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Любовь и голуби - Review

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The film "Tee" time spent in vain.

Recently watched a movie on the disc fiction Alexander Zeldovich "Target." The plot incomprehensible, if not

Dead Daughters

Another disappointment in Russian cinema. Another mediocre horror. Everything was gray, gloomy, dull,

film "The Fifth Element" / Fifth Element / 1997

I love science fiction. But that's not it. This is a suspicious sort of herring meal with raspberry syrup. That is

The film "Crash" - this rubbish!

I do not understand how to produce a debility in the world of the film "Crash." Movie complete paragraph,

The film "The Phantom"

Looked filmets "Phantom, complete garbage. Theme alien interventions have often touched upon in the film, but

film "Mushrooms / Shrooms / 2006

Irish horror movie entitled" Children do not go to Ireland for a walk and collect mushrooms "... It would be


In the story, God has lost faith in humanity, and sent the angels of death, to destroy all life. However, to help

Delirious movie war of the worlds " Z "

Perhaps the Director wanted to show something more than the next version of the zombie apocalypse, but he just doesn't

The film The Devil's Advocate

The first time he watched it on TV two years ago! And at once drew attention to Keanu Reeves, who seemed to me, can

The film "Alien invasion: The Battle of Los Angeles," another American tale about mindless vayak

Film about anything aliens invaded the planet earth and not strange invasion has begun with the United States. Of

Silent Hill-2: Revelation 3D - Silent Hill - 2. Dumber movie should still look.

This is something indescribably dull, predictable, and incredibly idiotic! I have no more decent words to describe this

The series "It was in the Kuban"

Looked few episodes of this series ... As someone born and raised in the Kuban tell the whole entourage, suits, all

It is not like the movie "Machete"

After reading the rave reviews and a rather relying on a high rating IMDB, decided to watch the movie

The film "The right to" left "

We looked at advertising and gasped, film super, but the session razocherovanie occurred gradually. I can not say how

Turkish TV series "Guilty guilty" is not as interesting as it is advertised.

Turkish TV series "Guilty guilty" is not as interesting as it is advertised. Looking forward to it, but

Astral Film

filmets a mediocre, according to friends, that movie was scary - looking house, not really scary. At a time will come.

The film, "President Lincoln: Vampire Hunter"

Recently saw the film, "President Lincoln: Vampire Hunter." For those who do not want to load yourself with

movie "All About My Mother" / Todo sobre mi madre / 1999

Pedro Almodovar film takes as its soul. So tenaciously taking, and do not let go until you see the response in the eye

Bride of my friend's life cycle - the film

After watching the movie "The Bride of my friend," directed by D. Laktionova, I still have a pleasant feeling

The film "Angels and Demons"

Great movie for the second book Dan Brown. Like all his books is covered with a veil of secrecy and make tremble from

The series "Matchmakers" -family show

The series, which elevates mood. In life matchmakers rarely that close, and then direct a cohesive team of

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

I really liked this filmets, despite the hackneyed plot. This is a tale, a story about miracles. And I still have

film "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow"

Film is unique in nature. It can be seen as sophisticated banter in the realm of fantasy, but you can change the

film "Once in Ireland"

Interesting film with a special Irish humor. The main character in the first few minutes does not cause positive

The film "My Brother pridurochny" - a great comedy, only the name of the movie does not match the story

The film "My Brother pridurochny" - a great comedy, but does not match the name of the movie plot. This is my

Sleepy Hollow (Sleepy Hollow)

film is really great and ominous! But do not write for this reason and because of that crazy about Johnny Depp. In a

Big Fish, Burton rezh.Tim

Light a good movie with a great cast. I'm not going to retell the story, because this masterpiece of a must-watch.

The film "Mama" makes smile

Was recently in a movie theater on the movie "Mama" is a very interesting film, like the story, the

The Antichrist

Another controversial film from Lars von Trier. The couple lost a son, followed by a deep remorse. The mother is

The film "Love and Other Drugs"

Though I do not like melodrama, but the film "Love and Other Drugs," I was touched. Great game Jake

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