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VenicciPure - Review

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Развивающая игрушка " Вундер кинд "

Bought for my niece's developmental toy " Vunder kind " a set of Cut vegetables. It is now three

Buggy Bebetto Bony1 Classic, Poland - just the size of the tank.

Bought a stroller convertible Bebetto Bony1 Classic, the store does not look as bulky as a home. The stroller is a

Gel for dishes not rinsed off

Saw in store gel for washing dishes and utensils of the Neva Cosmetics " Baby ". Really liked the

Talking book Grow Kid

E-book idea is not bad, but the execution is not qualitative. The sound was initially not clean, noisy, but after the

Shopping for toys is dangerous for the baby

Bought several of these baskets, as the toy is will spam the entire apartment. Of course, they are roomy, but that the

Designer Mega hail from LORI

We bought a set of child modeling Mega hail from LORI. Parts of this collection are similar to corn sticks. On the

Ctulchik feeding ABC Design High Tower crispy - takes a lot of places

About us highchair baby was one of the most useless purchases popolzovalsya we give them a relatively short time, only

Children tricycle Panda kung - fu (Panda Kung - Fu) - a child is uncomfortable

After buying a children's tricycle Panda kung - fu (Panda Kung - Fu) is highly disappointed in him. Instead of the

Huggies diapers for boys

Huggies diapers harsh and fast flow, you need to frequently change that uncomfortable during the day and especially at

Children's bicycle Geoby Disney

In the summer my baby gave children's 3-wheel bike the famous firm of Geoby Disney valued at 3, 5 k. rubles. Very

Игрушечные машинки "Wader" Kid Cars

Has your child Polish set of toy cars " Wader " Kid series Cars. Machines are made of strong plastic,

Baby diapers Libero EcoTech-bad diapers

Baby diapers Libero EcoTech. When choosing a diaper guided by their price, I thought, if more expensive means better

Darian S chair, in principle, a good

We had a chair Darian S. Principle is not bad, two children survived, but after the first child torn oilcloth top and

Swings suspended Multi sized swing - Poor!

Suspended Swing Multi sized swing were not very good quality. A few days later broke the plastic part to attach, and

Pencil in the form of missiles from AVON - very unreliable

remarks in the catalog AVON bright pencil case for children in the form of rockets. The son was delighted and looked

Pampers Diapers are the best

What diapers went through, I think the best Pampers. The main advantage - the most subtle. I never had a daughter from

Gymball-fitbol Atemi AGB with horns - useful and interesting stuff!

Gymball-fitbol Atemi AGB with horns is a very interesting purchase! A child with a happy jumping on this ball around

Rattle "barrel with a secret" - a great

This rattle will attract each child a bright cheerful coloring and melodic sound. Sound like a rattle at the same time

A toy for the baby from Stellar tumbler "Chicken," a beautiful and durable.

Toys for Tots by Stellar tumbler "Chicken," a bright and wonderful different from the classic dolls of their

Musical night light projector Cotoons liked the kid, and me

The projector for the child I wanted to buy for a long time, decided to stop the projector from the Cotoons, as these

Стиральный порошок Babyline Nature абсолютно безвреден

Когда у меня родился сыночек, я столкнулась с большой проблемой выбора детской косметики, средств для купания и стирки.

Developmental Baby Steps Walker Chicco-firm is the best toy - walker.

When his son was 9 months, we bought him a walker - toy company Chicco. This is a great companion for kids when

BABY born Doll nnauchit your baby potty

Quality beautiful doll. This doll has helped me many times. Along with this toy, I fed, bathed, dressed child. On the

Play Tent Carmella "square" with the tunnel and balls - Interesting tent!

Game Tent Carmella "square" with the tunnel and balls are very interesting, the tunnel has a length of 1

Envelope Heitmann Felle Eisbarchen Small - saw and fell in love

I saw a children's envelope and just in love with him, I think to get her baby. I'm sure the baby will be

Designer Brick Box Lego Duplo - kids love it

My kids have hours of fun playing in the constructor Brick Box Lego Duplo. What amazes me is the result of their

Radio-controlled toy helicopter Avatar on the IR control 4-channel, interesting toy

Toy RC Helicopter Avatar on the IR control of 4 kanalnyy.Ne Despite the fragile appearance, the helicopter is enough

Ball Chicco - pleasant and helpful toy for the very young child.

Our baby loved the ball Chicco. He myagenkaya, nice to oschyup. Inside the hidden rattle. The child is not very well

Radio Nanny Hi-Contact Chicco - irreplaceable thing.

Radio Nanny indispensable thing for all the moms and dads. It allows you to safely and without fear about their

A set of dishes Baby Booom "Mishutka on vacation" - a quality and durable

naborchik a good three-piece salad bowl, cup plates for the baby, made of high quality and durable ceramic, a couple of

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