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VenicciPure - Review

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Graco Quatro Tour Deluxe - stroller for very small

One undeniable plus stroller Graco Quatro Tour Deluxe is a small price compared to other imported wheelchair. Of the

Interactive Toy Startright iKID - quickly broke down

First sadit batteries very quickly, although like so themselves, and there is nothing. Secondly - this toy laptop

Children's bicycle WELS Joy.

Bought a bike for my daughter has a relatively long time. But the first year she was not riding. So in one season was

Lalelu Sandals-poor quality

Children's Sandals Lalelu made in Germany made of genuine leather, but the quality of them still leaves much to be

Buggy Capella S-228 - not a very good model

Bought baby stroller, but it turned out, all her dignity - and a good small ves kapyushon to protect from the wind. In

Поильник Gripper Super Sports

Children's Cup Gripper Super Sports is not convenient in use due to lack of Cap on the tube. The fluid really does not

Bottle feeding world of childhood - a failure!

First bottle I bought from the company "World of Childhood." Long time to get rid of the smell from the

Watercolors " Classic " 8 colors

Watercolor honeyed " Classic " 8 colors from the PC manufacturer of chemical plant " Ray

Diapers Pampers Premium Care

From birth, used Pampers Premium Care, all liked it. No irritation was not, or leaking. When switched to a 4 very

Цветной мел Olli Cars

Bought my son colored chalk Olli Cars, from German manufacturer " Demis Chancellor ". The child began

Lock to protect children

My child, like many children, loves to explore the contents of cupboards and drawers, and sometimes suffer from his

" " Baby toilet soap with bleach

" " Baby toilet soap for baby clothes with bleach, which produces the Ukrainian company "Beta",

Baby swings Tako floor home

Recently bought a children's swing Tako. Wanted to buy something like that, but most preferred to those that are hung

Ходунки Bambi SL-AA1

Walker SL-AA1 from the manufacturer " Bambi " bought her nine-year-old daughter that she learned to

The terms for the game in the bathroom Smoby - not for our baths

Acquisition unhappy, this play center-chair was supposed to be fixed in 4 large suckers to the bottom of the bath, but

Child seats ZuZu Apollo - very good for the baby

love brand ZuZu, with whom I have respect for the safety of the child is calm, because he had reliable fixation with a

My reliable assistant

Videonasty iNanny appeared in our house about a month ago. The first six months after the birth of her daughter we used

Learning to draw a double-sided board JOY TOY "Wall of Knowledge" - A good board!

Tutorial sided drawing board for JOY TOY "Knowledge Wall" very necessary thing for a child's development.

Game Center Vodnyyf Happy hop holiday - a real holiday for children

summer baby, this play center with slide, and some water is a favorite place to play. Especially on a hot day

Stroller-cane Geoby D349E - Very stylish and comfortable!

This stroller has caused us some positive emotions! The back drops, strong wheels, a visor in the viewing window to

Buggy Graco Symbio - a successful model

Stroller versatile and very comfortable, has removable covers and an awning to protect from the sun, reliable, and

Dryer bottles Easylife Chicco - a great buy.

Dryer bottles helps me a lot, it is convenient to dry the bottle, and you can put into it while a few bottles. It is

Toy My lunch Wooden Toys

Toy My lunch Wooden Toys is wooden dummy products. Bread, which can be cut in a wooden knife (details attached to each


This high-quality, made to the conscience, beautiful soft toys. Plus, they are absolutely safe, as are made from

Children's bicycle Geoby JB1410 QX like my son

Solid bike, all appear to be very robust and reliable. Comfortable soft seat, though it is not clear what material is

A family game of "Twister," pulls together

Game is ideally suited for all ages. Played kids 6-8 years, as squeal, squeak and children's delight. Played in the

Steering Wheel Joy Toy-kids rule!

How many interesting things now, not come up. Many boys are very fond of taxi in the streets and run, uttering sounds

Качественная детская присыпка и объем большой

Лето это испытание для детской кожи, особенно такое лето, как в этом году. Было бы жарко, можно было бы гулять в трусика

Doll Furniture Company "Factory Spark", Moscow - an interesting and safe toys.

I have a daughter, doll furniture JSC "Plant" Spark "- furniture made of plastic and rubber, rubber

Baby shoes with velcro on the Geox - a good choice

Boots Geox good qualities: warm, do not get wet, they look nice, because they do not lose their external appeal, even

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