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Baby monitor with breathing sensor Angelcare AC1100 - Review

5 12.09.2016

Baby monitor with sensor for breathing just super

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Always amazed how our parents raised without diapers, and no baby Cams healthy and happy. I think past generations of heroes in this regard. But the current generation (including myself) do not get along without phones, multivarok, and most of these Cams.
The question to buy or not the monitor actually was not, was clear: buy. And I am not dissuaded that the apartment I won't need it, I insisted. Was chosen mostly for reviews on the forums of our vast country. And then came the moment when I finally became a happy owner of our baby-sitter. We bought the Angelcare AC1100 for several reasons.
First, and most importantly, he has a breathing monitor included. I'm a superstitious girl, I always and everywhere feel that something is wrong. And then a small defenseless child who can't say what happened to him. And to be safe, I decided that with the apnea monitor will be much calmer. Well, that alarm in our house never sounded.
Second, it already has a thermometer and night light, so that these attributes by themselves anymore. The thermometer can be configured so that it will beep when the temperature is approaching the low or high, in other words, I put the limits, the minimum, below which it is believed is cold, for us it's 22 degrees, and high, for us it is 27 degrees. And smart sensor was sending a signal when needed to heat the room, or Vice versa, had to open the window.
Third, it is still the monitor. She has a very good quality transfer images at the touch of the parent block, which in turn can easily be attached to your belt, it is convenient, he is always with me, with my hands free. The HD quality even in night mode amazing quality, without noise and ripple. Range of signal transmission is not specifically measured, but 4-room apartment takes in the farthest corner. Went couple of times to a neighbor while the baby was sleeping, the house was dad, but on men, no hope. We live on the second floor, a neighbor on the fifth. The signal was fine, even through many walls. Plus, there is two-way communication, when the child woke up, advised what to do until I come down)))
My choice – baby monitor Angelcare AC1100, not how much regretted that has bought it and advise you.

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