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VenicciPure - Review

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Cheerful caterpillar Toys

I often buy baby toys from this company, they are beautiful and the quality is fine with me, but here's a fun track

Castorland Puzzles

For the development of memory daughter bought a puzzle - puzzles Castorland "Thumbelina." It turned out that

A fun Caterpillar Toys

Caterpillar Toys-fun and pretty and bright, but for kids it is very inconvenient to force them to potreŝat′ toy, they si

Company Sportbèbi Prygunki.

Bought a 3 in 1 Jumper company Sportbèbi. The manufacturer says that it can be used as jumper, bungee jumping and

Geoby stroller

Geoby stroller broke down and the season-handles have become sticky (what they are only manufactured?!) and stuff

Children's book "The Cat's House" (published by "Planet Childhood") - very scary picture!

Recently my daughter was given the book "Cat's House" - the content, in principle, similar to the tale of

Pram walking Geoby D208DR-F - variant on one summer

it was convenient to travel around the city, as is easily formed. But we live in the private sector, where the absolute

Plastic bib firm canpol - sheer frustration!

Goods for children canpol company I really like. So when I saw a bib in the store, just bought for my daughter. But

Конструкторы "Brick"

Newly acquired son constructors " Brick " " series of Combat Zones Series of " Jia

Bike Injusa Triciclo Body 325

When bought tricycle Injusa Triciclo Body 325 for our son, our joy knew no bounds. Beautiful model and very practical.

Toys "racing car" TM "Green Toys" - Thin plastic!

Toys "racing car" TM "Green Toys" bought child aged 1.5 years. Strong enough for the type of

Buggy Everflo SK-165 - some shortcomings

stroller just stupid, totally impractical, we are satisfied with it. To call in on the curb wheelchair is difficult

Детский горшок Fine Baby

To encourage the baby to pot has a bright plastic pot, Prima Baby, then the baby was about a year. Poor quality pot was

Bottle Canpol babies (Kenpol bebis) does not justify its price

When my daughter was little, at the time had to translate it into the plug. Decided not to save, and select one of the

Children's three-wheeled scooter Mondo awkward, it is impossible to ride

I saw a three-wheeled scooter niece. Externally, beautiful, pink, with comfortable handles, the steering wheel. In

Наши российские подгузники самые лучшие!

С этими санкциями и перебоями с поставкой импортных товаров, мы с мужем решили покупать товары только российского произв

Bath CAM - Baby Bagno-our favorite bath for baby.

Baby Bagno a prosthetic, the most convenient and practical tub for bathing the child. The child in the bath is not

Spoon feeding BabyBjorn-perfect spoon.

Feeding son to these spoons. They are good quality, comfortable to hold their child. They are gaining just the right

Socks Conte Kids Sof-tik warm and practical

Socks Conte Kids Sof-tik, very pleasant to the touch, tender inside, and most importantly, warm. Have anti-sliding

Children's bicycle DG1658 QX GEOBY PARAGON. Co., Ltd-pity to grow.

Bike bright colors attracts the eyes malyshni neighbor. Original boxes will, accommodate everything that comes in the

Vanochka-pelenator Brevi Bagnotime 061 - only praise

It's a miracle tool is designed for cleaning the. It is designed for a standard bath, comfortable height. Along

Doll on a finger Titti Dury from Ikea - good mini toy.

My husband sometimes goes on a business trip and tries to bring the son of interesting gifts. One of these gifts are

Baby Stroller Baby Max Mini - legenky and manoeuvrable

stroller Baby Max Mini I am very happy, especially its light weight, it is so convenient to take with you everywhere,

Games washing machine PLAYGO-oboldennaya toy.

Last week was my goddaughter's birthday, I have been looking for a gift, but in the end, she decided to give the

Sling-scarf "Orange female"

I got this sling as a gift when a baby. At first, using it could not - all the time afraid that the baby will fall out.

Sledge Plastkar Pioneer M-101 and Treat the kid)

is very unusual and interesting frame data sledge could not help but attract attention are not so expensive to buy your

Children's chair I'm Toy Wooden - Convenient and eco-friendly!

Children's High Chair I'm Toy Wooden is very bright, just like a child. This chair is stable enough, and it is

Lizunov "The Man" - children like

Lizunov "The Man" - interesting little creatures! Baby 4-5 years like it! But we need a smooth surface such

Baby Rubber insulated boots from the "fun walk" - warm and comfortable

Young children love to measure the puddles. Therefore, no rubber boots will not do. I've always disliked the fact

Tea is a children's colds "Bebivita" from 4 months - a good remedy!

Tea children's colds "Bebivita" from 4 months has diaphoretic and expectorant action. He is without

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