in our childhood was ...? And now it's

IKEA easel-board Maul - like

Recently her daughter was fascinated by drawing. I thought, let the feel of this artist and bought an easel that's

Child seat for bathing Geoby YZ100 - bathing the baby with pleasure

We Bought a child seat for bathing, when our baby was seven months and he has learned to sit independently. This

Baby Monitor Philips scd497 - we liked!

We bought because we live in a private reserve dome.Chasto baby to sleep on the 2nd floor, until you deal with things

A set of musical instruments Boikido "Flower" - a favorite amusement of the Child

When purchased this naborchik of the four instruments, he soon became a favorite of the child in front of all other

Children's book publishing Prof. Press, Rostov-on-Don

His son to three months, began to buy books. He loves them chitat.Posmotrela many publishers and stopped at one. This

Markers BloPens (Centropen, CZ) - perfect entertainment for kids

How these markers in the blowing. That is, they are superficially very similar to these markers, but they do not

TM Lubby drinking bowl with a silicone spout - great!

TM Lubby feeder cup with silicone nose has a very nice design. He is bright enough, so like a child. Pens are very

The best baby stroller

Recently we have a new assistant, or rather an assistant. We bought the stroller - Espiro Magic PRO. Bought recently,

Constructor with a garage Bobi Wader from WADER & WOŹNIAK Poland - the future builders of the devoted.

Design with garage Bobi Wader - a large cubes, of which handles a little convenient to build large buildings. Cubes are

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