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Wooden dergunčik Clown

Dergunčik mark "runo" done quite efficiently, fairly bright and pleasant to the touch. But the head clown have always

Shears Green Bell Children's Hair - inconvenient

Even before the first trimming the hair the child takes care of special scissors, bought them in advance, but in the

Ball clay Paulinda (Paulinda)

Recently, my daughter bought a ball clay Paulinda (Paulinda). Going to develop motor skills and sculpt interesting

Stroller Hartan I-GO has fallen short of my expectations!

When my baby was 7 months, it's time to buy him a stroller. I was mesmerized by insisting on buying a pram German

Pot Pot Plastishka chair is not comfortable for the child.

At first glance, a great children's pot, but in reality ... The lid of the pot somehow not properly designed,

Pads Bath "World of Childhood" - Bad mounted!

Always afraid that the child is not slipped in the bathroom! I bought the pads for a bath 'world of childhood.

Развивающая игрушка " Вундер кинд "

Bought for my niece's developmental toy " Vunder kind " a set of Cut vegetables. It is now three

Children's Toothbrush Jordan Step by Step 1 - too much handle

Our dad bought a toothbrush Doce, as always, without thinking, and therefore uncomfortable. 2.5 For a child a little

Kids Nail Winx - does not erase anything!

Gifts for children's birthday the daughter Nail Winx, it turned out that he is not for children, first, the smell

Dolls World - Doll is not for kids!

I recently bought my niece a doll Dolls World. What can I say, not quality, and more. The day after the gift of the

Fashion Doll Tilda - complete lack of aesthetic taste!

Conservative views on life, I am no different. I am interested in everything new and fashionable, but Tilda doll - is

Pushchair transformer RIKO GRAND heavy!

Pushchair transformer RIKO GRAND sport-line buying husband (selected as auto) ... In fact, it turned out that for me is

Set of beauty for girls in the beautician "Yves Rocher" ("Eves Roche") - Expensive!

Set of beauty for girls in the beautician "Yves Rocher" ("Eves Roche") ordered from the online

Children's nasal aspirator for clearing the respiratory tract in infants - do not buy my baby.

I bought a nasal aspirator, when my son had a cold. But no benefit from it was not. The fact is that this great for

Children's Toothbrush Aquafresh Flex-a-FRIEND is not for kids

When printed it at home, we were surprised that the brush is hard for children's delicate gums and enamel, it is

Athletic children's corner Inter Atletika - "dragon" PT 002 - strong

Bought recently, and that children are not where the energy to do with sitting all day at home in such cold weather.

Stool Folding Idea "Moby" - Easily the stool!

Stool Folding Idea "Moby" a bright and comfortable. When folded, it takes up very little space. Can decompose

Shoes for boys, the brand Walkid light, beautiful, and udon.

Shoes for boys, the brand Walkid made of natural suede in black. Nephew loved these shoes primarily to the fact that

In the shoes of TM "Shalunishka 'feet warm and comfortable baby

With the onset of colder decided to buy our first baby shoes in his life, chose the brand" Shalunishka. "

Baby socks TOWER China

Bought today, baby socks, TM "The Tower" Made in China, very pleased and surprised with the label "sock

The stroller is very maneuverable Bebetto Magelan and convenient

We bought her baby stroller Bebetto Magelan, when his son was 8 months old and had never regretted. The stroller is

Children with sleds on wheels "Snowstorm" - comfortable, easy

Broad runners provide good patency, the handle is fixed in two positions (lower, higher), but the main advantage - it

Lego - fun, but expensive.

Unfortunately, their children yet, but his nephew just loves to play with Lego. Each time for every holiday or

This nursing pillow not only infants but also children up to a year

Today I want to introduce you to my successful purchase in the period of breastfeeding is a nursing pillow Israeli Born

Toy Tomy Choo Choo Loop "train" - Great toy!

Toy Tomy Choo Choo Loop "train" delighted with my nephew (1.9 months). Colorful train and runs on three

Kids rubber boots Adagio, Russia - with a warm lining, beautiful.

's Daughter rubber boots Adagio - with a warm fleece lining, a beautiful pattern. Made very high quality and legs

Toy Polesie "Duck with a pen" - the kids love these toys

When we walk with the baby in the park, go for a walk meet a lot of moms with kids with toys and, accordingly, for the

Cotton buds MamaSense harmless help clean baby ears

Cotton buds are MamaSense limiter that allows you to gently clean the ears of a little child, without causing him pain.

RC car BSD Racing Brushless Buggy - a real beast

This is a real beast and not the machine for a child. This MASHINISCHE! The electric motor allows you to overclock it

Set Avent Philips 3-months training - a great naborchik

Do not think we need a naborchik, but still bought it and it has paid off, use it to teach a child to drink chaechek

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